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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Inez Deposit Banks’ Interns have meetings with Gurney Norman and Tom Jones

Gurney Norman met with the Inez Deposit Banks’ interns. (click for larger version)
by Brian McCoy

On July 8, Gurney Norman, author and professor at the University of Kentucky, spoke to the Inez Deposit Banks’ interns. Mr. Norman has written such works as Kinfolks, a collection of short stories, and Divine Right’s Trip, a story detailing a young man’s journey home to eastern Kentucky from California. He grew up near Hazard in Perry County.

Norman graduated from UK and extended his education at Stanford University after winning a Stegner Fellowship. During his time at UK and Stanford, he developed an interest in journalism and took his talent back to Hazard, where he worked as the editor for The Hazard Herald. In 1965, after two years with The Hazard Herald, Norman traveled to California and stayed 15 years before returning home to Kentucky. Currently, he teaches creative writing at UK.

Norman’s love and enthusiasm toward eastern Kentucky was evident during his time with the interns. He discussed the uniqueness of the mountains and encouraged everyone that people from eastern Kentucky can function and understand any part of the world just as well as anyone else. Norman finished by reading exerts from some of his works, including Crazy Quilt, a novel that he is currently working on.

On July 10 the Executive Director of the East Kentucky Corporation (EKC), Tom Jones, met with the Inez Deposit Banks’ interns. The EKC serves 45 counties in eastern Kentucky that are part of Appalachia. It serves two roles. Primarily, EKC recruits companies from outside of the region to locate in east Kentucky, thus providing jobs for members of local communities. To date, the EKC has recruited a total of 26 companies that have established a total of 4,325 jobs in eastern Kentucky. The other role that the EKC plays is assisting entrepreneurs in the region by providing a portion of their financing needs.

Mr. Jones has served as the EKC Executive Director since May 1995. Before coming to Kentucky, Jones had been an economic developer in rural Appalachian Maryland for over 20 years. Mr. Jones gave a presentation to the interns overviewing the operations and functions of the EKC. In addition, the presentation outlined top quantitative and qualitative factors that influence a company to locate in eastern Kentucky.

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