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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
USAA honors Muncys

Bethany Muncy (click for larger version)
The United States Achievement Academy has announced that Bethany Muncy and Brittany Muncy, both of Louisa, have been named United States National Award winners in English.

Brittany Muncy (click for larger version)
The Muncys, who attend Louisa Middle School, were nominated for the national award by Susie Robinson, an English teacher at the school, and will appear in the United States Achievement Academy Official Yearbook, which is published nationally.

They are the daughters of David and Kim West Muncy of Louisa. Their grandparents are Gene and Phyllis West of Louisa and Opal Muncy of Louisa and the late Bennett Muncy.

The academy selects USAA winners upon the exclusive recommendation by teachers, coaches, counselors, and other qualified sponsors and upon the Standards of selection set forth by the academy.

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