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2003-10-29 for the record
Property transfers
Floyd County

To Jessica Newsome from Gregory Ray Newsome.

To Columbia Natural Resources Inc. from Volney D. Allen, Thomas J. and Yukiko Allen, Beverly Allen Goble and Freddie L. Goble, Maurice and Wanda Allen, and Sophie B. Allen; right-of-way agreements.

To Jonathan and Kimberly Burchett from Leath Goble.

To Tina Boyd from Barry Boyd.

To Kentucky Power Company from Robert H. and Delia Griffith, and Pamela Justice; right-of-way and easement.

To Archie and Linda Justice from James Ronald and Sharon Meade.

To Norman and Jessica Kathryn Taylor from Melissa Anderson.

To Douglas and Nathaniel Tackett from Stephanie Renay and Stanley Lee Tackett; master commissioner's deed.

To John C. and Jennifer O. Cavins from Charita Gail Lafferty Hall Piroumian and Robert M. Piroumian.

To Maria Castle and Henrietta Pennington from The Prestonsburg Industrial Corporation.

To Clyde Combs Jr. from George Jr. and Pat Barnette.

To Roger and Sharon Collins from Maggie Collins, Angie Collins, Dewayne Crum, Cynthia Crum, Danny McKenzie, Gerty McKenzie, Kimble Lee Collins, Sheila Collins, Curtis Stapleton, Susan Stapleton, Douglas Marsillett and Martha Marsillett.

To Mary Lou McComas from Vondel Lee Gibson, Trenice Gibson, Marlene Spain, Tom Spain, Martha Trent, Donnie Trent, Debra Fay Goldie, Gary Goldie, Imogene Meade, Curtis Meade, Dallas Rogers, and Juanita Wood.

To Sherri L. Theiss from Clinton Hunt and Mary Dovis Hunt.

James Flanery and Christina Flanery from Robert Tackett, Vernie Marie Tackett, Ishmael Tackett and Peggy Tackett.

To Carl Moore from John H. Baker Jr., administrator of the estate of Ocelene Baker; master commissioner's deed.

To Marvin D. Moore and Tina C. Moore from Martin R. Minix and Lisa H. Minix.

To Clifford Tackett and Claudine Tackett from Ronnie L. Tackett and Rhonda G. Tackett.

Raymond R. Schoolcraft from Philip Simpson and Christina V. Simpson.

To Gregory D. Stumbo and Gene Schifle d/b/a Mountaintop Development from the City of Prestonsburg.

To Elizabeth Ann Collins from Alice H. Marshall.

To John White and Sharon White from Frank Derossett Jr.

To Judy F. Wiley from Maxie Crawford.

To Ronnie Hall from Lavena and Gary Osborne, David and Barbara Newman, and Ira and Joslynn Newman.


Lawrence County

To Edgar and Patricia Blankenship from GPY Corporation of Kentucky.

To Roberta Mae Bowling from James William Parsons, Juda Arlene Sparks and Gregory Sparks.

To Velma Rowe from Robert and Donna Debord.

To Billy Burke from Debra and William Johnson.

To Carl and Sally Warf from Lois Land.

To Lowell Dean Cook from Donald and Penny Gussler.

To Shauna Mahon from Lisa and Terry York.


Martin County

To John Cisco from Evan Ann Damron from Aline Cline.

To James Maynard and Polly Maynard from Eden West, LLC.

To Donald G. Porter and Nancy L. Porter to Gary W. Horne and Carolyn Horne.

To Nickey Ray Collins and Sula Collins from Melinda Howard Crum and Steven Crum.

To the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet from Jesse Brewer and Meredith Brewer.

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