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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, Aug. 11

7:31 a.m.: Out at Country Club, reference to follow up investigation.

8:15: Caller needs to speak with an officer regarding subject stealing parts from her sonís bike, Martin Childers Dr.

8:26: Observe for reckless driver, silver, champagne Camry ran 4 or 5 vehicles off the road.

8:42: Caller requested officer in reference to his vehicle being stolen, Main St.

1:07 p.m.: Caller requested officer in reference to her sonís scooter being stolen, possibly knows where it is, Saltwell St.

2:19: Crace notified, reference to picking up stolen vehicle on old Rt. 40.

2:50: Received call from BB&T Bank advising robbery at BB&T in Prestonsburg.

3:29: Caller advised of reckless driver, advised that vehicle was at BP Gas Station.

3:53: Caller advised someone trying to hurt her, needs to speak with officer.

4:14: Two-vehicle accident Rt. 321, Floyd/Johnson line.

5:16: EMS advised subject walking on Rt. 321 around the high school, contacted PBH and they advised the above subject walked out of the E.R. without a doctor looking at him.

7:50: Reckless driver, white Cavalier, Maple St.

9:19: Caller advised that his car was stolen from Prestonís Funeral Home, needs to speak with an officer, Preston Funeral Home.

9:44: Caller requested a unit regarding a gray Mercury with no tail lights had done damage to her fence, Rt. 201.

10:34: Caller advised subject in a black Camaro possibly intoxicated and possibly has warrants on him, leaving Dixon Branch.

10:40: Caller advised that someone broke into his van, needed to speak with an officer, Bingo Hall, Court Street.

10:42: Caller advised possibly intoxicated in a 1999 red Camaro, t-top, also has marijuana in vehicle, occupied by a male and female subject, Paintsville area, going toward Martin County on Rt. 40.

10:54: Caller needs to speak with an officer in reference to her neighbor is giving drugs to underage children, Thelma.

11:30: Stolen vehicle recovered, Lake Front Mart.

Tuesday, Aug. 12

12:02 a.m.: Stolen checks, 1999 white Mustang, wrote bad check for $48.82. Appco Oil Co.

4:08: Advised small service line broke behind The Upper Room Church, water is bubbling out. Made contact, advised they would make a note and fix it in the morning since it was not a bad leak, Main St.

6:55: Chevy S-10, tan with flames, tinted windows, ran subject off road, Rt. 460.

7:06: Caller advised that a vehicle has ran into her residence, subject possibly intoxicated, Sitka.

7:35: Check on water leak behind radio station, water plant notified.

7:43: Caller advised check book stolen, advised she called last date around 7:00 p.m., nobody had contacted her.

9:22: Caller advised dispatch of female possibly being raped, could hear female screaming, Eighth St. by ballpark.

9:59: Caller requested an officer to contact him in reference to finding femaleís purse from above traffic, Eighth St.

1:05 p.m.: Unit with owner in reference to recovering stolen property, Rent-A-Tool.

1:20: Subject messed up on Somas, also stole items from Sleepy Hollow Tattoos.

7:19: Caller requested officer for female subject there threatening her, behind American Standard.

7:52: Caller advised subject in a tan colored full-size Chevy pickup is traveling at a high a rate of speed, driving reckless, North on US 23.

8:41: Caller advised subject in a newer gold Chevy pickup, extra-cab, is driving reckless, Rt. 23/460 coming toward town.

8:43: Caller advised that his neighborís child came to his residence and said her mom and dad were fighting and her mom was about to pass out, just past Whippoorwill.

8:52: Unit advised above traffic not a domestic, but female did need ambulance due to high blood pressure and she did pass out.

9:09: Reference to four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 685.

9:33: Caller advised possibly intoxicated driver in a newer blue S-10 with a white tailgate.

10:32: Caller requested a unit contact her regarding somebody has paintballed her truck, River Rd.

