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Sen. Blevins speaks to Governor's Scholars

Senator Walter Blevins said students’ questions during a Governor’s Scholars seminar at EKU were “insightful and timely.” (click for larger version)
RICHMOND – A group of Kentucky’s best and brightest high school students peppered Senator Walter Blevins, D-Sandy Hook, with questions recently during a lively Governor’s Scholars seminar at Eastern Kentucky University.

“They were great,” said Blevins, one of several legislators who has been invited to speak to the Governor’s Scholars this summer. “Their questions were insightful and timely. I left that group with the sure knowledge that Kentucky’s future is in good hands.”

This year, 1,000 high school seniors, including Rachel Frazier and Amy Crabtree from Lawrence County, were selected for the five-week educational enrichment program. Competition for the program is fierce.

First established in 1983 by the Kentucky General Assembly, the Governor’s Scholars Program is funded through state and private contributions. The program is free for students, who live and go to class at one of three college campuses. This year, Eastern, Northern and Centre are hosting the program.

Blevins answered a number of questions about education, tobacco, state budgets and environmental protection.

“I urge you to participate, vote and to get involved,” Blevins told the students. “Today you’ve shown that you’re really good at asking questions. If you want our democracy to continue to succeed, you’ve got to keep asking.”

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