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2003-10-22 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Oct. 13

7:21 a.m.: Caller requested officer in reference to her husband's truck has been stolen from their residence, Williamsport.

7:27: Check supports of overpass, backhoe ran into it, Rt. 460.

8:27: Caller advised building broken into, tools stolen, Rt. 302.

9:59: 1990 red and white Blazer, two males, non-licensed driver, no insurance on vehicle, City.

11:04: En route to Rt. 3, close to Johnson/Martin Co. line, reference to stolen vehicle, which was recovered at this location.

1:23 p.m.: S.O. advised dispatch of possible black bear has been hit and is lying in roadway, five miles past W.R. Castle school, U.S. 23.

2:07: House fire, Asa Creek.

3:15: Caller advised subject in an older black small four-door passenger car possibly has drugs in the vehicle, Woodland Ct.

5:07: Caller requested a unit regarding her child had been threatened at school, and the parents came to caller's residence threatening her, W. Van Lear.

5:18: Caller requested a unit in reference to a subject throwing darts at their dog, N. Buckingham.

5:25: Caller advised a female in a black passenger car is possibly intoxicated in his driveway, vehicle has damage to the front.

5:32: Caller advised a black Blazer driving reckless, all over the roadway, left Wade's One Stop toward Flat Gap.

5:43: Caller advised possibly intoxicated subject in an older dark, possibly green Honda passenger car, coming from Van Lear area.

6:05: Caller requested a unit contact regarding her husband's brother assaulted her husband with a brick, and left in a black truck, Rt. 201.

6:15: Caller requested a unit contact regarding a breaking and entering not in progress, caller advised they had several items stolen, Banjer Br.

6:24: Caller advised a vehicle was in the ditch between Rt. 321 and the pet store on Rt. 40.

6:27: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to a dog has been tied up and left unattended.

8:33: Caller advised of EPO violation on subjects, Sixth St.

9:43: HRMC E.R. requested a unit contact in reference to an ATV accident around Riceville exit.

10:56: Caller advised his friend is supposed to be en route to a location in this area in reference to locating his stolen four-wheeler, stockyard area.

10:58: Unit advised a vehicle was stolen around 10 p.m. this date, unknown direction of travel, has damaged bumper and broken front and rear turn signal.

11:08: Caller advised there was a building door open and someone in the building with a flashlight, F.S. Vanhoose Lumber.

Tuesday, Oct. 14

7:09 a.m.: Domestic in progress, child advised father was beating on mother, Dixon Br.

12:37 p.m.: Caller advised of vehicle accident in front of Detention Center, no injuries reported.

2:36: Fight in progress, two females, Peebles.

4:28: Caller advised she had been assaulted by her daughter, Rt. 825.

4:38: Caller advised some trees fell and hit his vehicle, needs report, top of Starfire hill.

4:42: Caller advised a subject in a 1995 green Chevy truck with a camper backed into his vehicle and left, Highland Tire toward Paintsville.

5:16: Caller advised the power is out, Hurricane Br. area.

5:22: Caller advised something has happened to the water tank and the line has broken, caller also requested a unit in reference to her landlord came into her apartment and took some of her belongings, Depot Rd.

6:29: Juvenile caller requested a unit contact in reference to her mom is trying to make her go home with her and she doesn't want to go.

6:43: Caller advised there is a tree hanging over the road, may possibly fall, top of Starfire Hill.

6:52: Caller requested a unit regarding breaking and entering not in progress, Hitchcock Loop.

7:50: Received several calls regarding the power being out, also transformer behind radiator service has blown, Stambaugh, Sitka, Puncheon area.

8:50: Caller from PBH Hospital advised a female in the E.R. is requesting a unit in reference to being assaulted.

10:59: Reference to two subjects in residence, caller advised they should not be there, Third St.

11:57: Caller advised two horses running up and down road near post office, Hager Hill.

Wednesday, Oct. 15

7:30 a.m.: Rock/mud slide across from Hardee's.

9:06: Caller requested officer to swimming pool, someone has broken in and broke both doors down, report taken, no items missing.

12:14 p.m.: Caller advised dispatch of burnt vehicle, top of hill, Castle Fork.

12:39: Caller advised dispatch of domestic in progress, foot of Two-Mile Hill, has female out in yard hitting her. Unit hit a deer on his way to this call, no damage to unit.

2:45: Burned vehicle, Clark Castle Cemetery.

3:34: Caller advised fight in progress, McDonald's.

4:10: Ecology complaint, Rt. 201.

8:43: Caller advised there is a male subject knocking on everyone's door, Highland Plaza Apts.

10:36: Caller requested a unit contact regarding strange phone calls from somebody saying they are from the S.O., Sixth St.

10:36: KSP, Ashland Post requested units attempt to locate a burgundy 2003 Trailblazer driven by male subject who assaulted his wife at Ulysses, Lawrence Co., KSP advised if subject is located, hold him for them.

11:12: Attempt to locate newer Chevrolet Tahoe, subject involved in domestic earlier at Reno's, Prestonsburg.

Thursday, Oct. 16

1:26 a.m.: Caller advised second floor is filled with smoke, unknown on where the smoke is coming from, Main St.

7:15: Neon green bicycle, hand and foot brakes, stolen from front porch, Woodland Ct.

