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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, Oct. 20

8:10 a.m.: Caller advised someone trying to get into residence through front door, Rt. 23.

10:36: Caller advised kids keeping her awake all night, Elm St.

10:39: En route to Breathitt County, reference to transporting juvenile.

12:17 p.m.: Possible intoxicated driver in small brown Olds, Rt. 321.

2:58: Reference to neighbors causing problems, Greentown.

4:30: Ran license tags through W. Va. and Ohio, vehicle came back stolen from Ohio, contacted KSP, Morehead Post, to relay tag information.

5:20: Vandalism complaint, Hill St.

5:35: Caller advised there are three or four cars parked to the left of the building acting strange, requested unit go check it out, AMG building.

5:44: Juvenile shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

6:32: Caller advised somebody firing weapon on property, N. Burglar.

6:56: Caller advised subjects drove dirt bike through property.

7:34: Caller advised the same subject he was having trouble with earlier is causing problems again, requested a unit, N. Burglar.

7:34: Caller advised a subject he smoked pot with the other day won’t leave him alone.

7:45: Caller advised subject in a dark colored Grand Prix with one headlight is driving reckless, Rt. 1428 toward Paintsville or Rt. 23.

8:02: Caller advised subjects outside residence causing problems, Jefferson Ave.

8:07: Caller advised of possible intoxicated subject sitting in field, Riverview Apts.

8:29: Caller requested unit contact in reference to her husband had been pushing her and was intoxicated.

8:55: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding possible EPO violation, Webb Hollow.

9:45: Caller from Venture Home requested a unit regarding possible missing person.

10:44: Caller advised there is a subject in a maroon truck driving by residence harassing her, and subject has an EPO and warrant on him, Webb Hollow.

Tuesday, Oct. 21

8:54 a.m.: Check on two male subjects in front of Gene Rice Law Office smoking pot, one subject in camoflauge shirt and other subject in a green shirt, unit to location.

10:33: Breaking and entering, not in progress, Rt. 1428.

3:50 p.m.: Juvenile shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

3:55: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject on motorcycle, advised subject is driving all over the road and on both sides of the road, Rt. 201 toward Lawrence Co.

4:09: Caller requested Fire Dept. unit regarding smoke close to his residence, James Bays Road.

5:00: Caller requested police, reference to female getting cut by her husband in Lawrence County.

5:05: Gas drive-off, Happy Mart, U.S. 23.

5:30: Caller advised his stepson was into it with his wife and came to the residence and broke out a window to the trailer, Ramey Branch.

5:50: Caller advised subjects burning brush close to her residence, afraid it will set hills on fire, Brown Branch.

5:51: Caller requested a unit regarding a domestic, Little Mud Lick. Caller advised he is outside and his wife is inside doing damage to the residence.

6:17: Caller advised subjects selling drugs out of blue Monte Carlo.

7:49: Caller advised his sister had hit his son, also pulled phone out of wall, Flatwoods.

9:18: Caller advised of vehicle in ditch, Woodland Drive.

9:55: Caller requested a unit regarding breaking and entering on a vehicle.

10:00: Caller advised someone was shining flashlight in window, Pineview Lane.

10:26: Caller requested extra patrol for harassing and threatening phone calls, Little Mud Lick.

Wednesday, Oct. 22

4:27 a.m.: Maggard Security advised door pried open.

8:12: E.R. supervisor requested officer in reference to subject sleeping in lobby, wants them removed.

8:46: Caller requested officer regarding male subject possibly beating on his parents, Rt. 1559.

9:08: Be on lookout for older model two-tone blue Chevy truck, three male subjects in truck, attempted to steal a four-wheeler on Ky. Rt. 32 in Lawrence Co., when approached by Lawrence Co. Sheriff’s Office, they advised they were in the area doing a roof job, had ramps in truck and a gas can.

10:51: Non-licensed driver, blue 1991 Sunbird.

12:51 p.m.: Caller advised she and her husband got into an argument, he kicked chair and hit her in leg, wants to speak with officer, Sixth St.

1:16: Unit with subject that was brought in by EMS, subject had taken some drugs, subject who supplied drugs is in lobby, P.B.H. E.R.

1:45: Ecology complaint, Sky Harbor.

2:19: Caller advised grandson’s girlfriend was at her residence trying to take child, grandson didn’t want child to go, Silk Stocking.

5:24: Caller requested officer in reference to stolen purse.

5:35: Caller advised of possible intoxicated driver, vehicle all over the road, Rt. 321, passing American Standard. Vehicle is a newer gray Jeep Cherokee.

6:45: Caller advised a red truck that possibly has no muffler is disturbing people all hours of the night and day, Rt. 302.

6:47: Caller requested a unit contact regarding vandalism to property.

9:05: Reference to several intoxicated subjects out in road, Silk Stocking.

9:38: Caller advised she was receiving harassing phone calls, advised she seek county attorney.

10:31: Caller advised someone broke window out of car, P.B.H. Medical Center.

11:14: All units attempt to locate a white Chevy pickup occupied by two male subjects, reference to theft at P.B.H. Medical Center.

Thursday, Oct. 23

7:08 a.m.: Check on male subject acting suspicious around Thelma turn-off.

9:24: Criminal mischief complaint, Mill Street.

10:48: Caller advised of a breaking and entering last night, Rt. 302.

11:06: Vehicle blocking roadway, Shoney’s.

11:22: Tractor-trailer losing fuel on roadway, Rt. 23 N.

