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Paintsville Main Street
by Selene Blanton | Main Street Manager

The journey to have Victorian street lights installed in downtown Paintsville has been a long and tedious project. However, many of you may not realize just how long ago the project began.

Did you know that in 1908, coal baron John C. C. Mayo purchased 12 Victorian street light fixtures and installed them on Court and Second streets? Mr. Mayo purchased the lights from Union Metal Manufacturing Company in Canton, Ohio, after seeing them while visiting Louisville. The corner was referred to as "The White Way" and was the first electric street lights in Paintsville.

In 1994, Eloise Delzer, who was Main Street coordinator at that time, applied for a grant to purchase and install the same type of Denver Victorian Street lights that Mr. Mayo had originally purchased. Her quest was never realized; however, her proposal of restoring our city's historic district still remains a goal of Paintsville Main Street.

In 1999, coordinator Cassy Preston started a drive to obtain sponsors for antique street lights and several of you committed to sponsoring a light. As of today, 13 lights have been installed on Main street, six lights were recently installed at the Mini Park and in the near future AEP will be installing the remaining lights on Main, College, and Second Street.

We would like to thank those who sponsored lights for your patience and assure you that the honorary and memorial plaques will be placed on the poles as soon as all the lights have been installed. I am in the process of contacting you to make sure the information is correct.

If you sponsored a light, and I haven't recently gotten in touch with you to verify names and dates, call the Paintsville Main Street office at 789-6487. Main Street hopes to accomplish the street lighting project that began with the visionary and dreamer John C. C. Mayo by spring of 2004.

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