10:42: Truck parked at old coal tipple, Offutt. Caller thinks it is a truck they were looking for Sunday night. Parked on private property, has been there for 3-4 hours, Rt. 2040.

1:11 p.m.: Passenger car vs. fork lift, Vanhoose Lumber.

2:52: Caller advised male subject with orange hair just did a drug deal by Buggy Bath.

6:08: Caller advised subject needs a unit in reference to breaking and entering not in progress, had items stolen and needs report, Williams Branch.

9:29: Caller advised domestic in progress, male subject assaulted his dad and left wearing camo pants and no shoes or shirt, Sixth St.

Friday, Oct. 17

3:46 a.m.: Breaking and entering not in progress beside Nordin Eye Center.

4:26: Subject involved in vehicle accident in Elliott Co., Post 8 requests city officer go to PBH Hospital and get subject's information.

6:39: Attempt to locate red 1980's Mazda truck, caller advised subject passed her at high speed and almost ran her off the road, Rt. 172 toward Paintsville.

6:51: Suspicious vehicle in front of Sears in Classic Bank parking lot, dark blue Buick.

8:00: Check on male subject in green Buick videotaping clients at methadone clinic.

9:16: Gas drive-off, white 2000 Chevy S-10 with tinted windows, Appco 81, Staffordsville, $6.00.

9:59: Subject passed out in drive-through, maroon Olds, McDonald's. Caller called back and advised vehicle is now parked behind Fazoli's in parking lot.

9:59: Vehicle fire, Rt. 460.

11:21: Caller advised subjects on her property removing items, Brier Fork.

12:06 p.m.: Female soliciting money, New Town Plaza.

12:34: Report of breaking and entering not in progress, Win Rd.

1:45: Caller advised someone had hit her car in the parking lot, Paintsville High School.

2:45: Observe for stolen four-wheeler in black pickup, green Honda Foreman, back mud flaps cut off, Broadway.

3:14: Caller advised there were people on his property saying it was their property, requests S.O., McKenzie Branch.

3:23: Out in foot pursuit, one in custody, Wolf Pen Branch.

4:53: Caller advised the neighbor was revving his engine and playing loud music, Asa Creek.

6:57: Reference to search warrant, Lively Lane.

7:35: Vehicle driving south in northbound lane, U.S. 23.

9:59: Caller advised of vehicle accident, no injuries, needs report, Rt. 40.

10:14: Caller advised her husband was outside causing problems, Rt. 172.

10:41: Caller advised there was a prowler around her house, Combs Drive.

10:56: Caller requests extra patrol through neighborhood in reference to male subject seen around the residence who made threats to kill caller.

11:07: Foot pursuit at Arby's/Movies area, Mayo Plaza, at 11:08 unit advised subject in custody.

Saturday, Oct. 18

2:45 a.m.: PBH E.R. staff advised male subject has been assaulted by another male subject at The Dungeon.

8:51: En route to Detention Center with female subject from Kmart.

9:42: Caller requested officer to Boyd Br., reference to male subject possibly stolen $27.00 from caller and subject is still at residence.

10:31: Caller advised rottweiler tried to attack his son, Nippa.

10:44: Be on lookout for green 1997 Pontiac Trans Am, two male subjects in vehicle passed counterfeit money at the McDonalds in Louisa 1/2 hour earlier.

3:59: Caller requested a unit regarding having a subject removed from his residence.

4:16: Reference to somebody cutting down trees on subject's land, Williams Br.

4:52: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject in a white work truck with Ohio tags.

4:57: Caller advised her son was out of control, knocking holes in walls, Rt. 581.

6:34: Caller advised there was a four-wheeler on Rt. 581, almost been hit by several cars.

7:36: Caller advised that someone was trying to steal his property, also advised he was going to shoot them, Hurricane Branch.

7:46: Caller advised someone corning vehicle, Colvin Branch.

8:50: Off-duty KSP unit advised subjects in van possibly on drugs, plaza area, brown van.

9:15: Caller advised an older red and silver Z-71 has been following her from Prestonsburg, vehicle has tried to run her off roadway, flashing its lights, driving reckless, turned off on Rt. 40.

9:53: Caller from Maggards advised when she showed up regarding alarm sounding, there was a red car in the alleyway who left when she showed up, then came back with a truck and went down the alley behind Giovanni's.

11:14: Caller advised her ex-husband with whom she had been residing for the past year has kicked her out and refuses to let her back in the residence. Caller requested officer contact her at Citgo, mouth of Island Creek.

Sunday, Oct. 19

1:06 a.m.: Male subject placed in custody after becoming combative with officer. Officer also confiscated loaded 12 gauge shotgun.

1:06 p.m.: Check on juvenile riding green four-wheeler recklessly just before Thealka Fire Dept., Rt. 581.

2:35: Caller advised dispatch of vehicle accident, no injuries, front of Marathon station, Rt. 201.

5:19: Unit advised a subject advised him that two male subjects in a black Sunfire have been snorting pills, subjects went into the store, Food City.

6:11: En route to Detention Center with subjects from above traffic.

7:03: Caller advised there is a subject poaching deer, Rt. 581.

7:06: Caller requested a unit contact regarding subjects she doesn't know are trespassing, Dry Branch.

8:16: Caller advised that there was a cat in a tree and she needed someone to get it out, Lyons Drive.

8:46: Caller advised that he was with Bolton Ridge Repo and was going to repo subject's vehicle, Millers Creek.

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