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2003-08-27 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Aug. 18

9:46 a.m.: Out at Mayo School, reference to traffic parked on both sides of the road, Third St.

10:15: Caller advised her husband choked her with his hands and the phone, leaving in a red and white pickup, Euclid.

11:48: Female client has DVO against husband, male outside in red extra-cab S-10, black door, Town and Country.

1:58 p.m.: Caller requested officer to Industrial Park in reference to two subjects chasing another subject down road, also possible weapon involved, also small child with subject, in maroon passenger car, Hager Hill.

4:44: Request officer to The Big Sandy News in reference to theft.

5:11: Caller advised a subject on a yellow four-wheeler is driving reckless and darting in and out of traffic, possibly a juvenile male, Boonscamp.

5:52: Highrise advised there is a red Toyota passenger car parked in the handicap zone for the van.

5:53: Caller advised she took EPO on male and subject was at house, not supposed to be there.

7:00: Caller requested officer in reference to someone taking her car from Main St.

7:30: Caller requested an officer in reference to damage done to her car in plaza.

8:08: Caller requested to speak with an officer in reference to her boyfriend calling, who she has an EPO on.

8:28: Caller requested officer regarding four-wheeler causing problems, Apple St.

8:33: Caller advised her son locked her in her bedroom and her other son was outside in the other room, and she had left the stove on, Riverview Housing.

9:16: Caller advised her 12-year-old daughter had ran away, Sixth St.

9:42: Caller requested to speak with an officer in reference to somebody not paying for car.

11:03: Prowler complaint, advised somebody knocked rails off subject's porch, Cantrell Creek.

11:57: Search house for possible missing juvenile, Preston St.

Tuesday, Aug. 19

12:26 a.m.: Caller advised there was a party going on, possible juveniles drinking, Noisy Branch.

2:34: Be on lookout for missing juvenile, 17-year-old male, tall, thin, brown hair, last seen Asa Creek area riding a girls purple bike around 3:30. Juvenile is not from here.

4:16: Caller advised that her boyfriend is mentally unstable and yesterday he told her that the devil told him to hurt her while she slept. She had him leave and he was supposed to come back the next day with somebody and get his things. She advised he was sitting in her driveway and she also advised that he carried a shotgun and shells in his vehicle, Rt. 469.

11:17: Caller requested officer regarding his vehicle has been broken into and some CD's taken, West Van Lear.

12:15 p.m.: One male to Detention Center, subject swinging belt into traffic, Rt. 40.

1:43: Unit requested Highway Dept. in reference to hydraulic fluid or oil on highway, Rt. 1428.

5:30: Caller advised her husband was assaulted at law office, Lawrence Co.

5:33: Four-wheeler complaint, Rt. 689.

7:33: Caller advised subject in a newer white Crown Victoria is driving very reckless, Wittensville towards Paintsville.

7:41: Caller advised two vehicles possibly selling marijuana, one vehicle is a white Chevy Cavalier, second vehicle is a white convertible, Citgo, Rt. 23. Caller advised the Cavalier is going South on US 23 towards Paintsville.

9:21: Caller requested to speak with an officer in reference to her husband taking her pills, Rt. 1750.

9:45: Prestonsburg P.D. advised to observe for a green four-door Saturn coming on Rt. 321. Subjects robbed pizza place in Warfield then went to Prestonsburg and dropped off female subject, possibly armed with gun.

10:03: Advised they had located the female subject from above traffic.

Wednesday, Aug. 20

1:00 a.m.: Two vehicles in front parking lot at Ramada Inn with music extremely loud, possibly shining a spotlight around, one vehicle possibly a white S-10.

2:06: Male subject threatening to do harm to himself, 1990's silver Chevy Nova, advised Magoffin County, Rt. 460/Johnson-Magoffin county line.

3:02: Attempt to locate gray Blazer, '85 model, possibly en route to Sixth St. in reference to stolen medicine.

9:07: Caller requested officer to Mtn. Comp in reference to patient fighting, unknown on weapons.

