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2003-08-13 for the record
Property transfers
Floyd County

To Linda McKenzie and James Trusty from Rosanna Watkins and Floyd Rinker.

To Gregory Dwain Miller from Rick and Tonya Robinson.

To Jackie M. and Diane Booth from Jackie M. and Diane Booth.

To James and Patricia Sue Roberts from Willie B. and Cathy M. Adkins.

To Larry Douglas and Melissa Kidd from Larry Leonard and Lois Kidd.

To Marlene and David Lee Prater from Dud and Ellen G. Marsillett.

To Rick Keene from the City of Prestonsburg.

To Karen Stapleton from Lloyd I. Stapleton Jr.

To Kay Click, Wendell Howell, Scotty Howell and Tommy Howell from Anna Belle and Scott Howell.

To Jack Allan Akers from John W. Little and Kimberly Little Stumbo.

To Darvin and Mero Burchett from Darvin and Mero Burchett.

To Alan and Edwina Blair from Clarence E. and Judee Hale and Clyde and Brenda Hale.

To Jimmy Michael Conley from James E. Conley.

To Naomi Martin from Naomi Martin.

To Kevin and Leslie Robinson from Gary Robinson.

To Ernestine McGaffee from Gregory and Tamara Clark.


Johnson County

To Brenda Powers from Lisa Baldridge.

To John B. Bussey from John and Eda Bussey.

To Bruce Ritz from William and Lucy Carpenter.

To Gary Fairchild from Juanita Myrtle Caudill and Ruth Caudill.

To Conn Maynard from Deloris Childers.

To Delta Gallaroo from Paul and Cheryl Fannin.

To Adam Vanhoose from Anna Ferguson.

To Gary Fairchild from Phyllis Ann Burke Gunnell.

To Gary Fairchild from Eliza Ross and Loren Huffman.

To John Allen from Billy and Sandy Kimbler.

To Marie Tackett from Edward Nicholas and Teresa J. McKenzie.

To Edgar Pack Jr. from Herbert and Norma Music.

To Jean Smith from Harry Pennington.

To James Michael Daniels from Brenda L. Tackett and William F. Tackett.

To Richard D. Titlow from Anna Titlow.

To Patricia Colvin from Carole Wolfe.


Martin County

To Aaron Gaius Preece from Avery Preece Jr. and Eula Dean Preece and Robert Preece and Linda Preece.

To Robert Preece and linda Preece from Aaron Gaius Preece and Avery Preece Jr. and Eula Dean Preece.

To Avery Preece Jr. and Eula Dean Preece from Aaron Gaius Preece and Robert and Linda Preece.

To Carl Justice and Nancy Justice from Lummie Wilson and Dorothy Wilson.

To the Martin County Water District from Kermit Bowen and Joan Bowen.

To the Commonwealth of Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from Frank Buskirk and Virginia Buskirk.

To Mitchell Stacy and Donna J. Stacy from Arnold J. Dials and Betsy Dials.

To Mitchell Stacy and Donna J. Stacy from Mosey Dials and Eura L. Dials.

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