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2003-10-08 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Sept. 29

9:10 a.m.: Caller from State Highway Dept. requested officer in reference to finding wallet with marijuana in it at the bridge before Powell Addition turn off.

2:32 p.m.: Subject in tractor-trailer harassing people, Mayo Plaza.

3:05: Hit and run, Baker Branch.

5:30: Caller requested a unit contact regarding stolen wallet, McDonalds.

6:54: Caller advised there is a red dirt bike driving reckless, Clay Ave. area.

7:23: Caller requested extra patrol regarding threatening phone calls, Riverview Apt. area.

8:14: Unit requested a couple of city units regarding several subjects possibly going to fight, Bowling Alley.

10:23: Caller requested a unit for possible EPO violation.

11:31: Extra patrol, Hager Hill Loop, in reference to two subjects acting suspicious, driving around slowly and looking around.

11:45: Caller advised he left food cooking and fell asleep and the house filled with smoke, needs fire dept. to make sure the fire is out, Airport Road.

Tuesday, Sept. 30

8:40 a.m.: Domestic received through S.O., cream colored Ford Tempo, Rt. 172 to Rt. 40.

10:31: Blue van ran through fence last night, subject needs report, Cemetery Drive.

12:06 p.m.: Caller requested officer to Rite Aid, reference to male subject having seizure, he's out of seizure and chasing people in the parking lot.

12:50: Vehicle fire, Hilltop Road.

2:05: Check on male in striped suit selling items from satchel, Rt. 321.

3:17: Advised Crabtree Trucking out of Prestonsburg has been issued a warning for parking on private property.

4:27: Unit advised that he was advised of possible intoxicated driver in a newer pewter-colored Tahoe.

5:45: Radio Shack advised subject stole some items, left in red car.

6:18: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding threats, Millers Creek.

6:53: Unit advised he found truck driving around inside Dr. Amerson's gate, advised subject to leave, Cherry Hill Lane.

8:07: Caller requested a unit contact regarding family members in the store trying to cause trouble, Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, Oct. 1

12:14 a.m.: Domestic not in progress, advised subject stole some of her mail, Sixth Street.

4:01: Reference to 19-year-old male subject causing trouble at residence, Cannel Coal Gap.

12:19 p.m.: Be on lookout for burgundy Bronco traveling Rt. 23 from HRMC toward Wittensville.

1:38: Assisting EMS, reference to possible overdose, Thealka.

2:18: Be on lookout for black Ford F-150 traveling Rt. 40 toward old Kmart building, possibly intoxicated.

1:33: Light pole knocked down, live wires, Water Street.

2:31: Gas drive-off, $10.01, 1989 Ford pickup, four-wheeler in back, pulling boat, Apco.

3:39: Caller advised an older green station wagon occupied by male, female and child paid $5.00 for gas, but got $24.22 of gas at Citgo, Rt. 40.

4:09: Request for city unit to contact, also nurse from Hospice Center en route to Sixth Street. Advised what time the nurse was on her way, subjects had called Hospice Center threatening everybody's life.

5:06: Lawrence County 911 requests mutual aide with subject, in front of Joe's Carpet, U.S. 23.

6:21: Caller requested unit regarding out-of-control juvenile, Left Fork, Two-Mile.

6:55: Caller requested a unit regarding a bill and work done to a vehicle, Inside and Out Detailing.

6:59: Caller advised juvenile is walking out of the hollow wearing a camo jacket and bookbag, Left Fork, Two-Mile.

7:13: Caller requested officer in reference to subjects in store harassing her, Wal-Mart.

7:15: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to out of control female juvenile, advised subject left in a 1996 blue Lumina, Woodland Estate.

7:48: Reference to possible EPO violation, Webb Hollow.

10:04: Caller advised there is a vehicle parked in the handicapped zone with no stickers or markings, Wal-Mart.

Thursday, Oct. 2

9:25 a.m.: Check on white Dodge Caravan traveling toward town, Ohio tags, vehicle is believed to have a large quantity of marijuana in it, Rt. 321.

1:51 p.m.: Out at Highland Plaza, reference to attempting to locate subject.

2:14: Vandalism to vehicle, Hidden Valley.

2:40: Unit advised unable to stop green Mustang, in pursuit, Rt. 1750.

3:09: Male subject in an older dark blue Honda passenger car with no tags on vehicle, left Sitka area en route toward Rt. 201.

3:11: Caller advised subject in above traffic did damage to the residence and left, advised there are some type of papers on the subject.

6:45: Post advised male subject needed S.O. in reference to stolen property, Pigeon Roost.

7:27: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to a child didn't come home from school and is possibly with another subject in Van Lear.

7:50: Reference to bogus bill, Wal-Mart.

9:33: Subject came by dispatch, advised of subject lying in road, Rt. 460.

Friday, Oct. 3

12:25 a.m.: Intoxicated driver complaint received through Prestonsburg, black Mercedes left Holiday Inn 10 minutes earlier, U.S. 23 North.

2:30: Pursuit of two four-wheelers, Van Lear.

5:16: Elderly male left Venture Home wearing blue hooded coat, camo pants and sandals about 15-20 minutes ago.