9:45: Advised dispatch of blue Corsica, older model, blonde female driving with small infant on male passengers lap, possibly involved in domestic, Rt. 40.

11:45: Caller requested officer to Boyd Branch in reference to male subject stealing her medicine last date, wants a statement written out so she can get her meds back.

1:58 p.m.: Observe for newer black Jeep Cherokee, reckless driving around Euclid Ave. area.

2:47: Caller requested officer to handball court in reference to several subjects destroying benches, wants them removed.

10:15: Reference to somebody stealing items, now she hears someone in the woods beside her home, Skyharbor Rd.

11:10: Caller advised somebody beating on vehicles near loading dock area, Davis St.

Thursday, Aug. 21

12:39 a.m.: Caller advised domestic in progress in front of restaurant, Main St.

9:00: Caller advised male subject very disoriented and trying to open doors on businesses that aren't open yet. Subject en route toward The Dungeon.

1:05 p.m.: Advised black and gray Buick, no back bumper, possibly intoxicated, going toward Paintsville on Rt. 40.

1:07: Black four-door Cadillac, two female subjects, possibly intoxicated.

2:36: Domestic in progress, Hidden Valley Rd.

3:45: Lawrence Co. 911 advised a newer white Chevy extended cab drove off without paying for gas, going South on US 23 from the Happy Mart in Lawrence Co.

3:48: Caller advised that some people had ball bats and tire tools, possibly going to fight, Airport Trailer Court.

3:50: Caller advised there is a male subject with a baseball bat trying to fight a female subject, Airport Rd.

4:37: Reference to kids riding bikes in roadway, afraid they're going to get hit by car, Broadway Bridge.

7:41: Caller advised that a female subject left with a male subject that she has an EPO on, Flat Gap. Caller advised she went voluntarily.

9:35: Caller requested a unit attempt to locate her daughter, who is supposed to be with a male subject. Advised that her daughter didn't show up after school today and they located her vehicle at PCC. Caller advised that a family member said she had called and advised she was with male subject.

10:14: Unit advised subjects left in a silver T-Bird with tinted windows, possibly en route toward her vehicle at PCC.

10:20: Golf cart/four-wheeler complaint, Washington Ave. and Walnut Ave.

11:33: Male subject needs to be removed from residence, Lowmansville.

Friday, Aug. 22

4:29 a.m.: Caller advised subjects have put several items in roadway, requested officer contact. Advised subject fled when caller turned porch light on. Recovered lawn mower in road, Hager Hill Loop.

6:29: Elderly female caller advised a male subject is at the back door trying to get in, Rt. 993.

9:30: S.O. advised of '86 model, two-door black Pontiac driven by female, possibly intoxicated, with small child, last seen at Hilltop Mkt., Rt. 321 headed toward Paintsville.

10:33: Possible intoxicated driver going North on US 23 toward W.R. Castle, maroon Cadillac.

10:53: Domestic in progress, Sixth St.

11:04: Caller advised tires were cut during the night, Castle Fork.

11:34: Car going wrong way on a one way street.

11:44: Call from S.O., green passenger car coming from Hilltop Market toward Paintsville driving reckless.

12:40 p.m.: Unit with female in reference to assault charge.

1:40: Caller from Paintsville Chevron advised a female subject in her 30's, blond and brown hair, driving green Honda came in to buy two boxes of medicine totaling $16.94. Female only had $5.00 and went to her car and left lot.

2:28: Caller needing to speak with an officer regarding four females and two males causing problems, Main St.

4:29: Caller advised of hit and run around Rt. 1107/Rt. 40 Thelma.

5:09: Request city unit respond regarding possible domestic, male possibly assaulting a child, 12th St.

5:11: Vehicle over hill, about a mile up Rt. 2039 from Rt. 460.

5:49: Caller advised her boyfriend was at her residence refusing to leave, Boat Gunnell.

5:52: Caller requested to speak with officer in reference to missing person, Rt. 302.

