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Highland students visit college campus

AEROBICS INSTRUCTOR John Faulkner and fourth-grade Highland Elementary students checked out equipment in the wellness center. (click for larger version)
PRESTONSBURG "I wasn't going to college, but I am going to now!"

The was a statement made by a student from Highland Elementary last Friday as Mrs. Fyffe's and Mrs. Layne's fourth-grade classes spent an entire day on the Prestonsburg Campus of Big Sandy Community & Technical College. Their time was well spent as the students were able to not only get a feel for the college atmosphere, but also interact with several of the professors.

Dental hygiene instructor Kathy Chitti took the students for a tour of the dental department, explaining what each room and piece of equipment was used for. Chitti also gave the students pointers on the care of their teeth.

They then visited the Wellness Center, where they were able to see aerobics instructor John Faulkner in full-swing action with his aerobics class. The students stood in awe, as they didn't realize that aerobics required such coordination and hard work.

Faulkner's words of wisdom to the students were, "To stay healthy, stay active!"

Students were then able to work hands-on in the labs with chemistry professor Charles Robertson and physics professor Ken Fuller.

After leaving the labs, the students took their seats in the Pike Auditorium as they waited anxiously for a visit from none other than Ben Franklin, who was present with the East Kentucky Science Center and put on a marvelous electricity show for the students.

After lunch, the students took a tour of the library and were able to view the many resources that are available to students. After the tour, Sandra Robertson, librarian at the Prestonsburg Campus, read the students a book by a Kentucky author.

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