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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, July 28

7:00 a.m.: Caller advised dispatch of white passenger car that came off of Starfire Hill, ran across ditch, also tried to run male subject down by vehicle. Female took off in vehicle, was located on FM Stafford by Highland Apts., verbal dispute only, no physical contact.

7:55: Subject took vehicle without paying bill, Bill’s Auto Repair, Broadway.

10:11: Caller advised dispatch of vehicle in ditch on top of Two-Mile Hill, no injuries.

11:28: Tree blocking one lane, Rt. 1428.

5:02 p.m.: Caller advised a newer Dodge Durango is driving very reckless, passing on double yellow line, Rt. 40.

5:11: Caller requested a unit contact regarding a stolen purse, Food City.

5:15: For log: Removed five pups and one adult mutt. Also removed two collie mix. Unit advised dog warden has animals in his custody.

6:56: EMS 1 advised family member requested a unit to contact, subject does have a cut to the shoulder and he advised he did drink about eight ounces of bleach, Mill Branch Road.

7:02: Caller advised there are some kids on bicycles playing chicken with vehicles, Rt. 172.

7:57: Caller advised her husband’s wallet was either lost or stolen from Wal-Mart.

8:34: Caller advised subject in a white El Camino is driving very reckless and traveling at a high rate of speed, Tutor Key area.

8:35: Reference to EPO, subject wouldn’t answer the door, unit advised the T.V. was on and he could hear subject moving around, Pigeon Roost.

8:42: Family Food World advised there is a male subject walking around in front of the store acting strange.

9:37: Gas drive-off, Chevron, next to Detention Center, blue, possibly gray Bonneville with a temporary tag in the back window, $20.00.

Tuesday, July 29

12:31 a.m.: Caller advised there was a shoot-out at Jackson Fork.

12:43: Reference to room occupant trying to start fight with nurse’s aid over smoking, Venture Home Again.

7:49: Trash in roadway, just above Ferrell Gas, Rt. 321.

9:35: Unit with female subject, reference to stolen credit card, Broadway.

10:18: Unit with male subject, reference to his 18-year-old daughter being raped in Magoffin County last night, en route to P.B.H.

11:59: Reference to possible vehicle accident, possible intoxicated driver, Rt. 201.

12:20: En route to detention center with female subject from above traffic.

4:20: Caller advised suspicious male in park harassing kids.

5:15: Caller requested a unit contact regarding possible restraining order violation, Little Lick Fork.

5:41: Caller advised somebody stole her car, Rt. 40.

7:00: Adult male shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

8:19: Caller advised neighbor’s dog kept getting out, also advised it had several puppies that were starving, Rt. 40.

8:31: Caller advised of reckless driver in red Cavalier, Puncheon.

9:28: Reckless driver, green Pontiac, Rt. 40.

10:09: Caller advised husband did damage to residence, also assaulted her, Baker Branch.

10:54: Caller advised somebody broke into unoccupied trailer, upon searching trailer, somebody from creek area fired shots at them and are in creek area with flashlights at this time, Rt. 3387.

Wednesday, July 30

1:12 a.m.: Caller advised of cinder blocks in roadway, causing traffic hazard, Rt. 460 on ramp.

1:26: Vehicle accident, Hammond Road.

4:31: Extra patrol for suspicious red pickup that sat in driveway for about 15 minutes, Whippoorwill.

2:14 p.m.: En route to attempt to locate stolen vehicle, Flat Gap.

2:20: Caller requested officer in reference to vehicle broken into at Maggard’s warehouse and purse stolen out of it, Second Street.

2:42: Reference to stolen vehicle, Still House Hollow.

3:05: Caller advised coal truck lost some coal and did damage to his truck, U.S. 23.

6:08: Four-wheeler complaint around Red Bush Hill.

8:38: Caller advised of reckless driver, green Olds Cutlass, went up Sixth Street.

10:54: Caller advised four-wheeler stuck in road, subjects causing disturbance, Lively Lane.

11:01: Reference to vehicle getting tires slashed during night, Fire Training Center.

Thursday, July 31

9:34 a.m.: Amber Alert, Shelbyville, black 16-year-old female, 100 lbs., black hair, brown eyes, birthmark above waistband on back. One suspect, black male, late 20’s, 6’3”-6’4”, stocky upper build, short hair, black gloves, possible weapon, silver .22 caliber handgun. Second suspect, black male, late 20’s to early 30’s, beard, white shirt, tan pants, tan fisherman hat. Suspect vehicle, older model Crown Victoria, hunter green, subject located at 11:30 a.m.

10:57: Check on abandoned vehicle, Ford Escort.

1:37 p.m.: Vehicle broken into, Citizens, Main Street.

2:17: Male shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

2:21: Unit with female, reference to arm broken by boyfriend.

2:32: Single vehicle in ditch, West Van Lear.

3:38: Caller advised some subjects in a gray Cavalier stole some money out of machine, Tropical Isle.

