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Johnson County 911 log

Monday, Aug. 4

8:13 a.m.: Out at Preston Street, reference to speaking with juvenile.

8:51: Check on possible stolen vehicle, Chelsea Square.

1:12 p.m.: Caller advised two subjects fighting, Baker Branch.

2:27: Five-six boys hanging around back entrance, would like them removed, Citizens Bank, Main Street.

3:28: Extra patrol requested for four-wheelers, Rt. 40.

4:34: Caller requested a unit regarding a truck lost a screen and did damage to caller’s vehicle.

5:55: Advised subject in a maroon Grand Prix has warrants on him.

6:41: Caller advised there is a horse in the road on the four-lane side, Whippoorwill.

6:53: Caller advised there is a large tree blocking the road, Bobs Branch.

6:55: Vehicle broken down, Rt. 321.

7:04: Caller advised there is a vehicle in the ditch, subject possibly intoxicated, Rt. 581.

7:06: Caller advised subjects are harassing McDonalds because they won’t give them free food.

10:10: Caller advised somebody egged her vehicle, Woodland Court.

Tuesday, Aug. 5

7:37 a.m.: Reference to chickens in yard, Ross Branch.

10:21: Breaking and entering in progress, Rt. 581.

10:35: Observe for newer model black Jeep, tinted windows, involved in burglary and assault, no tags on vehicle, Floyd County.

10:37: Out with subjects involved in breaking and entering, Rt. 581.

12:24 p.m.: Two horses tied together running up road toward Rt. 23, Rt. 993.

1:29: S.O. received call in reference to needing subject removed from property, subject advised by manager that he is not permitted back on property, Thelma.

1:31: Caller advised domestic at house at Greentown.

4:25: Caller requested extra patrol for suspicious vehicle and suspicious activity, Brown Branch.

5:04: Detention Center advised they have a female who brought marijuana into the jail.

5:23: Female shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

6:42: Reference to criminal trespassing.

6:59: Caller requested an officer regarding a dog trying to bite her kids, Washington.

7:16: Alarm activated at Citizens Bank, Mayo Plaza, advised they spoke with a female who advised she was the cleaning lady but she didn’t know the pass code.

7:20: Caller requested the fire department regarding the burning of an old house, is afraid it may get out of control, Rt. 1750.

8:18: Reference to missing juvenile from Wiley Branch.

8:34: Four-wheeler complaint, Millers Creek.

9:10: Small children left alone in residence, Bear Hollow.

11:07: All units attempt to locate a 1996 black Ford Escort, stolen vehicle, teletype from Ashland.

11:14: Verbal domestic in progress, Banjer Branch.

Wednesday, Aug. 6

8:24 a.m.: Non-injury accident, driver left scene, Rt. 23/201.

8:48: Caller advised that a male subject took a 1998 Ford Ranger with safe lite auto glass from Owensboro unauthorized, possibly is at Sixth Street or River.

10:53: Request officer to Kmart in reference to pop machine broken into.

1:49 p.m.: Caller at Charleston, W. Va. advised that a female subject had stolen two exotic birds from her and she had the papers for the birds proving that they belonged to her and she wanted them back. Unit advised to tell her to obtain a warrant for female subject who took them in W. Va. and that the birds were tied up in a court battle, and she possibly would not get them back. Birds estimated at $3,000.00 apiece.

4:31: Dr. Deguzman’s office advised they found a bullet in floor.

5:11: Caller advised several intoxicated subjects outside, may be smoking marijuana, small children nearby, Boyd Branch.

7:21: Reckless driver, blue Lumina.

8:05: Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding subject calling and threatening her, Rt. 1750.

8:56: Vehicle versus deer, Rt. 201.

9:31: Four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 689.

Thursday, Aug. 7

11:50 a.m.: Vehicle accident, Turner Branch.

11:51: Truck versus guardrail, U.S. 23.

1:23 p.m.: Truck has lost diesel fuel between Davis Branch and Powell Addition, State Dept. en route.

1:27: One vehicle on its top, Davis Branch.

1:46: Two-vehicle accident, Broadway.

1:54: Hit and run, vehicle in ditch, Rt. 1107.

2:09: Caller advised a male subject in a black and red Chevy was going up road to get gun and said he would return, Rt. 40 E.

2:41: Caller advised a Lowe’s truck is the one spilling diesel, steady stream coming out of back of truck. Lowes manager advised that truck is now parked, fuel filter busted.

5:04: Caller advised they were having problems out of subjects on lot, Exotic Pets.

5:18: Caller advised her 16-year-old daughter was out of control and causing problems, Boyd Branch.

6:40: Caller advised of four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 689.

6:51: Reckless driver, older black Mustang, Rt. 321.

7:12: Caller advised subject at Days Inn causing problems.

9:08: Caller advised he found bike in dumpster, Sixth Street.

9:28: Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding a stolen dog, Rt. 201.

