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Celebrity Extra

by Evelyn Green

Q: I read that “The Sopranos” will be back for another season. But my wife says you can’t depend on that (since) the producer hasn’t agreed to anything. Can you comment on this? — Robert S.

A: I certainly can. And for you and all the other “Soprano” fans, I am happy to advise that both HBO and David Chase, the show’s creator, have agreed to do both a fifth and sixth season.

Season No. 5 is already in production and will debut sometime in March 2004 with the first of 13 episodes reeling onto your home screens. Season No. 6 will go into production in early 2005 and premiere later that year.

And, although you didn’t ask, I’m sure you’d like to know that James Gandolfini will be on board as Tony Soprano through the end of Season 6.


Q: Was Shannen Doherty (“Scare Tactics,” “Charmed,” “Beverly Hills 90210”) married to George Hamilton’s son? The reason I ask is that I didn’t find it on an online biography when I checked. — Tina S.

A: Doherty and Hamilton were married for just a few months. Neither has ever commented on why the marriage ended so quickly, even for a Hollywood union.


Q: My sister says the London press reports that Michael Douglas told his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, that he doesn’t want any more children with her. Is that true? — Lynn H.

A: I’d say not true. Michael Douglas revels in the role of doting daddy both to his son and daughter with Zeta-Jones, and his oldest son, Cameron, by his first marriage.


Q: Is Alan Alda preparing to do a “M*A*S*H” reunion movie? — John N.

A: I’m asked that question regularly, and all I can do is quote both Alda and Mike Farrell (ex-”Providence”), who have said that it’s unlikely. Essentially, they say, everyone has moved on. But, they agree, unlikely doesn’t mean never. So, we’ll just wait and see.

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