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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
New Drivers

Johnson County

Michael L. Ferguson of Sitka; Shawn D. Kitchen of Flat Gap; Corey D. Helmandollar of Meally; Chastity D. Reffett of Hager Hill; Clarissa M. Preston of Paintsville; Joseph B. Salyer of Hager Hill; Aundrea N. Cornett of Paintsville; Adam C. Meade of Nippa; and Brittany H. Smith of Paintsville.


Martin County


Paul L. Bowen; Sarah D. Goble; Misty N. Brown; and Nathan T. Ray.

Instructional permits

Kate. K. Fletcher

Motorcycle licenses

Floyd C. Parsons and Bryan K. Jude

Appalachian Regaional
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District Court Dispositions
Suits Filed
Property transfers
Marriage licenses
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