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Johnson County 911

Monday, Oct. 6

10:10 a.m.: Subjects in black Thunderbird, Pike Co. tags, doing drugs in front of Probation Parole office, Broadway.

10:52: Stolen vehicle, green Intrepid, Ridgeway Drive.

11:22: Carnival worker giving cashier problems at Speedway, Rt. 321.

6:07 p.m.: Caller requested unit for out-of-control juvenile, Van Lear.

6:10: Wal-Mart advised they have a female shoplifter in custody.

6:22: Caller advised subject was at his residence causing problems, Rt. 2039.

7:34: Caller advised several subjects at a residence intoxicated, also kids at residence, Colby Drive.

8:15: Caller requested a unit in reference to damage to his vehicle.

8:27: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject in an older blue Olds Cutlass, Butcher Hollow area.

9:00: Caller requested extra patrol in reference to a newer black Mustang and white pickup driving reckless, Greentown/Thealka area.

9:00: Caller advised two suspicious vehicles sitting on graveyard, Oak Lawn Court.

9:20: Unit advised he was turning on a newer black vehicle that passed him at a high rate of speed, Rt. 40.

9:46: Caller advised there are several subjects fighting and wants a unit to contact, Giovanniís.

10:44: Prestonsburg P.D. advised one of their units tried to catch up with a mini van traveling at a high rate of speed with its flashers on, crossed county line into Johnson.

11:39: Two males fighting with an older male subject with heart problems, Wolf Pen.

Tuesday, Oct. 7

12:36 a.m.: Possible breaking and entering in garage, Pine Street.

12:47: Older black S-10, driver possibly intoxicated, leaving Baker Branch area, unlicensed driver.

1:52: Reference to EPO violation, above traffic.

2:36: Caller advised he hit a horse and needs a report, Elney.

2:39: Caller advised he and his wife were in a verbal domestic and he needed an officer to come to his residence, Ponderosa.

7:46: Vehicle broken into, stereo stolen, Williams Branch.

12:51 p.m: En route to Flatwoods Branch, reference to recovering vehicle.

2:09: Caller requested officer in reference to male subject with EPO is at residence threatening to take child when he gets off bus, Thealka.

2:25: En route to Detention Center with male subject from above traffic, violation of EPO.

3:44: Complaint through P.D., Jeep with W. Va. license driving reckless, Jefferson Ave. area.

4:30: Unit advised there is an older blue Ford four-door LTD or Crown Vic driving reckless at high rates of speed.

5:48: Lawrence Co. advised a vehicle fitting the description of the fake police car is coming upon the Johnson/Lawrence Co. line.

7:26: Reference to homeless subject needing place to stay.

11:20: Advised door open, entering residence attempting to locate subject, Little Mud Lick.

11:38: Subject from above traffic in custody.

Wednesday, Oct. 8

7:32 a.m.: Attempt to locate stolen vehicle, Van Lear.

9:44: German Shepherd trying to bite people, Northgate.

12:40 p.m.: Hit and run, State Street.

12:51: Female found two-year-old child walking up road naked, just knows his first name, nothing else, Webb Hollow.

1:14: Child from above traffic back with parents.

2:39: Caller requested officer to Lively Lane in reference to four juveniles had shot an elderly subject with a BB gun last date, also subjects hit elderly subject with stick or pipe last date, Thelma.

3:08: Gas drive-off, Apco, Rt. 40, silver Ford Taurus.

4:32: S.O. advised breaking and entering, not in progress, Castle Fork.

6:38: Caller advised subjects have different types of drugs and are using drugs, Second St.

9:00: Reference to assault, Venture Home.

9:39: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to having problems from a couple of subjects, Banghamís Garage.

9:49: Caller requested a unit regarding possible breaking and entering.

10:53: Caller requested a unit regarding a couple of four-wheelers and she could hear something around the residence, Rt. 1013.

11:54: Caller requested officer contact regarding subject armed with butterfly knife threatening to kill people, Mill St.

11:59: Caller requested a unit regarding her mom is at her grandparents residence, possibly overdosed, threatening to do harm to herself.

Thursday, Oct. 9

12:49 a.m.: Caller requested extra patrol around her motherís residence in reference to prank calls, West Van Lear.

10:38: Caller advised that male subject was at apartment and wasnít supposed to be there, causing problems with babysitter, Sixth St.

1:09 p.m.: Be on lookout for 1990 red and white Chevy Blazer with Harley-Davidson spare tire cover coming from Grassy Creek toward Van Lear. Neither male nor female has license and juvenileís grandmother has full custody, wants child back.

7:11: Single vehicle accident, Little Mud Lick.

12:25 p.m.: Caller making threats to niece by phone.

1:18: Stolen four-wheelers, needs report, Rt. 1559.

2:38: Picking up child, court order, notified of traffic, male subject at residence is supposed to have a gun, Van Lear.

