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2003-12-03 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Nov. 24

10:28 a.m.: Caller requested officer regarding storage building broken into, no report taken, requested extra patrol, Lyon Drive.

11:56: Observe for red Dodge pulling stolen white horse trailer and horse, Magoffin County.

12:17 p.m.: En route to undisclosed location with subject, reference to stolen items, Rt. 40.

12:21: En route to Cross Creek II, reference to theft report.

1:21: Caller advised of vehicle in ditch, Richmond Hill, Van Lear side, no injuries.

1:24: Caller from Wal-Mart advised a male subject requested officer, reference to his white Volvo possibly stolen from parking lot, vehicle located parked in different location.

12:32: Animal cruelty complaint received through S.O., Rt. 1559.

1:38: Caller advised of vehicle accident, top of Two-Mile Hill on the Williamsport side, roadway is blocked.

1:53: Caller advised of white passenger car with Texas plate leaving Sixth Street. Subjects came out and put someone in trunk and leaving. Unit out with vehicle at Sav-A-Lot, unit advised subject is in trunk waiting for assistance.

5:40: Caller requested a unit regarding his uncle is intoxicated and threatening to harm his mother, Samuel Drive.

6:47: Caller advised of fight, subject possibly armed with knife, Highland Plaza Apts.

7:52: Caller advised a male subject had shot at her son, advised subject was intoxicated and was sitting in living room, caller advised she took gun away from male subject and hid it, Rt. 1092.

8:46: Caller advised of possibly intoxicated female subject driving a 1991 two-door black Lumina.

8:48: One female to detention center for falsely reporting incident, male subject had not shot the son.

8:51: One male subject hiding outside, detention center.

10:10: Caller requested extra protection in reference to subjects in an older red Pontiac harassing subjects, Slones Branch.

Tuesday, Nov. 25

12:01 a.m.: Stolen vehicle, Left Fork Hammond.

1:22: Stolen vehicle, P.B.H. Reg. Med. Ctr., all units be on lookout for blue 1986 Mercury Topaz, possibly en route toward Rt. 201.

9:04: Caller requested officer to Van Lear, reference to possible stolen truck.

9:09: Out at Conley's Tire, reference to complaint received through S.O.

10:32: P.B.H. E.R. requested officer regarding an out of control patient.

11:40: Caller advised of electrical fire at Coin Laundry, Mayo Plaza.

12:30 p.m.: Caller requested to speak with officer in reference to her credit card being stolen, caller lives in Floyd and card stolen in Paintsville.

3:28: Caller advised a trailer is on fire, Webb Branch.

4:38: Caller requested a unit in reference to her mom's van getting vandalized, Castle Fork.

6:14: A WRC FD unit requested a unit regarding a female advised an owl or something hit and broke out her windshield.

6:19: Caller advised they could hear a subject and see a subject at the back door, Citizens National Bank, Broadway.

8:04: Caller advised two young children walking around by themselves, Main Street.

9:06: P.B.H. Reg. Med Ctr. requested a unit regarding a patient out of control.

11:55: Caller advised stepson's wife knocking on door trying to cause problems, Oaklawn Estates.

Wednesday, Nov. 26

12:42 a.m.: Caller advised subjects in driveway breaking windows out of her car, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

5:27: Caller from Wal-Mart advised two male subjects in burgundy Corsica have been in store two or three times acting suspicious/stealing.

7:44: Caller requested officer to apartment, reference to subjects in apartment that she wants removed. She called back and advised she had $380 missing from apartment, Lewis Drive.

7:53: Attempt to locate blue Chevy pickup, older model, subject shooting weapon out window, traveling North from Dewey Lake, received from Prestonsburg P.D.

11:37: Caller from Depot Street advised someone is trying to kill her.

12:26 p.m.: Observe for green Explorer, high rate of speed, passing in median in construction zone, traveling South from Floyd County.

