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Journey of Hope
Member of bicycle team going across U.S.

MOREHEAD — Morehead State University senior Jeremy K. Edmiston has been spending his summer traveling across the United States as a member of the Journey of Hope bicycle team to raise awareness of people with disabilities.

Edmiston traveled to California to meet up with other members of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity for the Push America program. The team departed San Francisco on June 15 and plans to arrive in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 16. The team will visit more than 60 cities and log more than 3,800 miles by bicycle.

On the ride, Edmiston is serving as a crew leader on the support team for the cyclists. Along the way, the Journey of Hope team will make appearances and sponsor events for those with disabilities.

Edmiston’s team will travel through Cleveland, Ohio, on Aug. 8.

A member and past president of MSU’s Delta Eta Chapter, Edmiston is the son of Alex Edmiston of Hatfield in Pike County.

The bicycle trip is the flagship event of the Push America program, sponsored by Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. Earlier this summer, fraternity brother Jared Rosselot, the son of Jerry and Debbie Rosselot of Fayetteville, Ohio, rode his bike in the “Gear-Up Florida” trip from Miami to Tallahassee, Fla., logging more than 800 miles.

A separate team, called the Journey of Hope Anniversary Team, will travel through Morehead and spend the night at Morehead State University on Sunday, Aug. 3. The team will co-host a friendship visit at the Morehead City Park at 5 p.m. for those with disabilities. The event is free and open to the public.

The 15th Anniversary Team is comprised of alumni who have ridden on previous Journey of Hope trips. There are three teams traveling across the United States this summer. Edmiston is traveling with the North Team. The third team — the South Team — is making its way across the southern part of the United States.

Additional information about the Push America program is available from its Web site at

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