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$10,000 gift given to Pikeville College

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PIKEVILLE — Murry Gerber, chairman and CEO of Equitable Resources, parent company of Equitable Production (EPC), and Kentucky-West Virginia Gas, presented $10,000 to Pikeville College.

Equitable selected Pikeville College because of its close ties to communities that Equitable serves. According to company officials, Equitable recognizes the importance and value in supporting organizations and programs that promote community development and improve the quality of life for our neighbors. The company also has a firm commitment to helping make a difference on critical issues facing society, they said.

“We know Eastern Kentucky is committed to improving education. As one of the largest employers in the region, we make every effort to get behind the issues our community prioritizes,” said Gerber.

Gerber has led Equitable as president and CEO since 1998 and as the chairman since 2001. He also serves in a key leadership role on boards of directors for several charitable organizations. Equitable and its companies are the largest operators of natural gas wells and gathering pipelines in Kentucky. EPC operates over 4,700 natural gas wells and 725 miles of gathering pipelines. Kentucky West Virginia Gas is a major gatherer and transporter of gas in Eastern Kentucky, with 2,200 miles of the pipeline in Eastern Kentucky.

Equitable and its companies have been serving 14 counties in Eastern Kentucky for over 80 years. In 2002, Equitable provided numerous agencies and non-profit organizations in Eastern Kentucky and other areas in which they operate with $1.9 million in charitable donations.

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