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2003-07-23 schools
Big Sandy area students make National Honor Roll
Lynbrook, N.Y. Many students from the Big Sandy Region qualified for induction into 2002-2003 National Honor Roll.

The National Honor Roll recognizes high-achieving middle and high school students. "These young people have worked hard to attain academic success." says Lynn Romeo, Publisher of the National Honor Roll. "Honoring their achievement provides motivation and encourages them to continue striving. We're proud to include them in the National Honor Roll."

The National Honor Roll offers several benefits which can contribute to the success of its student members. By taking advantage of NHR's College Admissions Notification Services, high school inductees can notify the admissions office of as many schools as they wish that they have been inducted into the National Honor Roll and that they are interested in obtaining information about those colleges. High School inductees recieve an application for one of the 25, $1000 Community Contributions Scholarships which are awarded annually by the Educational Research Center of America. These Scholarships are awarded to the students who have made an extraordinary contribution to their communities and/or schools. Middle School inductees are eligible to compete for 1 of 10 " National Honor Roll Proud To Live In America" Scholarships. They must submit a short paragraph explaining why they are "Proud To Live In America." The 10 inductees with the most compelling explanations will each receive a $1000 U.S. Savings Bond. Each state governor and all U.S. Senators receive a complimentary copy of the Commemorative Edition, along with a list of the students who have been inducted in their states. Complimentary copies of the book are also sent to selected school libraries across the country.

The National Honor Roll contacts potentially qualifying students after reviewing information about their academic performance. Students are asked to submit information about their GPA, their interests, activities, and future goals for further consideration. Only students with a B or better average are eligible. This year, 68% of the inductees averaged an A- or better and 32% averaged B through B+. 42% were Seniors (Class of 2003); 29% Juniors (Class of 2004); 17% Sophomores (Class of 2005); 9% Freshmen (Class of 2006); and 3% Middle School.

Two editions will be published to cover the 2002-2003 school year. The students on the following list were included in the first - 2002-2003 National Honor Commemorative Edition, which was released in June. A follow-up edition, entitled Spring 2003, will ship later in the year and will include those students who were contacted after the cut-off date for the June publication.

Effective with the 2003-2004 edition, National Honor Roll will introduce a new scholarship set up exclusively for National Honor Roll inductees. Each year, $100,000 in scholarships will be awarded. National Honor Roll inductees who are legal residents of the U.S. and have taken the ACT or SAT examinations will be able to compete.

The students from Lawrence County were Jessica Adams, Kristina Ball, Jessica Baumgardner, Kellie Blanton, Kayla Blevins, Angela Borders, Dustin Branham, Adam Brown, Jennifer Cantrell, Shonda Cantrell, Adam Castle, Jenifer Chafin, Tiffany Coon, Amy Crabtree, Megan Crum, Kyle Delong, Kimberly Fannin, Misty Fitzpatrick, Loretta Fletcher, Elizabeth Francis, Keisha Fugitt, Jessica George, Scottie Gillian, Foster Grim, Amy Hall, Caitlan Hall, Stacey Hanson, Megan Haupert, Alisha Hewlett, Brandon Howard, Amanda Levering, Thomas Lewis, Brittany Marcum, Mary McKinney, Cynthia Moore, Brandi Muncy, Leslie Nelson, Jennifer Osborne, James Pack, Stephen Palmer, Chessie Pavloski, Lisamarie Prater, Sarah Preston, Patrick Price, Samantha Prince, Bethany Riffe, Britta Rose, Koshia Rosser, Bryan Short, Sarah Simpson, Crystal Spillman, Brandon Stiegmann, Douglas Thompson, Justin Triplett, Alexei Trout, Holly Vanhoose, Leah Webb, Jennifer Wellman, Anson Wells, Nicholas Whitt, Steven Wilburn, Amber Willoughby, Roxanna Workman and Stephanie Workman.

The students from Johnson County were David Barton, Leslie Blair, Johnathan Byrd, Caleb Branham, Thomas Brown, Michelle Daniel, Danielle Franklin, Rachel Isaac, Jared May, Heather Meece, Byron Mollett, Wesley Parrigin, Adam Rohr, Julie Smith, Sarah Sparks, Breanna Spence, Ashley Stambaugh and Erica Taylor.

The students from Martin County were Courtney Bertling, Misty Brown, Mark Cornette, Kayla Crum, Ashley Ferrell, Sherria Fields, Brandon Fletcher, Melissa Fletcher, Sarah Goble, Sheena Goble, Samantha Harmon, Brittany Horn, Joshua Horn, Zachary Horn, Amanda Johnson, Richard Kirk, Belinda Mann, Asher Maynard, Alma Meade, John Moore, Trista Moore, Traci Mullins, Tiffany Nichols and Della Setser.

The students from Floyd County were: Kara Hall, Megan Hyden, Tyler Hall, Tyler Allen, Valerie Ratliff, Betty Barber, Courtney Branham, Jessica Bryant, Brooke Buckley, Andrew Burchett, Gregory Dixon, Leslie Dotson, Ashley Fish, Francis Gary, Beth Garrett, Kimberly Garrett, Heather Gray, Casaundra Hall, Stephanie Hicks, Jenna Humphrey, David Joseph, Amanda Keathley, Edie Lackey, Miranda Lafferty, Heather Leslie, Gregory May, Jerri Mitchell, Josh Ochiai, Julia Taylor, Jeremy Troxell, Stephanie Webb, Tiffany Webb, Jessica Carrol, Robert Collum, Heather Evans, Blake Frasure, Jessica Newsome, Katherine Hall, Kellie Sizemore, Rebecca Callis, Bethany Meade, Heidi Caudill, Matthew Francis, Rachael Hill, Sarah Hill.

Students from Magoffin County were Tiffany Pinks, Avery Wireman, Ashley Arnett, Tasha Brown, Sabrina Howard, Brandi Joseph, Jessica Joseph, Brandee Miller, Lauren Stephens, Joseph Carroll, Mack McCaleb, Perry Tackett, Amanda Keeton, and Jeffery Oney.

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