Wednesday, Aug. 13

2:05 a.m.: Caller advised that her neighborís husband was banging on windows and doors, also advised that her neighbor has an EPO on this subject, Sorghum Hollow.

3:34: Caller advised that his neighbor was outside shooting a gun and needed police to come up and check the subject out, Southside.

7:47: Caller requested officer to Hager Hill Loop in reference to his 1998 GMC truck has been stolen.

3:39 p.m.: Subjects requesting officer regarding stolen bike.

4:20: Caller advised she and her husband were in a verbal domestic, male trying to put females clothes outside, Sixth St.

4:27: Dark blue Chevy S-10 pickup from Lawrence County possibly has intoxicated driver, US 23 S.

4:30: Caller advised of stolen checks.

4:36: Female subject soliciting money, Rite-Aid.

5:40: Caller advised that at the entrance to Castle Fork there is a large red Ford van blocking the roadway.

6:20: Be on lookout for light blue Sunfire heading into town, Rt. 172/40.

6:46: Reference to stolen property.

9:30: Located several marijuana plants on hill while checking on a subject, Patterson Ck.

Thursday, Aug. 14

9:57 a.m.: Reckless driver, white Chevy pickup flatbed with junk iron on back above vehicle, Rt. 321.

10:03: Reckless driver, green Honda Accord, high rate of speed, Rt. 460.

10:50: Subject asking customers for money, Rite Aid.

11:19: Caller advised she had reported her truck stolen last Friday. Truck is in her hollow and she has the road blocked so it canít get back out, Grassy Creek.

3:55 p.m.: Reference to vandalism to pop machine, Central Elem.

4:30: Skurlock Heating and Cooling advised someone was staying in residence, subject advised that a next door neighbor let him stay at residence, owner advised nobody should have the keys, Mill St.

5:23: Reference to four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 825.

5:41: Four-wheeler complaint, Community Center.

6:51: Caller requested officer in reference to subject making threats, Main St.

7:37: Caller advised somebody stole money from her car, Short St.

7:42: Fight in progress, several subjects fighting, unknown on weapons, Van Lear Apts.

7:48: Domestic in progress, Airport Road.

8:20: Two people showing affection, First Baptist Church, College & Third.

10:45: Caller advised his four-wheeler was stolen, Maple St.

11:18: Unauthorized use of vehicle as of 8-13-03, 1985 black Blazer, driver side has broken headlight.

Friday, Aug. 15

12:50 a.m.: Drive-off, late 80ís red Chevy pickup, 23 Discount Tobacco.

2:28: Several subjects intoxicated, advised one subject is wanting to drive off while others are attempting to stop him, Verne Horne Apts.

3:01: Reference to 72-hour service, dangerous suspect, Skate Road.

5:19: Elderly female advised somebody was trying to get inside her home, Rush Fork Lane.

7:43: Caller advised an elderly male subject was walking down the road acting disoriented, Rt. 24/460 intersection.

8:32: Caller advised that someone has possibly been trying to kill her and trying to possibly break in on her, requested officer check it out, Broadway.

8:35: Caller advised somebody broke into pop machine, Clarkís Gas.

9:47: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding stolen medicine.

10:03: Country Club Pro-Shop, several pop machines broken into, report taken.

1:32 p.m.: Caller advised of a gray Corsica with right fender and door damaged, has concealed weapon and possibly marijuana, Rt. 23 N.

3:51: Caller advised somebody possibly poisoned his dog.

5:18: Caller advised of possibly intoxicated driver on a maroon Kawasaki motorcycle, stars and stripes shirt.

5:24: Caller requested unit contact her regarding dogs wonít stay out of yard and her kids canít go outside and play, River Road.

5:50: Caller advised of possible intoxicated driver in an older two-tone brown van.

5:55: D.S.S. assist, found subject hiding in water bed frame, took male into custody, went back in residence, then male advised that subject fled on foot up a hill. Attempted to locate subject, advised subject is still at large. Subject wearing black shirt, black pants, has light brown hair, mustache, behind American Standard.