3:09: Male subject, intoxicated, stepped out in front of traffic, Broadway.

4:44: Blue Jeep, no tags or insurance, Rt. 825.

7:05: Reference to stolen vehicle, Old Kentucky Home.

8:23: Male and female in a red Ford pickup acting obscene, Apple Tree Plaza.

8:38: Caller advised there was a juvenile throwing rocks at vehicles, Rt. 460.

10:11: Caller advised subjects possibly trying to break into his residence, heard glass breaking, Mill St.

Friday, Oct. 10

12:57 a.m.: Caller requested extra patrol regarding threatening phone calls, Caudill Branch.

7:29: Several subjects intoxicated, arguing, blocking roadway, Silk Stocking Road.

12:37 p.m.: Reckless driver, tractor-trailer, B&B or B&D on side of cab, Rt. 23 S.

1:47: Caller advised he took a male subject to femaleís residence to pick up personal belongings, male has an EPO on female subject, female broke windshield on callerís vehicle, Swamp Branch.

10:16: Shots fired, arguing dispute, Rt. 460.

10:49: Caller advised her brother, who she has an EPO on, has been calling and harassing her and their mother.

10:54: Caller from above traffic advised male subject threatened to go to motherís house.

2:00 p.m.: Unit advised he arrived home from Louisa and his weapon was missing. A neighbor advised of suspicious people around the back of his apartment.

3:36: Caller advised that a coal truck ran him off the road and he hit a road sign, needs officer to fill out a report, Turner Branch.

4:43: Caller advised there were several subjects outside his house trying to cause trouble with him, Boyd Branch.

6:26: Caller advised that someone was behind her house shooting a gun and she doesnít want them there.

6:44: Juvenile shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

6:59: Reckless driver, green full-size Blazer, Rt. 40.

8:01: Two females in custody, Wal-Mart.

9:16: Caller requested officer, reference to assault, PBH Hospital E.R.

9:59: Caller advised that her daughter was trying to take her grandchildren and she has custody of her grandchildren, needs police, Rt. 2039.

11:20: Caller advised someone is knocking on door and leaving when answered, has been going on for about 20 minutes, Little Mudlick Road.

11:23: Reference to breaking and entering.

Saturday, Oct. 11

7:40 a.m.: Caller advised of vehicle accident with injuries, Flat Gap.

10:30: Caller requested officer to residence regarding her 15-year-old son out of control, mother is eight months pregnant, Staffordsville.

10:57: Caller advised of trailer fire, fully involved, top of Richmond Hill, Van Lear.

10:58: Caller requested to speak with officer, he believes his trailer was intentionally set on fire, Van Lear. Unit contacted Arson Investigator.

1:17 p.m.: Caller requested officer in reference to serving EPO on male subject who is at residence trying to remove furniture, Meally.

3:26: Caller advised of vehicle accident on Rt. 40 with two subjects, no entrapment.

8:33: Three subjects riding wheelies in road on Rt. 23, approx. 13 mile marker.

8:34: Caller advised a blue Jeep was spinning tires, driving reckless, Mayo Plaza.

8:46: Breaking and entering not in progress, Rt. 2039.

9:49: Gas drive-off, BP, Rt. 321, $11.00, attempt to locate older blue Cutlass, dented left front fender, occupied by one male subject.

10:31: Attempt to locate blue F-250 en route toward Salyersville from Apco.

11:40: Attempt to locate yellow Chevrolet Cavalier with chrome racing fin, advised subject selling drugs in plaza area.

Sunday, Oct. 12

12:54 a.m.: Extra patrol in reference to prowler throwing objects at windows, also advised its happening to the neighbors also, N. Buckingham.

1:23: Caller advised four subjects running through city parking lot naked.

10:50: Caller requested officer to go by her daughterís apartment in reference to talking to her daughter on the phone and it went dead, daughterís ex-boyfriend was beating on front door, advised both parties of options and advised male subject not to be back on premises, Broadway.

1:30 p.m.: Caller requested officer go to apartment in reference to male subject with EPO on him calling female and threatening to burn her house down and threatening her boyfriend, Depot Road.

1:48: Caller advised subjects outside fighting, Hidden Valley.

2:28: Gas drive-off, Lawrence Happy Mart, $14.80 gas, blue and gray Toyota Tacoma, occupied by two males wearing camoflauge clothing, heading Rt. 23 S. toward Paintsville. Attempt to locate.

3:32: Caller requested DSS make contact regarding marks on her child.

4:27: Caller requested a unit contact her in reference to illegal dumping and trespassing.

4:51: Caller requested unit contact regarding possible assault on her son.

5:20: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject driving an older black Chevy truck, vehicle left Lomansville area.

5:35: Caller advised of reckless driver in a white 1994 Chevy Blazer, Van Lear area.

6:59: Subject advised of fight in progress, about six subjects, Hidden Valley.

10:05: Reference to stolen property.

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