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Could that be it?
Guest commentary
by Mylinda Johnson | Contributing columnist

As you all know, Scott Perry recently passed away. I did not know Scott very well, but from reading his columns, I am assured that all of us who are Christians will see him again one fine day. Scott's passing at such a young age strengthens my thoughts about how short our time is here on Earth.

I have been told that I have no concept of time (thanks, Sis). But I disagree with this statement. Sure, I tend to get involved in things and time flies by without my noticing. The important thing is that I put all of myself into what I am doing. This consumption of consciousness tends to make me unaware of how long I have actually been working on things. This is not a bad thing, is it?

In a way, yes it is bad to be consumed by things to the point that you let your life pass you by without notice. Although, if the things you allow yourself to be consumed with are issues that will serve the good of others and will help make this a better world in which to live, your life is well spent. After all, why are we here? Of course, procreation is an essential aspect of human life if we did not make babies, there would be no more natural human life.

The proverbial question: What is our purpose? Why are we living and breathing when our loved ones friends and family have traveled on to a phase of existence that we cannot begin to grasp? Is there such a thing as fate? Lots of questions to ponder with such a short lifetime to find the answers. Could that be it the infinite search for answers?

It is my humble opinion that we are here, indeed, to serve each other. Whether we use religion to validate this concept by assuming that in serving each other, we are actually serving God or if we simply say that it is adding value to our lives to follow the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It all comes down to the simple fact that we must help one another become the best possible people we can. Each helping hand we reach to someone in need is multiplied many times over because the person who is helped, usually, will help someone else. It becomes a type of infinite ring of assistance.

Back to the original thought, we only have a quantified number of days in this world. Once we are gone, what will be the measure of our accomplishments? Not the money we have acquired or the trophies on our walls. Who will remember us when we are gone? For what will they remember us? Simple, of course. Our children and families will remember us if only for the common DNA we share. But any person to whom we have shared a kind word or pick-me-up phrase, members of our churches who have worshiped beside us, and all those who needed a helping hand and found comfort and assistance in our outreached palms.

What will it matter who remembers us if we have not been comrades in time of need or have not made every attempt possible to make this world a better place? I ask you again, what is our purpose? We all need to open our eyes to all the outreached hands around us. There are many who need us, if only for a reassuring smile. We ARE capable of making a difference in the world...could that be it?

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