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Martin food pantry to open as result of letter
Cletus Turner


MANAGER BILL GOODWIN and Richard Young are part of the Jabez Industries Food Pantry. The pantry was created after a letter from Sister M. Brendan Conlon was published in the July 16 issue of The Big Sandy News expressing a need for a pantry in Martin County. BSN photo/Cletus R. Turner (click for larger version)
TOMAHAWK - A letter in The Big Sandy News has brought a much needed resource to Martin County.

In the July 16 issue, Sister M. Brendan Conlon of Christian Help, Inc. in Kermit, W.Va. said there was a need for a food pantry in Martin County because "many low income families live along the Kentucky side of the Tug River, in the Dempsey or Riverside Apartments or in the vicinity of Lovely or Beauty." Conlon said that if any churches or other organizations wanted to start a food pantry in Martin County she would help.

Richard Young of Jabez Industries, a non-profit organization in Tomahawk, said he contacted the Huntington Area Food Bank and completed the paperwork to begin distributing food within the next few weeks.

"Food will be given, not sold," Young said. "There is no church affiliation requiremnts, and no services required. People who use the pantry will not have to have a letter from their minister or pastor and they don't have to have a house full of kids."

Participants must be residents of Martin County and there is an income eligibility.

"We are going by the USDA guidelines," Young said. "A person with a household of one can have an income up to $960 per month and be able to come to the pantry."

The pantry will have commodities and other items such as cleaning supplies, pampers, etc.

"If churches, civic organizations or other good hearted people want to sow into the Jabez Food Pantry, they are welcome to do so," Young said. "We are a non-profit organization, we don't preach at those who come to the pantry. Send donations, come by the pantry or call us at 298-6717. Bill Goodwin, who is the manager, can help answer any questions."

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