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Family Folk Theatre comes to Martin County
Cletus Turner


FAMILY FOLK THEATRE includes Michael and Laura Lee O'Connell and their son Dooley. The theatre teaches a lesson while entertaining the children. BSN photo/Cletus R. Turner (click for larger version)
WARFIELD Original story telling with a meaning was brought to Martin County by the Family Folk Theatre when it visited Warfield and Pigeon Roost Elementary schools on Tuesday.

Laura Lee and Michael O'Connell and their three children, Dooley, Wiley and Elijah, form the theatre and take their message to schools. The O'Connells have performed at the White House and have won numerous awards for their performances, including the Critics Circle Children's Award for excellence.

In the performance given to the two schools, Michael O'Connell played Mr. Art, who is teaching art, music and dance to three children. Laura O'Connell plays Fannie, an accident-prone child. Elijah and Wiley O'Connell portray children in the class. Fannie is constantly wanting the teacher's attention and causes many problems. The lesson of the day was getting attention the right way and staying away from drugs. Fannie is able to save Elijah's life when he accidentally chokes when trying to eat too much candy.

This was not the first visit to Warfield and Pigeon Roost for the Family Folk Theatre.

"The theatre was here last year and the decision was made to ask them back this year," family resource director Denise Stepp said. "This performance ties in with drug awareness educational support and character education. But most of all, the kids enjoyed themselves with learning a lesson. That is what it is all about the kids."


WARFIELD ELEMENTARY STUDENTS were treated to an hour of storytelling and comedy by the Family Folk Theatre. Students were able to enjoy the performance while learning a valuable lesson: staying away from drugs and how to behave in class. BSN photo/Cletus R. Turner (click for larger version)
The Family Folk Theatre was established in 1987 and has its roots in the most ancient and universal performing traditions. Storytelling, masks, original music, dance and audience participation are all part of the performance.

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