3:49: Caller advised verbal domestic between her daughter and son-in-law, Rt. 825.

4:01: Citizens Bank advised white Blazer sitting out back with door open, possibly been broken into, Main Street.

4:04: Caller advised elderly male slumped over wheel, Rt. 40.

7:45: Caller advised loud music coming from apartment, Riverview.

8:01: Advised music turned back up and subjects making threats, Riverview.

8:43: Advised getting to stop shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

Friday, Aug. 1

12:32 a.m.: Reference to four-wheeler complaint, received two calls, road behind American Standard.

12:43: Possible domestic. Caller advised they were in verbal altercation at Wal-Mart in Prestonsburg. The male followed to Paintsville and verbal altercation took place again in front of Peebles, Mayo Plaza.

1:00: Prowler complaint, Rt. 201. Also advised earlier this date there was a severed dog head with a shovel on the porch.

11:36: Vehicle versus mower, Joes Creek.

3:52 p.m.: Advised of dog locked up in car for an hour, blue station wagon, Wal-Mart.

6:33: Caller advised somebody had tried to rape her.

7:28: Advised subject flagged him down and advised him of a domestic, Depot/Broadway.

7:54: Male subject extremely intoxicated, blue pants, threatening to stab people, out of control, going to The Dungeon.

8:19: Advised subject they were looking for was running back toward The Dungeon, Main Street.

9:59: Reference to cruelty to animal complaint.

10:08: Four-wheeler complaint, Millers Creek.

10:16: Suspicious vehicle sitting on parking lot, Rt. 825.

10:20: Advised somebody broke into truck, B.J. Pizza.

10:23: Caller advised his trailer was on fire but he thought it was out, Rt. 172.

11:45: Four-wheeler with no headlights, Rt. 1428.

Saturday, Aug. 2

1:20 a.m.: Prowler complaint, Rt. 172.

1:42: Advised subject being obscene in plaza.

2:45: Caller advised prowler outside, Rt. 201.

2:52: Possible child abuse situation taking place inside business, officer requested, Wal-Mart.

4:38: Caller advised lights flickering on and off and noises inside of residence.

6:29: Advised subject at Days Inn being disorderly, wants them removed, Days Inn.

9:17: Caller advised elderly male subject lying in roadway in front of Public Library.

11:46: Check on vehicle on it stop in ditch, nobody around, Ponderosa Drive.

2:12 p.m.: Male subject, only supposed to be gone for an hour, has been out over an hour, should be walking in town somewhere, Venture Home.

2:34: Reckless driver, newer green Camaro.

3:16: Venture Home advised subject that walked off has not returned.

3:21: Caller advised somebody had side swiped her and took off her mirror, Rt. 40.

4:07: Caller advised somebody assaulted him and stole money from him.

5:00: Four wheeler complaint, Miller Creek.

5:58: Caller advised a subject stole her Blazer and assaulted her, Auto Zone.

6:15: P.B.H. advised they had a disturbance in the E.R.

6:34: Caller requested officer in reference to her 26-year-old son out of control, Samuel Drive.

7:45: Caller advised that someone had keyed his car, Laurel Street.

8:12: Caller advised another juvenile had sexually assaulted her juvenile son, Sycamore.

8:12: Suspicious vehicle in parking lot at Wal-Mart, 1990’s Honda Accord, guns visible with windows down between Papa Johns and Wal-Mart.

8:48: Four-wheeler complaint, turning in caller’s yard, advised subjects to stop, they refused, Kite Hollow.

9:33: Observe for blue Sunbird, Westbound, Rt. 460, possibly en route to do harm to female.

10:01: Reckless driving complaint, brown Toyota pickup, West Van Lear.

10:22: Fight in progress, unknown weapons, two subjects, Noisy Branch.

Sunday, Aug. 3

12:05 a.m.: Caller advised subjects left from residence intoxicated, possibly on drugs, Rt. 321.

12:33: Welfare check, 1997 red Mark III S-10 pickup going toward Stambaugh from Sitka.

12:35: Reference to hit and run, advised older gray pickup backed into parked vehicle and fled, Mayo Plaza.

12:39: Lawrence County advised two reckless drivers coming toward Paintsville, newer white Dodge extra-cab with black stripes/older gray Chevy truck with brown hood, unknown location on both vehicles, Rt. 201.

1:14: Caller requested officer to Chelsey Square Apartments in reference to residence and vehicle has been broken into, wants report, Euclid Avenue.

2:12: Reference to passenger car with some type of gun firing at cars, Little Mud Lick.

8:32: Caller advised dispatch of vehicle partially over embankment at Castle Fork, nobody around vehicle, Lomansville.

4:39 p.m.: Reference to subject firing weapons at power lines.

7:48: Domestic in progress, Community Drive.

8:00: Caller advised her uncle came into apartment and destroyed it, wants report, Highlands Apt.

10:33: Caller advised that stepmother abused her 14-year-old sister, Rt. 201.

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