Friday, Aug. 8

1:17 a.m.: Caller advised shots fired from around semi trucks, Skate Road.

9:18: Caller advised front door of Peebles standing open and it looks like alarm wire cut and nobody around.

10:03: Caller requested officer to Highland Plaza in reference to her vehicle has possibly been stolen, Jefferson Avenue.

10:17: Check on horse trailer left beside roadway in front of Highlands Elementary with horse in it and no truck or nobody around it.

10:36: Caller requested officer contact her regarding her vehicles being egged, Woodland Court.

2:26 p.m.: Caller advised a male and female sitting in front of Baskin-Robbins in a red Ford Escort having an altercation.

2:50: Caller requested officer to Highland Vet. Clinic in reference to her vehicle possibly has been stolen.

2:51: Caller advised dispatch of possibly parents beating on children, Staffordsville.

3:23: Sheriff’s Office advised they received a call regarding a black Ford Explorer traveling at speeds of 100+ mph, Rt. 460 coming toward Paintsville.

3:33: Wal-Mart advised they have a juvenile shoplifter in custody.

3:35: Caller advised of domestic, male has pulled knife on female, also would not let her leave, Goble Branch.

5:14: En route to Marietta, Ga. to pick up prisoner.

5:19: Caller requested a unit regarding a subject at her front door, Rt. 1107.

5:25: Juvenile shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

5:50: Caller advised a mid-90’s maroon Olds is traveling at a high rate of speed and driving reckless, North on U.S. 23 going toward Lawrence County.

6:35: Caller advised the owner is at the pet store and not supposed to be there.

6:37: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding having some money and a pistol stolen, Millers Creek.

6:43: Manager from Shoney’s advised there are two subjects who are refusing to pay for their food saying the food wasn’t worth the price.

6:55: Caller advised there is a subject in a blue pickup looking across the parking lot with binoculars acting strange, Sears parking lot.

6:58: Detention Center advised they have a subject there threatening to kill people.

6:59: Caller requested a unit regarding a hit and run, advised subject may be intoxicated, vehicle should have damage to one of the rear tail lights, Sixth Street.

7:35: Caller advised coal truck leaving diesel, Rt. 23, Floyd County.

8:07: Caller advised stray dog on porch appears to be ill, College Street.

9:29: Caller requested to speak with Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, he advised he blew somebody’s brains out, Auxier area.

10:48: Fight in progress, Sorghum Hollow.

Saturday, Aug. 9

12:38 a.m.: Possible intoxicated driver, subject had hit a vehicle in parking lot, Paintsville Lake.

1:10: Located male at campground, wanted them removed if they had alcohol. Alcohol was found and subjects are packing belongings to leave.

3:00: Female juvenile supposed to be with adult males in Days Inn, possibly drinking. Female is 16-years-old, may have a 15-year-old female too. Father of juvenile will pick her up.

11:07: Caller advised dispatch of vehicle over embankment, Meally.

3:50 p.m.: Caller advised a subject in a blue 1993 Grand Am are supposed to have marijuana in the vehicle, leaving Rockhouse area.

5:08: Caller advised suspicious vehicle sitting beside park, gray car been in area about two hours.

8:43: Caller requested a unit contact regarding a stolen scooter, Saltwell.

10:15: Caller advised someone broke into residence and stole items, Rt. 302.

10:31: Caller from Danville advised he was receiving threatening phone calls from a pay phone here, subject thinks he knows who it is, advised him to file charges.

11:32: People throwing objects at vehicles on Fourth Street.

11:52: Contacted P.B.H. in reference to wreck to see if anybody with head injuries comes in.

Sunday, Aug. 10

12:17 a.m.: Male subject on hill yelling and threatening everybody around apartments, subject harassing residents in apartment, Sorghum Hollow.

8:44: Caller at Arby’s advised her husband came through drive-through and left two letters for her, she has an EPO against him, requested officer to look at them.

11:25: Subject advised that he was in a fight with family members last date in Van Lear. Subject has a black eye.

11:30: Caller advised vehicle driving at high rate of speed, Second Street/Rt. 321 intersection.

2:35: Four-wheeler complaint, Teays Branch.

3:29: Caller advised kids were throwing rocks at her home, Lively Lane.

3:44: Caller advised there are ATV’s driving reckless, Butcher Hollow.

5:50: Caller requested a unit in reference to needing a ride. Subject advised he was at a drug house and if they knew he was calling they would kill him, Boyd Branch.

6:45: Caller advised the front door has some damage to it like someone tried to break in, Dr. Bryson’s office.

8:58: Caller advised that a subject was on his way to his ex-girlfriends, possibly armed with a knife, Sorghum Hollow.

11:33: Caller advised 6-7 male teenagers outside store, going in and out, wants them removed. Also overheard subjects talking about possibly stealing candy or other items from Wal-Mart.

11:50: Caller advised her friend has possibly been assaulted and kicked out of her house, Cantrell Creek.

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