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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
Property transfers

Lawrence County

To Harold and Elizabeth Britton and Curt Edens Jr. from Charles Jr. and Jackie Britton.

To Hollie and Melissa Ratliff from James and Nancy Cordle.

To Freddie and Thelma Fraley from Charles and Cindy Bowen.

To Donald Spradlin and Larry Spradlin from Teddy and Phyllis Copley.

To Wayne and Rosalie White from Clifford and Anita Daniels.

To Lanny and Robin Barker from James and Joyce Martin.

To Anita Caudill from Phyllis and Grover West.

To Ronnie and Kimberly Griffith from Kenneth Sammons.


Floyd County

To Sharon Boggs from Henrietta Jenkins.

To Joe and Carol Rudy from Burl Wells and Jeanne C. Spurlock.

To John Gregory Frazier from Thelma Hall Frazier.

To Stefanie Kidd from Tony Kidd.

To Walter Taylor from Kenneth D. and Patsy M. Robinson.

To Barbara Ann Hunter from Glendale Conn.

To Nancy Osborne from Chester Osborne.

To Tyann Castle from Selina Castle and Stephanie Castle.

To Thelma and Joseph R. Jones from Lorraine W. Prater.

To James Keith Hale and Deborah Halbert from Garland and Gina Lafferty.

To Glen T. and Norma J. Penney from Woodrow and Carria Jarrell.

To Joan Hall Caldwell from Haskel and Virginia Hall.

To Leora Hicks from Trena Hensley.

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