1:34: S.O. advised dispatch that a female caller advised she was being held hostage at her residence, Depot Street.

1:41: Unit advised of fight in progress in front of Classic Bank, Main Street, between two females, unknown on weapons.

4:57: Request to attempt to locate a white S-10 pickup, temporary tags, reference to subject trying to cash stolen checks.

5:08: Reckless driver, black S-10, Rt. 321.

5:16: Caller advised dirt bike stolen from residence, Rt. 321.

5:25: Caller advised someone broke into residence and stole several items, U.S. 23.

6:10: Caller requested unit make contact regarding someone doing damage to her son's vehicle.

6:42: Adult shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

7:20: Caller advised a male subject is intoxicated in hallway with a fifth of liquor, hallway above Paintsville Herald.

7:55: Caller advised male subject outside trying to start fight, Rt. 172.

7:58: Gas drive-off, Rt. 40, newer model Dodge Dakota.

8:30: Advised subject he took prisoner earlier from Wal-Mart also stole items from Auto Zone.

11:27: Caller that was arrested earlier this date advised she possibly saw units put her purse, keys and personal belongings into trunk of car, wants items back.

11:36: Two males acting suspicious around Big Sandy Transportation bus at wide spot in straight stretch on other side of Two-Mile Hill.

11:53: Mother wants welfare check on her children, who are with father this weekend, advised several people at residence with children are possibly on meth, Rt. 240. Unit advised if caller didn't provide names and numbers, he wasn't going.

Thursday, Nov. 27

12:47 a.m.: Breaking and entering not in progress, needs to file report, Big Lick subdivision.

8:18: Caller advised subjects took property from son's residence during the night, Ratliff Road.

8:20: Check on juvenile male, seven-years-old, walking on Rt. 201, no adults around. At 8:27 unit located juvenile on Rt. 201.

9:02: Caller advised when they awoke child was gone, advised subject that deputy had located child at Rt. 201.

9:09: Unit advised to contact D.S.S. regarding child walk-off.

11:09: Received call stating family would like to have male subject removed from residence, causing problem with family members, Rt. 2040.

11:49: One male to detention center from Rt. 2040, unit advised upon arrival, subject was armed with knife in hand.

1:18 p.m.: Suspicious vehicle, maroon passenger car, park and playground.

2:15: Gas drive-off, Appco, $12, white Trans Am, late 90's or 2000 model, Rt. 40 West.

2:21: Stolen license plate, Rt. 23 North.

2:49: Single vehicle in ditch, nobody around vehicle, Rt. 40.

3:12: Caller requested police, advised her son and husband were in verbal altercation.

3:16: Possible intoxicated subject, white Corsica, Sixth Street.

3:40: Caller advised breaking and entering not in progress, Ratliff Road.

4:32: Subject came by requesting officer, reference to vehicle ran him off the road on Davis Branch.

5:20: Unit advised of vehicle, subject driving on suspended.

7:07: Caller advised of breaking and entering at residence.

7:21: Caller advised reckless driver tailgating a silver Toyota, U.S. 23 North.

Friday, Nov. 28

12:52 a.m.: Suspicious vehicle pulling into Mike's Body Shop then leaving, several times in the last 30 minutes. Pickup truck, loud exhaust, fog lights in front, unknown color or tags, left going toward Rt. 2039.

1:48: Prowler complaint, advised they were awoken by somebody hitting window but didn't see anybody, 12th Street.

4:55: Caller requested officer regarding subjects taking his keys, Robin Hill Road.

7:58: Caller advised of vehicle in ditch at East Point just before Johnson/Floyd line.

10:32: Red Cavalier in ditch, Rt. 1428.

10:50: Caller advised her son-in-law brought his four-wheeler with him for the holidays and somebody stole it, Rt. 40 East, Boons Camp.

11:45: Caller advised male subject exposing himself, Rt. 23.

