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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Asa News

by Elaine Brown

The family of Maurice Hannah has our sympathy.

Sorry about Hazel Cochram falling and breaking her shoulder and fracturing her elbow. Joe Colvin was in the hospital. Roger Caudill was taken to the emergency room Friday night. He had kidney stones.

Orville B. Williams, Bill Williams and grandson Zackery of Tipp City, Ohio, visited their relatives here in Kentucky this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Blair and sons Ashton and Peyton of Mansfield, Ohio; Mr. and Mrs. McKenny Collett and daughter Audra and granddaughters Devany and Danyella of Reynoldsburg, Ohio; and Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Cochran were the Sunday dinner guests of their mother, Almeda Blair.

John Scott was the Saturday night guest of his cousin, Derek Caudill. They went fishing.

Retta Baldwin, Ann Baldwin, Melissa Lemaster and Elaine Brown visited Lucy Castle Monday.

Fern Blair and granddaughter Megan were the Sunday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Blair.

Brandon Spradlin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Danny Spradlin had his tonsils and adenoids removed Monday. He is doing fine. His mema, Jennetta Grant, of New Carlisle, Ohio, came to be with him through surgery.

Hannah and John Scott were the Tuesday night guests of their cousin, Courtney Caudill.

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Lemaster and daughter Lisa of Carollton were guests for a few days of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Baldwin and brother, Mark, and Amber.

Several attended church at Hoods Fork Church Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night, then a large crowd attended church and sacrament on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Corbet Jenkins of Lucasville, Ohio, were the Friday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Baldwin and sons.

Pam Baldwin and daughter Jessica were the Friday evening guests of Elaine Brown.

Joe Colvin visited Drew Blair Saturday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Corbet Jenkins were the Saturday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gene May.

Mr. and Mrs. Gene May were the Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Hackney.

Lois Howard, Amy Vest, Darmella Smith and Rhonda Barnes, of Lucasville, Ohio, were the Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Baldwin and sons.

Mr. and Mrs. Junior Blair and son, Leonard, visited Drew Blair Monday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Caudill and Courtney went to Martha and got a big load of hay.

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel Baldwin visited his brother, James E. Baldwin, and family Monday evening

Courtney Caudill is able to drive her car again. She visited Elaine Brown.

We hope Terry Baldwin is well soon.

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