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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, July 21

8:13 a.m.: Caller advised of domestic in progress, Rt. 645, Lawrence.

12:07 p.m.: Breaking and entering behind Barker Mobile Homes.

1:35: Shoplifter at Wal-Mart.

3:32: Caller advised a female subject was en route in a brown Ford pickup to start a fight with a male subject, Turkey Knob.

5:19: Caller advised there is an older lady driving reckless in the parking lot where children are playing, Rt. 460.

5:20: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding a missing elderly female subject, possibly mentally unstable, caller advised subject is 65 years old wearing a white shirt and blue jeans with rollers in her hair carrying a brown pocketbook, South Side Lane.

5:37: Caller advised a 1979 blue Ford F-150 is running up and down the road with no insurance, Pointview Court.

5:59: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding her billfold being stolen, Hardee’s.

6:00: Caller requested a unit contact her in reference to somebody taking security markers out of the ground where they’re working on the blacktop, Sixth Street.

7:16: BP advised possibly intoxicated subject in a gold Tahoe with temporary tags, Rt. 321 going South on Rt. 321.

7:29: Adult male shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

8:39: Caller advised there is a four-wheeler driving reckless, State Street.

9:13: Caller requested a unit drive through the area in reference to four-wheelers throwing firecrackers at their hay trying to set it on fire, Rt. 3387.

9:15: Caller advised she and her room mate have been in an altercation and she has been assaulted, Seventh Street.

10:35: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding a strange phone call.

10:45: Caller requested a unit regarding someone they got a car from came and took the car.

10:46: Caller advised there are some boys walking down the street throwing eggs at residences, Maple Street.

Tuesday, July 22

3:04: City Utilities en route to BP, Rt. 321, in reference to water with smell of gas.

5:45: Caller advised female at campground was disturbing peace, Paintsville Lake.

7:08: En route to Detention Center with one male from campground due to domestic violence.

7:08: Caller advised vehicle broken into overnight, Evergreen Lane.

10:08: Manager stopped unit and advised of intoxicated subjects in store, Kmart.

12:44 p.m.: Unit with subject regarding renter causing problems, Mill Street.

1:05: One male subject from Mill Street to Detention Center.

2:39: Caller advised she received a phone call requesting a welfare check on subjects, four mentally handicapped subjects left alone, Rt. 825.

3:03: Caller advised a subject wanted her to call 911, subject in a white car chasing a van with writing on it, unknown reason, North Gate.

5:28: Reference to structure fire, Noisy Branch.

6:39: Caller advised juvenile out of control, making threats with knife, Horseshoe Street.

6:39: Caller advised a subject in a dump truck went above the store and dumped what they had in the back, Webb’s Grocery.

7:00: Caller advised his son stole his car, did damage to it, Middle Fork.

8:44: Caller advised she heard two vehicles crash, Rt. 40.

Wednesday, July 23

10:49 a.m.: Caller from BB&T Bank advised of purple Cavalier, W. Va. license, left drive through with stolen I.D.’s, left all information at bank, possibly has more, North Mayo Trail.

11:39: S.O. received call of irate customer, needs removed, Wildcat Tire.

1:54 p.m.: Observe for white full-size Chevy pickup, tool box, reflective tape on tailgate, Rt. 321.

3:30: Caller advised two male subjects fighting, one armed with pipe.

3:59: Caller advised someone stole her dog and she had retrieved it, and someone else was at her residence trying to claim it, Horse Picture.

5:03: Caller requests officer regarding stolen money, Paradise Street.

7:36: Caller advised juvenile in park causing problems, doing damage, Silk Stocking.

8:37: Caller advised somebody broke into residence, Rt. 201.

8:44: Caller advised two male subjects on four-wheelers causing problems, doing damage to property, advised subjects hit her car with four-wheelers, Rt. 40 S.

9:23: Food City advised male subject in store trying to fight with employee.

10:13: Caller advised somebody passed stolen check, Speedway.

10:13: Vehicle fire, fully involved, Rt. 23.

Thursday, July 24

2:13 a.m.: Male caller advised another male subject trying to get into house, possibly intoxicated, also 15-year-old female in house, weapons unknown, Van Lear, subject possibly driving a red Probe.

9:50: Observe for grey 1986 Mercury Marquis, male subject mentally unstable, Ohio tags, Rt. 23.

11:45: Check on abandoned dog, Big Lick subdivision.

1:09 p.m.: Adult male shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

3:11: Caller advised vehicle sitting beside roadway, been there several days, Rt. 1428.

5:29: Black Lumina leaving area, driver possibly intoxicated, possibly has marijuana in vehicle, Silk Stocking.

5:32: Caller requested officer regarding stolen T.V.

10:34: Caller advised someone stole 2002 Mercury Mountaineer approximately 10 minutes ago, Rt. 40 W.

11:03: Purple Jeep in the middle of road, backing up traffic, Colemans Branch.

Friday, July 25

12:41 a.m.: Suspicious vehicle, mouth of Whippoorwill Hill, occupied by two male subjects.

1:57: Newer white Cavalier, occupied by two male subjects, disturbing peace, driving up and down road, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

12:02 p.m.: Caller advised some type of large debris on bridge crossing Rt. 460.

12:25: Possible intoxicated driver, blonde female driving black pickup, windshield broken, Harley-Davidson sticker on back window, Rt. 321.

3:23: Caller from Food City requested officer regarding problems with female.

4:15: Caller advised an older white four-door passenger car, possibly Chevy, loud muffler, is driving reckless, pool area.

4:26: Possible shoplifter at Dollar Store, Broadway.

6:19: Caller requested officer regarding custody problem.

