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Restaurant inspections

Note: All inspections are regular unless otherwise noted.

Floyd County

Restaurant, school and mobile home park inspections are performed by Floyd County Health Department environmentalists Russell Wallace and Scott Young.

Nov. 18

Prestonsburg Elementary — 87 (school), 94 (food)

Countertops at the girls and boys restrooms are in some disrepair, leaving surface not easily cleanable. Janitorial closet missing light, hardwood floors in top floor classes are in some disrepair, windows in library found with buildup of cobwebs and dust, and areas in basement where water is standing on floor. Food not protected during storage (all food products must maintain a minimum of six inches from the floor), floors not in good repair (small area where tile is broken, leaving floor not easily cleanable), non-food contact surfaces not properly maintained (wooden shelves showing signs of ware, wood showing through on some edges), insert and rodent proof containers not provided, and outside garbage and refuse containers not covered as required.

Nov. 19

Wesley School, Allen — 95 (school), 91 (food)

Critical violation: Spray bottle found in janitorial closet not labeled and also a container of hand sanitizer in classroom not locked up for protection.

Dish washing facility not properly maintained, food contact surface of equipment and utensils not clean, and microwave found with some food residue on inner surface.

Adams Middle School, Prestonsburg — 87 (school)

Critical violation: Toxic items in janitorial cart not labeled as to content.

Hand dryer in eighth grade wing boys restroom not functioning properly, lighting in sixth grade girls restroom and some janitorial closets is not adequate, and cobwebs and heavy dust buildup found in some classes around windows and on furniture.

Riverview Manor, Prestonsburg — 95

Food contact surface equipment and utensils not clean, microwave found with some food residue on inner surface, sanitary towel or hand drying device not provided at lavatory or hand washing sink, floors not draining properly, and floor around dish washing facility found with excessive amount of standing water.

Tackett Stop & Shop, Melvin — 98

Thermometers not present in all refrigeration units, and lights not shielded.

Little Y Stop & Shop, Melvin — 96

Thermometers not present in all refrigeration and freezer units, restroom has no towels at hand wash sink, retail section of store floor is carpeted, and restroom floor tile in disrepair.

Bypro Pizza and Dairy Bar, Bypro — 96

Gaskets of small refrigeration unit in bad repair, towels not accessible at hand wash sink, and walk-in refrigeration unit has no light.

Cardinal Mart #2, Wheelwright — 88 (food), 95 (retail)

Critical violation: Three compartment sink without hot water.

Refrigeration and freezer units without easily seen thermometers, proper hair restraints not in use, facility without chemical test strips to monitor sanitizing rise at three compartment sink, foam cups stored on the floor, bathroom without soap and towels, ceiling in back by three compartment sink in very bad repair, lighting in back area not sufficient, and walk-in freezer light is not properly shielded.

Nov. 20

Clark Grade School, Prestonsburg — 92 (school), 91 (food)

Girls restroom commode found with wooden board used as a tank lid, floors in most restrooms found in some disrepair, floor tiles missing (leaving the surface not easily cleanable), and buildup of dust and cobwebs found around some classroom window sills. Food not protected during storage, some food items stored on floor of small walk-in freezer, lack of accurate thermometers in all refrigeration and freezing units storing potentially hazardous foods, non-food contact surfaces not properly maintained, hand washing facility not accessible, and floors not properly covered (food prepared over carpeted rug).

McKinney's Grocery, Toler Creek — 98

Restroom door not self-closing.

Nov. 21

Mountain Christian Academy, Martin — 92 (school) 95 (food)

Note: All outer doors should be locked to the outside to protect the school from unwanted visitors (except main entrance).

Commode out of order in girls restroom in main building and in boys restroom in gym, some automatic hand dryers not working properly, use of duct to repair a broken toilet lid found in lower building girls restroom, countertop and stall doors in girls’ restroom in gym found in some disrepair, heavy buildup of dust and cobweb found around windows in classroom 104. Non-food contact surfaces not properly maintained, contact paper in some disrepair on dry storage shelves, chemical test kits not being used where chemical sanitizing methods are employed, cloths used for food and non food contact surfaces not stored and rinsed frequently in sanitizing solution, improper storage of single-service articles, and lack of numerically scaled thermometer for checking cooking and holding temperature of potentially hazardous food.

Piarist School, Martin — 92

Note: doors leading to inside should be locked from unwanted visitors.

Boys and girls restrooms found with facilities out of order (including a commode and hand dryers), countertop and stall doors found in some disrepair in girls’ restroom located in the gym, and windows located in the science room found with some buildup of cobwebs and dust.

Spears Mobile Home Park, Betsy Layne — 92

Mobile home lots not systemically numbered, mobile home parking not in compliance, lot size not in compliance, and park as a lack of individual garbage cans.

Lone Oak Mobile Home Park, Tram — 92

Mobile home lots not systemically numbered, driveway and walk ways in need of gravel, concrete or blacktop, mobile home parking not in compliance, and lot size not in compliance.

Nov. 24

Osborne's Pizza, Teaberry — 98

Refrigeration and freezer units have no easily seen thermometers, and proper hair restraints not in use.

Newman's Country Store, Grethel — 95

Conspicuous thermometers not present in refrigeration and freezer units, food items observed stored on the floor, and restroom door not self-closing.

Cardinal Mart #1 — 96 (food), 98 (retail)

Refrigeration unit in food prep area has no thermometer, food item observed stored on the floor in walk-in refrigeration unit, hair restraints not in use, gasket on ice machine in disrepair, lights in food prep are not properly shielded.

Dec. 1

Country Kitchen, Grethel — 96

Thermometers not present in all refrigeration and freezer units, leak in drain line of three compartment sink, floors in slight disrepair, and wall in employee restroom not completed.

Martha's Pizza & More, Ivel — 96

Not all refrigeration and freezer units have easily seen thermometers, chest-type freezer door in bad repair, also upright refrigeration door gaskets in disrepair, and no soap or hand towels at hand wash sink in food prep area.

Dec. 2

McDowell Senior Citizens, McDowell — 96

Plastic container of unknown material stored with other food items and food equipment (no label), towels not available at hand wash sink in food prep area, lighting not sufficient in back storage area of food prep, and up right refrigeration unit has no light.

Champs, McDowell — 96

Food item containers in walk-in refrigeration unit not properly labeled, proper hair restraints not in use, wiping cloth use not restricted, and wiping cloths not stored in a sanitizing solution when not in use.

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