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Car chase is best thing about 'Bad Boys II'
Cletus Turner


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Who would have thought to bring Will Smith of Independence Day and Martin Lawrence of Black Knight together? The answer: Jerry Bruckheimer. The man who brought us what is arguably the best film of 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean, also brought us film classics like American Gigolo and Top Gun. Now, he tries to revisit some of his success by bringing us another chapter of Bad Boys. The sequel is one of many that has come out this summer and will not be the last. More on that later.

Mike Lowrey, played by Smith, and Marcus Burnette, played by Lawrence, are back trying to solve all the world's problems. At first, Mike and Marcus infiltrate the KKK to see if the supply of an illegal drug is being funnelled through that organization. Naturally, they are exposed and a gunfight between the Klan and the two police officers occurs. The fight is both fun and repetitious. Fun because interspersed throughout the fight are little one-liners that remind us why the first film was so popular. Repetitious because we've seen this before. Oh, the group M and M are facing is different, but it is them against a group and naturally they win.

We also find ourselves involved in a highspeed car chase. If there is one excellent scene in the film, this is it. Replete with high-octane near-misses and excellent cinematography, this car chase is almost worth the price of the ticket to see the film.

It seems that a thug named Johnny Tapia and a Russian played by Peter Stormare are in control of the drug trade in Miami and M and M are after them. The stakes are raised when Marcus' sister, Sydney, is kidnapped. It just so happens that Mike and Sydney, played by Gabrielle Union, knew each other outside his friendship with Marcus. Its seems they were a two-some at one point. So both Mike and Marcus have reasons to want to save Sydney.

In many ways, Bad Boys II does what its supposed to do. It is bigger, louder and more of the same kind of action and humor blended into a non-stop action parade. Problem is, we've seen it before and it can become boring. Smith and Lawrence do have a chemistry that almost makes the movie bearable.

3 suns

People have been calling this summer "The Summer of Sequels" and a quick look can tell you why. Almost every week, we have been tortured by the premiered of another sequel including The Matrix Reloaded, X-Men 2, T3, Legally Blonde 2, and Bad Boys 2 just this past weekend.

So, why all the sequels? I think it is the production companies trying to kill us with overkill. Plus, they hope that our knowledge of the characters and the things they have done in the past will make us come and and watch their new exploits. So far, it has worked for one week. However, the second week in release has seen many films collapse falling by more than 55 percent. For example, The Matrix Reloaded and The Hulk's gross fell by 60 percent in those film's second week. One of the few that did not fall by more than 55 percent was Pirates of the Caribbean which only fell by 29 percent. Another film that was able to keep from falling by too much was Finding Nemo. The Disney/ Pixar film is now the highest grossing film of 2003 so far. This week Nemo passed the 300 million mark and is the highest grossing film since The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

For those who are wondering what the worst film of the summer so far is, I have a poll for you. Choose one of the eight films listed and then check back here for the results. You can vote by mailing BSN/poll P.O . Box 1314, Inez, Ky. 41224, e-mail cturner@bigsandynews. com or by calling (606) 298-4612. Vote as often as you like. The eight films in contention are The Hulk, Alex and Emma, 2 Fast, 2 Furious, Dumb and Dumberer, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, From Justin to Kelly, Hollywood Homicide, and The In-Laws.

If you question why Hulk is included, you obviously didn't watch the same film I did. Alex and Emma is included because it just didn't have any energy and even the women who were supposed to be its main audience questioned what the film was about, and that's not good. Fast is included because it folded so quickly, had no plot, and was just plain dumb. The rest are on the list for obvious reasons.

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