8:19: Caller requested a unit regarding female in violation of a restraining order, Mill Street.

9:21: Caller advised possibly intoxicated subject in an older grey Olds four-door, leaving Van Lear area.

10:34: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding out of control juvenile.

10:57: Attempt to locate 1997 black Cavalier, possibly intoxicated driver, occupied by two females and three males, plaza area.

11:12: Reference to 17-year-old who ran off from his grandmother, Margaret Heights.

11:46: Possible domestic in progress, female advised she wanted male subject removed from residence, Rt. 581.

Saturday, July 26

12:06 a.m.: Caller requested officer contact them in reference to subject in Blazer making threats, Mayo Plaza.

12:13: Caller requested officer to backside of P.B.H. Hospital in reference to needing report taken due to chipping paint off another vehicle by opening door.

1:05: Caller advised a male subject in residence that wasn’t supposed to be there, Hilltop Market.

1:16: Caller advised someone out around vehicles, Mountain Manor.

7:43: Green Cavalier driving reckless toward town on four-lane.

9:04: Elderly female with pink shorts, black sweater walking down Euclid toward town bumming money and incoherently talking to herself, needs checked.

11:39: Dewey Lake, motorcycle accident.

12:07 p.m.: Caller from behind pet store advised Rottweiler got loose, tried to catch it but it growled at them.

2:16: Caller advised of possible run-away at apartments behind Barker Mobile Homes, runaway from Pa., 13-14 years old, her friend also possibly running from police in Pa.

2:21: Complaint of four male subjects shooting off fireworks in bathroom, city pool, one subject stated that he didn’t care about law, that he would stab them if they said anything to him, Sixth Street.

3:10: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject driving reckless in a red 1988 Ford Escort station wagon, leaving Baker Branch area.

3:14: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding his stolen CD player, Fairchild Lane.

3:31: Caller advised of male subject passed out under guardrail, Rockhouse.

4:06: Gas drive-off, red motorcycle coming from Louisa, U.S. 23.

5:16: Caller requested officer regarding brother pulling knife on his wife, Millers Creek.

8:02: Caller requested to speak with officer in reference to neighbor’s dog killing chickens, Samuel Drive.

10:08: Caller advised fight in progress, subject armed with pipe, Flatwoods.

10:35: Located the truck that the perp left the scene in, also female advised he was on hill behind house, Flatwoods.

10:40: Caller advised of receiving threatening phone calls, also blue car drove up in hollow, acting suspicious.

11:44: E.R. advised possible fight in parking lot, several subjects screaming at each other, P.B.H. Regional Medical Center.

11:51: Caller advised of 28-year-old male subject, extremely intoxicated, in two-door maroon Mazda toward U.S. 23 from Whippoorwill, no license, caller advised almost ran somebody off road as they pulled out of driveway, Wittensville.

Sunday, July 26

12:05 a.m.: Caller advised of green passenger car, possibly Olds, pulled up behind silver car on side of road on U.S. 23 off of Rt. 40, beating out windshield and stealing parts from it.

12:08: Assist Unit with two male subjects breaking windows out of vehicles, Rt. 40 on ramp.

2:08: Attempt to locate 1995 Buick Riviera, light blue, stolen from subjects residence.

6:27: Advised subject is impaired, needs officer’s assistance. Green Cavalier with dent in right side beside red dump truck in parking lot beside of Citizens Bank, Broadway.

8:34: Caller requested officer regarding removing subject from property due to subject making threats toward him, Whitehouse.

12:01 p.m.: Check on deer that has been hit just past W.R. Castle school, has one lane blocked.

12:43: Caller requested officer in reference to burglary, needs report, Main Street.

1:08: Caller requested officer to Lowe’s regarding intoxicated subject in store they want removed from premises.

1:24: Caller requested officer to Wiley Branch in reference to male subject taking wife in red S-10 last date at another location, also subject ran into hills last date from a unit and other officer. Subject also has several bench warrants on him.

1:40: En route to Detention Center with one male subject from Lowe’s.

2:52: Caller requested officer for subject who parked vehicle on her property and won’t move vehicle, Rt. 580.

3:05: Attempt to locate three female subjects who stole items from Family Food World and left in a newer Camaro.

3:42: Reference to subject stopping unit wanting to report her vehicle stolen.

4:25: Caller advised his girlfriend’s dad is en route to kill his girlfriend’s mom, caller didn’t know where either parent is located. Advised the dad is in a newer red Monte Carlo Z-34.

4:44: Caller advised of two-vehicle accident, Dollar Store, Broadway.

4:59: Caller requested extra patrol regarding four-wheelers, hollow across from Hilltop Market.

5:05: Caller advised of bad smell coming from an apartment, advised subject from apartment hasn’t been seen in a couple of days, Van Lear.

5:33: Caller advised her dad is intoxicated and trying to load a boat and leave in a burgundy Ford, advised subject has been drinking all day, Paintsville Lake.

5:58: Caller advised of intoxicated subject leaving the lake taking the key to her vehicle. Caller advised her vehicle is parked in the middle of the road blocking traffic, Paintsville Lake.

6:13: Caller advised of ATV’s driving reckless, Daniel Branch off Rt. 201.

6:15: Caller advised of possible intoxicated subject in an older green Toyota passenger car, subject also possibly has marijuana in car, Tick Vanhoose Branch.

7:41: Caller advised of possibly intoxicated subject driving a newer orange Camaro with black stripes.

8:50: Caller requested a unit contact them in reference to breaking and entering, advised they had several items stolen, Second Street.

9:52: KSP requested a unit assist with possible breaking and entering in progress.

10:01: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding somebody threw something and broke out the window of her vehicle.

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