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TRMC recognizes mental health department

SEATED: from left, Lisa Dotson, RN; Wanda Maxie, CNA; Margaret Dotson, CNA; Betty Hale, program secretary; Carolyn Gaffney, certified physician assistant; and Tom Moore, RN. Standing, from left, are Patricia Stinnett, program director; Jimmy Highfield, social worker; Nicole Rickman, LPN; Tammy Pack, RN; Tanya Napier, Community Education Manager; Charlotta Allen, RN; Sophia Savage, RN; Karin Frasher, certified activities director; Jason Maynard, LPN; Amanda Hall, RN, nursing director; and Steven Gollihue, RN. (click for larger version)
The executive staff of Three Rivers Medical Center recognized all mental health employees recently during National Mental Health Awareness Week.

TRMC has provided inpatient mental health services to the service area and region since 1991. The Mental Health Department provides comprehensive services for adults 18 years of age and older who meet the criteria for inpatient treatment. An average of 100 inquiry calls is received each month. These calls are from consumers as well as referral sources such as area hospitals, private practicing physicians in the region, community-based mental health organizations, and long-term care facilities.

With more than 50 years combined inpatient psychiatric experience, the department leadership is comprised of Emmanuel Eze, M.D., medical director; Patricia Stinnett, program director; and Amanda Hall, RN, nursing director.

Rounding out the other members of the management team area Carolyn Gaffney, certified physician assistant; Jimmy Highfield, MSW; Tanya Napier, community education manager; Dwayne Willis, MSW; and Karin Frasher, certified activities director.

The direct patient care staff of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nurse assistants receives extensive training to become psychiatric specialists. The nursing team with the TRMC Mental Health unit known as transitions are Lisa Dotson, RN; Tom Moore, RN; Tammy Pack, RN; Charlotta Allen, RN; Sophia Savage, RN; Steve Gollihue, RN; Valerie Bryant, RN; Tom Stickler, RN; Barbara Washington, RN; Tammy Webb, RN; Jason Maynard, RN; Nicole Rickman, LPN; Wanda Maxie, CNA; Margaret Dotson, CNA; Vickie Deskins, CNA; Shaunna Mahon, CNA; Melissa Newsome, CNA; Linda Taylor, CNA; and Shelley Wilson, CNA.

For more information about mental illness or the TRMC Mental Health Unit, call 606-638-1222 or for emergencies, call toll-free 24-hour crisis telephone line at 1-800-249-3602.

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