2:07 p.m.: Two females possibly getting ready to fight, Paintsville Herald.

2:15: Male subject disoriented and confused, on foot, Venture Home.

4:30: Juvenile male shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart, advised subject had an attitude problem.

9:47: Caller advised male subject outside trying to start fight with public services, Rt. 3224.

10:43: Traffic stop, subject operating on suspended license, Broadway.

Friday, Oct. 24

5:28 a.m.: Attempt to locate red 1988 truck, driver possibly intoxicated, vehicle is coming toward Paintsville, Rt. 40.

1:34 p.m.: Breaking and entering reported, Rt. 825.

2:27: Reference to foot pursuit, Jackson Fork.

3:11: Caller advised somebody broke into his residence in Lawrence County.

3:20: Caller advised of vehicle accident, Rt. 40/321 intersection.

3:25: Caller advised of possible fight, Main St.

3:50: Caller requested officer, reference to theft, The Dungeon.

4:34: Caller advised of car wreck, possible entrapment, advised vehicle was on its top, Rt. 201.

4:52: Juvenile male shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

5:17: Reference to theft complaint, Sixth St.

5:22: Reckless driver, white S-10 pickup, Rt. 302.

5:32: Caller advised a male subject had shot her car, also threatening to shoot himself, Rt. 40.

6:00: Observe for maroon Toyota Camry, left scene of domestic, subject armed with hand gun.

6:01: Caller advised there were two subjects she wanted removed from her house, Williams Branch.

6:56: Caller advised that someone was in her house and she ran them off, requested officer, Rt. 1750.

7:30: Possible breaking and entering in progress, Rt. 40.

7:58: Caller advised fight in progress in alley beside The Movies.

8:02: Reference to somebody trying to break in, Buffalo.

Saturday, Oct. 25

10:26 a.m.: Observe for 1997 Chevy Blazer, two-tone blue and silver, blue on bottom, license 2323-KF, taken from Bull Creek Trading Center approximately 30 minutes prior to KSP notifying dispatch.

12:31 p.m.: Caller advised dispatch of vehicle accident with injuries, Rt. 321.

3:44: Caller advised gray Malibu driving reckless, Green Rock.

4:07: Caller advised he had burned a bag of trash and the wind picked it up, Rt. 993.

4:07: Red Lumina, back window broken, Bass Branch.

4:20: Advised to contact Forestry and advise them that the brush fire was moving too fast for them to control, Rt. 993.

4:41: Reference to breaking and entering at Castle Fork.

4:43: Caller advised a male subject acting strange, walking back and forth in front of her residence, Woodland.

5:10: Caller advised 12-year-old afraid to go home, advised mother’s boyfriend had hit him and left bruises, requested DSS, Sixth St.

5:10: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding stolen trailer.

6:00: Caller advised a colt had fallen in the creek and she needed help getting it out, Middle Fork.

6:39: Caller advised carbon monoxide detector was going off, needs someone to check it out, Rt. 581.

7:16: Possible intoxicated subject driving a white Ford F-150, Mayo Plaza.

7:59: Caller advised fight in progress, Mayo Plaza.

8:20: Officer flagged down by subject who advised of a dog barking in an apartment, had not been fed for a week, College St.

8:49: Caller advised there was a possible assault in progress, advised both parties were in a silver Honda, Paintsville Lake Marina.

10:11: Caller advised fire getting close to building, Rt. 993.

11:26: All units attempt to locate white 1984 Monte Carlo occupied by a male and female. Male subject should be wanted in reference to child abuse earlier this date.

11:27: Extra patrol regarding threats to subject’s vehicle, McDonalds.

11:44: Attempt to locate suspicious older model red pickup.

Sunday, Oct. 26

12:17 a.m.: Extra patrol regarding subject’s residence getting vandalized, Little Mud.

12:35: Suspicious vehicle, older red Ford truck, white toolbox, left headlight out, gravel parking lot across from city parking lot.

12:35: Twenty-seven year old male subject on four-wheeler, missing for an hour, caller advised subject doesn’t usually stay gone long, sometimes goes to a cabin on hill, advised several subjects attempting to locate, Rt. 1750.

6:38: Newer white car parked in road. Male subject half in, half out of vehicle. Mouth of Boyd Branch, needs officer to check on subject.

1:07 p.m.: Caller requested officer regarding her ex-husband and her got into a verbal argument calling her names in front of her kids, male subject left residence, Thelma.

1:11: Unit has male subject from above traffic at Highland Chevron.

1:20: Property dispute, U.S. 23 North.

1:35: Caller advised dispatch of vehicle accident at Coleman Branch, no injuries.

2:29: Caller requested officer in reference to removing two subjects from residence, Sitka.

4:25: Caller requested a unit regarding her vehicle getting hit, Caudill Fork.

5:41: Caller requested unit, wants sons removed from the residence because they won’t go to church, College St.

6:10: Caller requested a unit in reference to her neighbor shooting her dogs.

6:13: Caller requested a unit in reference to somebody harassing the family and leaving threatening notes, Wittensville.

6:24: Post advised they got a call regarding the roof leaking around the lights at the Dollar Store, Apple Tree Plaza.

6:51: Caller requested a unit contact regarding finding a license plate, Broadway.

7:17: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to some items that were stolen from her purse.

8:02: Caller advised there is a llama in the middle of the road just past the golf course, Davis Branch.

8:14: Caller advised he hit a llama with his vehicle, needs sheriff to file report, Rt. 40/vet clinic.

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