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Salute to America is theme of Lawrence festival
LOUISA The Lawrence County Septemberfest Board of Directors encourages all area businesses to participate in the Septemberfest window decorating contest.

The theme of this years' festival is "Salute to America."

Windows will be judged on Thursday evening, Sept. 4. A first-, second- and third-place plaque will be awarded to the winners and all businesses participating will receive a participation plaque.

The winners of the contest will be announced on the main stage Friday evening, Sept. 5, during the opening ceremonies of the festival.

All judges' decisions are final.

* * *

The Lawrence County Septemberfest Board's Ways and Means Committee has the exclusive rights to sell soft drinks and water along the parade route during the festival in September. Because the committee has exclusive rights, no other organization or individual will be permitted to sell these or any other items along the parade route.

* * *

The Lawrence County Septemberfest name and logo is a registered trademark and no other business, individual or organization will be permitted to sell any type of clothing, caps, tote bags or souvenirs with the use of the Septemberfest name or logo without written permission from the Septemberfest Board of Directors.

* * *

The Lawrence County Septemberfest Board of Directors will meet Thursday, Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. in the third floor conference room of Three Rivers Medical Center. All board members are asked to attend as the festival is rapidly approaching and last-minute details need to be finalized. All committee chairman are asked to bring a report of the activities they are in charge of.

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