6:40: Reference to stolen vehicle, female also advised she and her cousin had been assaulted by caller's ex-husband, Lively Lane.

7:14: Be on lookout for burgundy 1992 Chevy Lumina, back window broken out, involved in domestic at Thelma, subject stole vehicle a month ago, has no insurance on vehicle, Sixth Street.

8:11: Caller advised above vehicle was at Bobs Branch with male subject driving it. Located vehicle at Bobs Branch by owners.

11:47: Caller advised he was robbed by the public library by two subjects, both wearing dark colored cowboy hats in a blue Chevy Camaro, possibly have .22 and .25 automatics.

12:25 p.m.: Attempt to locate female subject, 4'6" wearing blue jeans, burgundy coat, short gray hair. Patient from Mtn. Comp. was with group and got lost.

3:00: Reference to someone hitting child with bottle, College Street.

4:11: Caller advised subjects walking around neighborhood threatening to burn houses, Stafford.

4:40: Possible fight, subject had #55 jersey on, subject was cut went into Sleepy Hollow Tattoo.

5:38: Caller requested a unit contact him in reference to his son being assaulted, P.B.H. Hospital.

6:10: Caller advised two female subjects in a gray Crown Victoria just left the Van Lear Post Office area, acting strange.

6:28: Caller advised a RNL Paving truck hit a lightpole and kept going. Caller advised the pole is leaning and it has a light and transformer on top, and it looks like it is leaning, possibly going to fall, Greentown.

7:12: Caller advised possibly intoxicated driver in a newer Chevy Extended Cab, advised vehicle is all over the road, driving reckelss, Star Fire Hill, going toward Floyd Co.

11:03: Attempt to locate blue 2000 Chevy Tahoe with row bar on front, reference to juvenile looking for father.

Saturday, Oct. 4

12:10 a.m.: Attempt to locate older red Mazda truck, putting shopping carts in back of vehicle, Plaza area.

1:16: Reference to missing 14-year-old juvenile, Millers Creek.

2:25: Extra patrol, Slone Branch, reference to caller receiving threats.

3:58: Reference to stolen vehicle from Boyd Co.

3:57 p.m.: Male subject was in fight, needs EMS, bleeding from mouth and nose.

4:01: Caller requested unit regarding somebody keyed her vehicle, River Road.

4:07: Caller advised that there was a male subject that could hardly stand up, possibly intoxicated, Broadway.

4:45: Attempt to locate 15 and 16-year-old female juveniles, have not been heard from since around 11:30 a.m.

4:57: Caller advised of hit-and-run, vehicle that left is a gray Bonneville going toward Depot Road.

5:29: Unit advised that there was a loud sound like gunfire, en route to investigate, Third Street.

5:43: Request to contact Poison Control Center, reference to two pills.

6:13: Caller at American Standard advised a male subject in a Ford Ranger is possibly shooting at some type of animal, caller advised he heard a gunshot and the subject was getting back in his vehicle.

8:17: Attempt to locate 17-year-old male subject.

9:26: Fight in progress, The Dungeon, Main Street.

9:58: Caller requested extra patrol in reference to a blue truck in the area acting strange, Vanhoose Branch.

10:05: Caller advised that a female subject walking Northbound was almost struck by vehicle, possibly intoxicated, U.S. 23 North.

Sunday, Oct. 5

12:31 a.m.: Martin Co. S.O. advised of structure fire, Chestnut Road, abandoned house, nobody in residence.

2:17: Extra patrol in reference to threats and breaking and entering last date, Slone Branch.

2:39: Breaking and entering in progress, back lot, Barkers Mobile Homes.

8:47: Caller at Ramada Inn advised someone hit her car in parking lot, wants a report.

9:56: Caller advised of dark green Camaro with tinted windows in bottom by Pizza Hut, unit advised other unit that they had found some serious drugs in vehicle, light bulb under drivers seat with powder residue in it, also cellophane and several needles.

10:43: En route to P.B.H. Hospital with subject from above traffic for tests, subject refused all chemical tests, implied consent read.

10:47: En route to Dentention Center with male subject from above traffic.

12:06 p.m.: Caller advised there are three vehicles on the side of the road and three or four subjects fighting, Rt. 460.

1:20: Caller requested ambulance and officer to Boonscamp in reference to him playing with his dad's gun and shooting another subject in head. Subject is up walking around, has massive blood loss.

5:13: Caller advised a small, newer red sports car is traveling at high rate of speed, driving reckless, Rt. 302 area.

6:03: Caller advised subject on red dirt bike driving reckless up and down Little Mud Lick.

6:45: Caller advised two male juveniles lying in roadway mooning people, Depot/Broadway.

7:37: Caller advised an older brown Ford truck driving reckless, Rt. 1559.

7:46: Caller advised domestic in progress, several subjects outside screaming and yelling at each other. Caller also advised it looked like someone got pushed down the steps, Blanton Drive.

10:25: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to her husband took her vehicle, Offutt.

10:50: Caller advised that subject hit his truck and tried to run him and other people over, Rt. 2040.

11:21: Possible breaking and entering in vehicle at neighbors, N. Clay Ave.

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