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2003-10-08 for the record
Property transfers
Floyd County

To Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways from Virgil and Ada Hamilton.

To Transportation Cabinet, Department of Highways from Berniece Prater, Kaye and Buster Eplin, Marty Hamilton, and Carolyn Hamilton.

To Earl Allen from Dorothy Hayes.

To Earl Allen from Ronald M. and Majorie Sandlin Hayes, and Sandra Hayes and C.C. Sheffield.

To Burnis and Marilou Spears from Upper Toler Creek Church of Christ.

To Travis and Leah Cook from Herbert Gene Salisbury Jr.

To William Hale and Pamela Samons from CitiFinancial Mortgage Company Inc.

To Stephen L. Brewer from Adam and Zella Carter.

To Michael Slone from Hester Slone, Clark and Nancy Slone, Virginia Faye Cole, Leon Slone, Reon Slone, June and David Noonkester, Rush Jr. and Carolyn Slone, Shirley May Newsome, Lilly Stumbo, and Lisa and Alan Stumbo.

To Michael Slone from Clark and Nancy Slone.

To Emma Gene Newsome from Rosemary Kendrick Hall.

To Raymond Hall from Rosemary Kendrick Hall.

To Stephen Franklin Martin from Maureen Martin.

To Harold and Jennifer Brown from Mark and Tonya Bustle.

To Dan and Charlotte Collins from Molly Tackett.

To Prestonsburg City Utilities Commission from Appalachian Land Company.

To Loretta Hammond from Rebecca Anderson (now Vaughan).

To Rodney Scarberry from Earl and Sandra Kidd.

To Kenny and Regina Pennington from Lar-Lin Inc.

To Frank DeRossett Jr. from Ruth Ann and William P. Fairchild, Mary Lee and Fred Colston, and Darwin Moran and Karen Patton.

To Stephen A. Anderson from Donald W. and Drema M. Osborne, and James M. and Margie Osborne.

To Brenda G. Hunter from Ashley Lykins.

To Steve and Priscilla D. Ousley from John and Brenda K. Holland.

To Michael and Violet Blevins from Virgie Nelson.

To Joshua and Sharlonda Carroll from Angela Renee Sisco.

To Elbert Lee Ratliff from Jim and Wanda Williams.

To James K. and Virginia A. Spears from Pauline Crisp.

To James L. and Merwonne Childers from Hollis and Anita Daniels.

To Brian Bates and Terry Mullins from Myrtle Haywood Johnson and Nancy Haywood and Earl D. Ousley.

To Steven and Leona Slone from Interstate Natural Gas Company.

To A.P. Forsyth, and Jimmy J. and Rebecca H. Derossett from Berrong Land Services Inc.

To Millard and Carolyn Blanton from Michael Slone.

To Spurlock Holdings LLC and Greg Wilson from David and Della Clifton.

To Carolyn S. Chilson from James S. and Elizabeth Crace; marshal's deed.


Johnson County

To Lowell E. Spencer from Chester Adams and Henrietta Blevins.

To Family Bank FSB from Paula Hall Henderson.

To Phillip Pack from Mike Brown Construction Company LLC.

To Herbert Music from Edgar and Jacqulyne Pack.

To William D. Slone from William D. Slone.

To W. Kay Lauffer from William F. and Colleen Tackett.

To Mable Kelly from Forrest and Sharon Welch.

To William V. Terry from Donna K. Williams and Timothy Williams.


Lawrence County

To Kathryn Fraley from Shannon and Melissa Salyer.

To Faye Michael from N&S Construction Inc.

To Timothy and Laura Dennison from Kenneth and Eloise Beck.

To Jonathan Fitch from Derle Walker.

To Otis and Donna Triplett from Arnold Chaffin.

To David and Amanda Boggs from Carl and Gail Boggs.

To Brad Robertson from Kathryn Fraley.

To Maria and Christopher Haynes from Margaret and Thomas Mucci.

To Foster and Ruby Tackett from Raymond and Billie Jean Kelley.

To James Gartin from Vickie Vanhoose.

To Lloyd Williams from Dianna Tarring.

To Madeline Patterson from Donald Hillman Sr.

To Glenn Chaffins from Brad Robertson.

To Michael and Kelly Beck from Kenneth and Eloise Beck.

To Robert and Elizabeth Roberts from Robert and Diana Martin.

To Eron and Tina Mitchell from Bill and Mary Shrader.

To Saundrea and Robert Yoak from Carl and Gail Boggs.

To Paul and Joyce West from James and Martha Shannon.

To Franklin and Dottie Castle from Lacy Endicott.

To Roger Davis from Shirley Davis.

To Shirley Davis from Roger Davis.

To Mike and Erica McKinney from Phillip and Angela Allen.

To Terry and Shirley Clark from Paul and Judy Carter.

To Paul and Judy Carter from Barry and Beverly Workman.

To Morningstar Missionary Ministries from Michael Ross.


Martin County

To Darius Trent Horn from Lois Ann Montgomery (Nee Horn) and Jeffery Montgomery.

To Tracy E. Dingess and LaDonna Dingess from Kenneth Hinkle and Dixie Hinkle.

To Michael Wilson and Rhonda K. Wilson from Lummie Wilson and Dorothy Wilson.

To Nancy J. Smith from Robert and Phyllis Preece.

To Mark A. Howard and Jeana A. Howard from Sebern Hinkle and Velma Hinkle.

To Walter and Hilda Williams from Phillip Jude.

To Curtis Young from Dixie Fletcher.

To Eddie Joe Puckett from Jonah B. Puckett and Sarah Puckett.

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