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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, July 14

10:07 a.m.: Caller at Wal-Mart requested officer regarding a purse snatching, have license number of vehicle that subject(s) got into.

11:27: Observe for pewter colored Honda or Toyota, 7-8-year-old child sitting on lap of driver, Euclid Ave.

11:43: Non-injury accident, Rt. 321.

12:14 p.m.: Adult male shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

5:06: Employee from Ferrell Gas advised of two-vehicle accident, Rt. 321.

5:14: Caller advised a possibly intoxicated subject driving a red and white Ford pickup has been in store trying to buy beer twice today, Webb Grocery.

6:08: Caller advised of white Dodge Dynasty across from office, dog inside, window not rolled down, Riverview.

7:06: Caller requested officer in reference to problems his sister is having with her husband, Daisy Street.

7:33: Caller advised a good sized tree has the road blocked, Middle Fork.

7:46: Caller requested a unit attempt to locate a residence, in reference to them leaving their daughter’s medicine at 4-H camp.

8:31: Caller advised maroon S-10 pickup coming toward town, driver possibly intoxicated, Rt. 321.

8:42: Caller advised someone stole some items from residence, Rt. 302.

10:03: Caller requested extra patrol through the night regarding a suspicious vehicle that turned in the driveway and hit a mailbox, Starfire Hill.

10:04: Caller advised of two four-wheelers driving through the area, possibly going to get hurt, Coleman Branch.

10:16: Caller advised someone shooting a gun from around Exxon on Rt. 40 toward U.S. 23.

10:37: Caller advised he and his friend were assaulted by another male, Sixth Street.

11:18: Fight in progress in roadway, possibly knife involved, Main/Davis Street.

11:49: S.O. unit advised he’s behind a gray S-10 Blazer that hit a guardrail in front of 10-4 going toward Mayo Plaza.

Tuesday, July 15

12:01 a.m.: Caller advised of subjects driving by her house throwing eggs at it.

8:40: Hit and run tractor-trailer, blue cab, silver bed, Rt. 40 W.

8:44: Vehicle almost hit small child, blonde driver, possibly intoxicated, Depot Road.

10:17: Caller advised subject walked away from Mt. Comp. Care Center, male subject, 5’11”, wearing navy flannel coat, sandals, gray jeans, sandy blonde hair, 35-40 years old.

11:28: Brush fire behind building, Highland Electric.

12:46 p.m.: Caller advised she thought she saw the male subject that assaulted the 11-year-old female in W.Va. in the Dollar Store. Another unit received call from subject that this same person was seen at Hilltop Market this date.

12:47: Caller from Wal-Mart requested officer for adult female shoplifter.

1:52: Pop machine broken into, Jefferson Ave.

2:11: Small boy and girl asking people for rides, no adults around, Pine Street.

2:23: Possible intoxicated subject, black T-Bird, tail light broken out on drivers side, subject at Tim Castle’s garage, Rt. 1559.

2:54: Possible intoxicated subject, green S-10 with white stripes across top, Millers Creek.

3:42: Gas drive-off, green Neon, Citgo, U.S. 23.

3:49: Caller advised somebody egged his two vehicles, Highland Ave.

3:53: Caller advised subject ran another subject off road, white Yukon, Rock City.

6:18: Gas drive-off, silver van, Rt. 40.

7:09: Caller advised subject tried to pass bad check, Rt. 172.

7:23: Employee from Wildcat Grocery and Video advised subject was trying to pass a bad check.

9:26: Louisa Police Dept. advised possibly intoxicated subject in 1989 white Jeep.

10:22: Caller advised of possibly intoxicated subject in an older blue Lumina, Plaza area.

11:36: Caller advised male subject lying in grass beside garage, State Highway Garage.

Wednesday, July 16

1:53 a.m.: Unit advised water rising quickly at Asa Creek.

9:29: Deer hit by vehicle, Rt. 172.

9:50: Caller at Family Food World requested officer in reference to subject giving them a bad check for $101.00 this date, also gave them one for $152.00 last date, account is closed, 1988 tan Cougar.

11:51: Out at Jerry Brown’s Auto Sales, reference to criminal mischief.

3:57 p.m.: Fight in progress, Rock City.

4:41: Shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

8:55: Observe for black S-10 no tags, license, Rt. 581.

9:30: Adult shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

10:38: Caller advised silver Mercury came by residence throwing eggs, Stafford Street.

11:10: Caller advised of hearing shots fired, Pine Street.

11:53: Twenty-year-old male subject, possible overdose, Third Street.

Thursday, July 17

12:08 a.m.: Caller advised vehicle at Sixth Street had strong smell of marijuana.

12:12: Caller advised subject stuck large amount of pills in couch, request officer contact, Third Street.

12:19 p.m.: One-vehicle accident, Rt. 581.

3:27: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding possible stolen property.

5:04: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding stolen gun, Schoolhouse Hollow.

7:37: Observe for older model Cavalier, subject driving without license, Wal-Mart.

7:48: Search warrant, seized 31 marijuana plants, 12 firearms, also children in residence, Vanover Branch.

8:06: Possible structure fire, Park Drive.

8:28: Request law enforcement in reference to someone trying to set house on fire, Park Drive.