6:49: Caller requested a unit make contact regarding her child being assaulted at school.

6:50: Caller advised subjects in a tan pickup with a maroon tailgate acting suspicious. Subject pulled into driveway and jumped out of vehicle, when caller went to the door the subject jumped back into the truck and left, Rt. 825 area.

9:48: Caller on cell phone advised of prowler.

10:15: Caller advised someone broke into her trailer and she wanted fingerprints, Rt. 1750.

11:37: Fight in progress, 6-7 male subjects, City Hall area.

Saturday, Aug. 23

12:03 a.m.: Caller advised another subject pulled a knife on him earlier and he needed to speak with an officer, Mayo Plaza.

12:12: All units attempt to locate gold Olds Alero, vehicle possibly headed toward the plaza, subject in vehicle 15-year-old special education student.

2:11: Caller advised prowler in garage, possibly ran up on hill, Rockhouse Rd.

2:27: Caller advised of fire on 2nd floors in men's dorm. Made contact with Rehab, they believe it was a prank call. They were advised that the Fire Dept. was en route.

2:53: Caller advised somebody broke into his residence, request officer, Rt. 1092.

4:22: Caller advised that somebody had damaged their bridge and fence; advised the bridge was impassable, needs officer to file a report, Rt. 1596.

9:06: Caller advised someone shot out her windows, Rt. 3214.

1:28 p.m.: Male and female on four-wheeler with small child, advised them to keep child off, Short Farm Center.

2:07: Car over hill, needs report, Rt. 1750.

3:30: Caller requested a unit contact regarding a female, a child and himself being assaulted, Airport Rd.

3:36: Caller requested a unit regarding subjects trying to start trouble.

3:46: Caller requested to speak with an officer regarding somebody was being accused of stealing.

5:48: Caller asked dispatch to listen to a verbal dispute over the phone between herself and the father of her grandchild, custody dispute, Pine St.

5:55: Received several calls regarding a two-vehicle accident, Rt. 23/1428.

6:26: Caller advised there are several subjects intoxicated and fighting chickens causing a disturbance about two miles above Conley's Wrecker Service.

7:37: ATV complaint, Butcher Hollow.

8:05: Reckless driver complaint, red Mazda truck, Rt. 40 toward Thelma.

8:48: Be on lookout for green Trans Am with racing stripes headed toward Paintsville, Rockhouse.

9:11: On lookout for possible green Sunfire, US 23 South.

10:13: Subject at city hall complaining that someone is using his name in thefts.

11:19: Fight in progress, Mayo Plaza.

Sunday, Aug. 24

12:07 a.m.: Caller advised someone had fired shots at her daughters residence, Lower Twin Branch.

12:59: Caller advised she saw smoke coming from Family Dollar Store sign.

3:20: Caller advised that her van was stuck on tracks, West Van Lear.

4:07: Caller advised that her grandmother's phone line had been cut and she needed to talk to an officer, Broadway.

6:11: Caller advised that her boyfriend had borrowed her car Friday evening and had not returned it, two-door 1993 green Chevy, Woodland Court.

10:47: Burke Funeral Home advised they had subjects digging grave at Blair or Akers Cemetery and owner of property causing problems, Rt. 40.

3:02 p.m.: Wal-Mart advised they have a female adult shoplifter and a juvenile female shoplifter.

3:18: Received a couple of calls regarding a one-vehicle accident.

3:19: Caller advised possibly intoxicated driver in an older black S-10, Baker Branch area.

3:19: Caller advised ATV's driving reckless, causing a disturbance, Kite Hollow.

5:51: Caller requested unit contact regarding stolen property, Brown's Auto.

8:38: Caller advised a male subject was caught going through her purse and was kicked out of the Movies. Caller advised subject is acting strange and requested a unit check him out. Advised nothing was taken from her purse, Mayo Plaza.

10:24: Caller advised there are several subjects acting strange, possibly trying to break into the place, Dairy Queen.

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