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2003-10-08 communities
BSN reunions
Webbville School

The Webbville School held its annual reunion Sunday, Sept. 28.

Those attending included Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stephens, Webb Holbrooks, Trish Lilly, Sue Smith, Mr and Mrs. George Sparks, Harold Young, Keith Howard, Jean Young, Maxine Betts, Jimmy Webb, Jetto Blevins, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hass, Thelma Campbell, Sharon Galloway, Betty Skaggs, Freddie Ramey, William Griffith, Malcom Smith, Ruby Basham, Shelby Tudor, Raynell W. Williams, Hope W. Blake, Jim Haws, Mr. and Mrs. Newman Roberts, Lake Rucher, Alice Joy Rucker, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Thompson, Alice T. Bush, Joe Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Willie R. Wilson, Phillis B. Steele, Jimmy Woods, Glenna M. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wilson, Laura D. Gray, Andrew Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson, Lois Bayes, David Boggs, Kathleen Webb, Miriam H. Poole, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Riggles, Gail Boggs, Mr. and Mrs Kenton Webb, Roberta B. Smith, Frank Webster and son, Lora Handley and grandson, Mr. and Mrs. Webb Young, Paula Stokes and son, Roberta Y. Chandler, Mr. and Mrs. John Bayes, Mr. and Mrs. Zandy Chenault, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Smith, Jay D. Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Wiler, and others who did not sign the register.

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