10:55: Fight in progress, Perry Vanhoose Apts.

11:58: D.S.S. advised fight in progress above Meade’s Jewelry, could hear fight and presence of child, Main Street.

Friday, July 18

1:36 a.m.: Possibly intoxicated subjects across from Fire Dept. in white Chevy S-10, Van Lear.

7:58: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding his vehicle being broken into, El Rancho Apts.

12:18 p.m.: Possibly intoxicated male subject fell down hill in front of Johnson Central High School.

1:48: Caller advised domestic occurred approximately 30 minutes ago between a male and female subject, male subject intoxicated, Caudill Fork.

1:52: Vehicle accident, Rt. 469.

3:11: Caller advised a four-year-old is choking on plastic, Rt. 40 W.

3:30: Caller advised a white tanker with 6080 or 6030 is driving very reckless, U.S. 23 N. coming up on Paintsville exit.

4:35: Caller advised there are four juveniles behind the laundry mat smoking marijuana, all dressed in black.

5:31: Caller advised fight in progress between neighbors, Airport Road.

6:15: Caller advised three young children left in vehicle unattended at Sav-A-Lot.

6:33: Reference to stolen dryer, Rt. 40.

7:03: Dawahare’s parking lot, red Ford SUV, W. Va. dealer tags, three-year-old child alone in vehicle approx. 25-30 minutes, Mayo Plaza.

7:50: Caller requested an officer in reference to subject turning his dogs loose, Baker Branch.

8:51: Driver of a 1989 blue Chevy shooting gun in air driving toward Paintsville, Rt. 201.

8:56: Extra patrol, Clay Ave. and Buckingham, reference to four-wheelers and go-carts.

9:05: Caller advised there is a male subject in a blue Olds that is en route to start trouble with her brother, requested extra patrol.

9:10: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to a male subject getting assaulted by a subject and his friends when he went to get a bill of sale, Hager Hill Happy Mart.

9:34: Caller advised someone tried to break in his apartment, Daisy Street.

9:55: Attempting to locate possibly intoxicated driver in red 2001 Firebird going toward Salyersville, Rt. 460.

11:44: Fight in progress, unknown on weapons, Court Street.

Saturday, July 19

3:50 a.m.: Single-vehicle accident, Rt. 40 E.

10:42: Caller advised she caught kitchen on fire, has extinguished fire, but wants someone to check it, Rt. 1428.

3:54 p.m.: Caller requested a unit in reference to somebody tried to steal her radio and stole her CD’s, Wal-Mart.

5:01: Four-wheeler complaint, Butcher Hollow.

5:34: Caller advised that a pickup truck has been left there and it is full of garbage, Sugar Grove Church.

5:45: Caller requested officer regarding her boyfriend causing problems, Hale Drive.

8:16: Caller advised someone came to his residence and advised of a fight in progress, weapons involved, Pigeon Roost.

9:23: Received several calls regarding a fight in progress between two males, unknown on weapons, big parking lot, Sixth Street.

9:36: Located possibly stolen four-wheeler.

10:24: Observe for blue Lumina driving reckless, almost ran subject off road, Mayo Plaza.

11:16: Subjects attempting to pry door open, Long John Silvers.

11:57: Caller advised of possible fight at The Movies, one black male subject, about 14 white male subjects.

Sunday, July 20

12:37 a.m.: Reference to daughter taking vehicle without permission.

8:51: Reference to verbal domestic, Hager Hill.

9:50: Caller requested officer to Marathon station in reference to a subject’s truck being vandalized.

11:50: Caller advised of possible domestic, unknown on weapons, Sixth Street.

12:07 p.m.: Caller requested officer to My Old Kentucky. Home, advised he wanted to turn himself in, that he couldn’t stand it anymore, subject very agitated.

1:39: Caller advised of vehicle accident in front of Speedway, Euclid Ave.

1:39: Caller advised that a male subject had a female subject outside of vehicle beating on her, by blue iron bridge, blue vehicle, Rt. 40.

1:57: Check on possibly stolen four-wheeler, Rt. 581.

2:30: Check on possibly intoxicated driver traveling Rt. 321 toward Mayo Plaza.

3:05: Caller from the pool advised there is a male subject there who keeps looking at everyone through the gate. Caller advised everybody is starting to feel uncomfortable, subject has done this for the past couple of days.

3:23: Caller advised the manhole cover is missing in front of Classic Bank on Main Street.

5:24: Caller advised of go-cart accident.

5:45: Caller advised a subject in an older maroon station wagon is driving reckless, en route toward Rt. 201.

7:49: Caller advised of possibly intoxicated subject in a new white mini-van, heading toward Rt. 23 on Rt. 201.

8:20: Caller advised there is a male subject passed out on a white truck, Pickle Fork, where they jump off the rocks.

8:46: Caller requested extra patrol for four-wheelers, motorcycles and ATV’s, W. Van Lear.

9:23: Caller advised fight in progress, behind Meade Jewelry in parking lot.

10:28: Caller requested a unit contact him regarding a male subject threatening and harassing him.

10:57: KSP advised male subject called and advised his mother had taken several pills and was going to jump in lake and kill herself, 2001 Mitsubishi Montero, Harley-Davidson license plate in front, Paintsville Lake.

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