11:50: Subject that has been in and out of mental institutions making threats to kill people, Thelma.

12:39 p.m.: Caller requested F.D. to Parkview Drive in reference to green Toyota truck with 18-month-old child inside.

1:31: Reference to information on stolen motor behind Citgo.

2:56: Deer hit, not dead, lying in ditch, Rt. 172.

6:35: Breaking and entering not in progress, Hollytree Apts.

7:05: Mud slide in sharp curve past Davis Market, Rt. 201.

11:07: Security Co. advised forced entry on barn front door, Dicey Fork.

11:11: Caller advised power line down and sparking, tree catching fire, Rt. 1107.

11:45: Caller advised her ex-husband was causing problems, needs S.O. unit to remove him, Rt. 460.

Saturday, Nov. 29

12:35 a.m.: Vehicle in ditch, mouth of Caudill Fork.

6:21: Reference to traffic with juvenile released to custody of sister, placed on house arrest. Reason for not lodging in Breathitt County is weather and road conditions.

8:42: Caller advised there was a car on fire at her store and they were using a fire extinguisher but requested fire department check it out, Rt. 40, Lake Front Mart.

9:08: Caller advised someone broke into her car and stole her stereo, Thelma.

11:39: Caller requested officer in reference to his van being broken into, Thelma.

1:20 p.m.: Possibly intoxicated subject in two-door brown Buick, white or light blue driver's door, no tags, no insurance, Van Lear.

2:08: Reference to subject had some rings stolen and she advised she knew where they were, Second Street.

2:36: Caller giving location of Crown Victoria, reference to subject possibly impersonating police officer.

4:57: L.C.S.O. advised of possible intoxicated subject in a newer blue Cavalier with a Harley-Davidson sign in the back window, occupied by two male subjects, vehicle has damage to the driver's side and Ohio tags.

5:31: Caller advised he almost hit a four-wheeler on Rt. 23, near Ramco Fuel.

8:15: Caller advised there were subjects in a white Mercury with Texas tags throwing boxes out and trying to set them on fire, driving reckless, Sixth Street.

11:13: Loud music complaint, subject was asked to turn down music, he did, then went outside and shot a gun in the air, then went back inside and turned music back up, Webb Hollow.

11:33: En route to Van Lear Fire Dept., subject stopped and advised subject possibly intoxicated, striking another vehicle with his possibly dark colored truck.

Sunday, Nov. 30

12:56 a.m.: En route to assist counselor at Jenny's Creek, advised subject usually violent, requested officer's assistance.

1:02: Caller advised of possible motor accident, older model S-10 with flashers on one mile in northbound lane before Rt. 645 turn, notified Lawrence Co. Dispatch.

2:10: Green/gray Oldsmobile suspected in robbery of four-wheeler, U.S. 23 southbound.

2:35: Caller advised of armed robbery at residence, advised three subjects pulled handgun and knife, cut two subjects and stole several items from purse including money, credit cards and pills, Lively Lane.

2:49: Domestic in progress. Dispatch received a 911 hang-up call, when called back no contact. Neighbor advised fight in progress and kids in residence, Williams Branch.

12:56 p.m.: Caller advised dumpster on fire, Mayo Plaza.

1:02: Caller requested officer in reference to some cabinets stolen out of residence, Whitehouse.

1:44: Caller requested officer in reference to brother out of control, wants him removed.

2:44: Caller advised subject in maroon Corsica is driving with no license.

3:50: Theft complaint, Powell Addition.

5:46: Received call from cell phone of possible intoxicated subject, red Chevy pickup with Harley sticker in back window, bed cover, BP, Salyersville.

6:37: Caller advised she has some residents arguing and can't get them calmed down, Venture Homes.

7:03: Advised subjects in a red Chevy Lumina, four-door, possibly on drugs, Rt. 201 to Magoffin.

7:41: Confiscated four weapons from Lively Lane, reference to subject being a convicted felon.

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