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HOLLYWOOD ... Meg Ryan’s been busy. She’s starring in “Against the Ropes” for Paramount, “In the Cut” for Screen Gems and “Wedlock” for Escape Artists. This last one about a married couple who work as divorce lawyers. They are growing apart, so they decide to see a marriage counselor, who puts them through a series of most unconventional exercises to bring them back together. ... As to Meg’s private life, as far as I know it’s back together as a mom and a wife. Her real name is Margaret Hyra, and she once came up with an unforgettable quote, saying — “I have remained consistently and nauseatingly adorable. In fact, I have been known to cause diabetes.”

Katharine Hepburn is still being honored around the world. Nothing could have been more impressive than when Broadway went dark for a moment in her honor, and the tributes go on. Come August, the “Great Kate” will be honored at the Venice Film Festival with a showing of her newly restored “Summertime,” a romance set in Rome. Most Hepburn fans will tell you “The Philadelphia Story” is their favorite. Mine is “The African Queen.”

Reviews of the new “Charlie’s Angels” have been most unangelic, and the box office take is way below the expected. Experts seem unable to come up with the “Why?” ... However little Missy Reese Witherspoon is knocking ‘em dead with her pink dresses and hats and purses in the most recent “Legally Blonde,” and it didn’t hurt to have a blonde Sally Field as her co-star.

When Disney tosses a party — DISNEY TOSSES A PARTY! The gala to celebrate the premiere of “Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl” cost $2 million! You read it correctly. TWO MILLION! It was held at Disneyland, with a 900-foot red carpet running down the main street. Some of the celebs walking down that carpet to enjoy the shows, the rides, the food and the fun were Johnny Depp, Daryl Hannah, Danny Bonaduce, Gary Busey, Raquel Welch and, of course, Mickey Mouse.

What a thrill for the Marines at California’s Camp Pendleton when not only Jay Leno, but The Terminator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, showed up to surprise the 1,300 recruits waiting to preview “Terminator 3.” Arnie said it was a thrill for him to make the appearance and to shake the hands of his many fans.


BITS ‘N’ PIECES: If it’s true that Nic Cage and Angelina Jolie have discovered each other — THAT should be an interesting combination! ... Salma Hayek could be co-starring with Pierce Brosnan in a caper-drama titled “After the Sunset.” ... The push is truly on. Seems like now everywhere Arnold Schwarzenegger goes people chant — “Arnie for Governor.” ... Sean Connery’s dark black beard is now snow white. On him it looks sexy. ... Disney has optioned “How to Become Famous in Two Weeks or Less” by Melissa de la Cruz and Karen Rabinowitz (Ballantine). Now we await the casting. ... Lisa Marie Presley admits she’s addicted to the songs of Pink Floyd. ... Aside to Gilbert H. of Fort Myers, Fla. Nope. You’re wrong. Mr. Schwarzenegger was born in Braz, Austria. Not in Germany. ... Renee Zellweger speaks fluent German. Learned the language when she was a little girl. ... Didya know Mike Myers first appeared in TV commercials when he was 4, and at 8 he did one with Gilda Radner?

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