6:15: Caller advised somebody poisoned dog, Rt. 2039.

6:19: Male subject, possibly intoxicated, fell in roadway passed out and unresponsive.

6:52: Reference to four-wheeler complaint, Ponderosa Drive.

7:02: Caller requested a unit regarding tires have been stolen, Little Mud Lick.

7:10: Caller advised there is a party with underage drinking with marijuana brought in from Lexington. around county line, East Point.

7:35: Four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 302.

8:04: Caller advised that the subject that fled on foot was walking toward the bridge toward Rt. 321.

8:42: Caller advised a subject in a black Ford truck with a chrome bumper and roll bars and lights is driving around the area acting suspicious, Food World area.

8:56: Caller advised one of his employees called and advised him there is a subject parked on the lot in a Ford pickup acting suspicious.

9:34: Reference to prowler and people stealing things, Hager Hill Loop.

10:09: Caller advised there is a subject in the area acting suspicious, Rec. Center.

Saturday, Aug. 16

12:06 a.m.: Domestic in progress, advised 12 gauge shotgun in residence, behind B&W.

12:49: Harassment complaint beside W.R. Castle, Toyota Camry, blue, occupied by three subjects and a child en route toward Paintsville. Caller called back twice advising subjects do have a weapon and are back in the area, Wittensville, advised be on lookout for this vehicle.

1:51: Gas drive-off, purple Camaro, $10.00, Rt. 321, Speedway.

9:29: Mountain Outlet advised of garbage, boxes of clothes, syringe caps, etc. on the sidewalk. Advised there is a mess there every morning.

11:42: Caller requested officer to contact him at Dollar Store, Appletree Plaza, in reference to possible stolen bike lying in ditch on Rt. 321.

11:55: Reference to DSS needing escort, lady possibly armed, Paradise Court.

12:19 p.m.: Four-wheeler complaint, American Standard.

12:45: Caller advised truck lost rock, broke window, Rt. 23.

2:40: Reference to stolen purse, report taken, Sixth St.

5:37: Caller advised that four subjects had stolen property from Fast Lane Tobacco, one subject wearing a black t-shirt, the other wearing a white t-shirt, N. Mayo Trail.

6:11: Received a call from a male subject who advised he was an ex Marine Secret Service and needed to speak with an officer with military experience, he also advised that three individuals were trying to kill him, Venture Home Again.

6:32: Reference to stolen purse, Millers Creek.

6:58: Domestic in progress, Bee Branch.

8:14: Caller advised a tan pickup with a maroon tailgate is driving very reckless, Rt. 825 toward Rt. 460.

8:30: Contact subject regarding stolen property.

9:14: Caller requested extra patrol for prowlers, caller advised there has been someone walking around area with flashlight, Red Bush area.

Sunday, Aug. 17

6:10 a.m.: Combative subject, had to use force, took subject into custody, Chevron 460.

12:43 p.m.: Caller requested officer in reference to someone has killed her dog that is on private property, needs to speak with officer, Staffordsville.

1:02: Caller requested officer to Whippoorwill Hill in reference to a male subject came along on horse and shot her dog, wants an officer to contact her.

3:12: Caller wants to report jackhammer stolen from Paintsville Funeral Home, wants to meet with an officer.

4:01: Caller reported that her tires on her vehicle were slashed, brown Chevy Caprice with tinted windows, Ramada Inn.

4:09: Gas drive-off, red Chevy pickup, $15.00 gas, Citgo, US 23.

4:54: Caller requested a unit regarding verbal domestic in progress, Pineview.

7:44: Caller advised fight in progress around pool area, unknown on weapons.

9:04: Caller requested an officer regarding juvenile out of control, Sixth St.

9:15: Caller advised a black Toyota 4x4 pickup driving reckless,Thelma area.

10:48: Possible breaking and entering in progress, Wolfpen.

10:48: Caller advised there is a female subject at the residence and she has warrants on her, Lively Lane.

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