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Johnson County 911 report

Monday, Dec. 1

9:31 a.m.: Caller advised of possible domestic at Sixth Street, unknown on weapons. At 9:38 unit requested social worker, made contact at 9:39.

9:50: Caller requested officer regarding her trailer has been broken into, Pointview Court.

10:09: Caller requested officer in reference to hit and run in parking lot, Broadway....

1:25 p.m.: Red, black, silver Rollback driving reckless, high rate of speed, Rt. 302.

2:45: Male subject involved in assault at Flat Gap.

3:01: Caller advised someone has set out four or five pups, Rt. 40 next to old Lowe’s.

4:16: Vehicle fire around Joe’s Carpet House.

4:37: Be on lookout for missing juvenile from Lick Fork.

6:22: Caller advised male subject in alley stole her purse then ran, Dollar Store.

7:35: Caller requested a unit in reference to a tape she has regarding abuse of a child, Elna.

9:48: Caller advised male subject possibly intoxicated driving a newer gold Dodge passenger car, advised subject broke a DVO, and has done damage to her.

10:27: Caller requested officer in reference to her runaway daughter being at this location, Rt. 201.

11:29: DVO violation, second time this date for male subject, left Millers Creek en route to Floyd Co. in white 4x4 Ford Kingcab.

Tuesday, Dec. 2

3:55 a.m.: Be on lookout for gold 2001 Toyota Highlander, unauthorized use of vehicle, unknown direction of travel.

5:37: Caller advised he hit hill 1/2 mile past Marathon, Rt. 40, advised he was going on to P.B.H. Med. Ctr.

9:30: Caller advised stereo stolen from pump house, Rt. 40.

1:00 p.m.: Possible intoxicated driver in white GMC truck, Vance Contracting on back window, Mayo Plaza, second call at 1:12 p.m.

2:10: Check on possible intoxicated subject, white S-10 in ditch, West Van Lear.

4:20: Caller requested the unit who worked the purse snatching detail last date to contact regarding information.

4:52: One female juvenile in custody, en route from Dixon Branch.

6:09: Caller advised there are two kids on a four-wheeler in the roadway with no lights on the four-wheeler, requested unit attempt to locate, River Road.

6:33: Caller advised there is a strong smell of gas in the area, Mayo School.

6:47: Unit advised of rock slide past Marathon, Rt. 40. Attempted to make contact with State Highway Dept.

6:58: Caller advised an older black S-10 driving reckless, passing vehicles in the median, high rate of speed.

7:25: Caller requested police regarding breaking and entering, not in progress, Oaklawn Estate.

7:32: Caller advised brush fire next to road, Rt. 1145.

7:49: Caller advised two deer hit by truck, Rt. 23/321.

8:57: Caller requested a unit in reference to strong smell from downstairs apartment and smoke from the apartment, Combs Drive.

10:26: Caller requested a unit contact regarding a possible EPO violation.

Wednesday, Dec. 3

1:52 a.m.: Nurse at Venture Home again advised resident causing problems. Units advised if resident isn’t making threats in front of them they couldn’t do anything. Nurse called back and advised city units won’t help, wanted S.O., advised them S.O. couldn’t take city call. Nurse then advised she would contact post. Nurse called back and wanted to know who to contact in reference to city officers supposedly not helping, advised her to contact unit or mayor.

3:09: Vehicle over hill, Mill Creek.

8:02: Spoke with nurse regarding resident giving subject at Highland Chevron problems, Venture Home.

8:24: Caller from State Highway Garage requested officer to Intersection to speak with male subject regarding tree trimming items stolen out of truck, Rt. 1107/302.

9:31: Complaint received through S.O. regarding hauling dirt from sawmill, ordered to cease hauling until flagman is hired and road is cleaned, Middlefork.

11:30: Two-vehicle accident in Wendy’s drive-through, no injuries.

12:22 p.m.: Caller from JCHS needs officer to contact him, reference to unknown traffic.

1:12: Caller from Venture Homes needs officer to contact in reference to her purse being stolen, knows who got it.

1:15: Possible intoxicated driver, pink Escort, no tags on vehicle, Rt. 40.

1:44: En route to P.B.H. Med. Ctr. in reference to traffic at JCHS, three students.

1:44: Possible intoxicated driver, blue Toyota Camry, left Witten Lane toward Paintsville.

3:18: Caller advised there is a strange blue and white passenger car at the Marathon, Staffordsville, that looks like an old police car. Caller advised two male subjects are watching a black truck, possibly going to try and steal it.

3:51: Caller advised there is a black primer colored S-10 truck broken down, Rt. 40/321 junction.

3:53: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject on four-wheeler, Vern Horn Drive.

5:07: Rock slide at Rt. 1559.

5:13: Dark colored car stopping in road all over highway, Rt. 172.

6:30: Possible intoxicated driver, vehicle going about 10 mph, vehicle not stopping, Lower Twin.

7:18: Caller at Wal-Mart Service Desk advised a subject threatened her, advised its over each others daughters, caller advised male subject’s daughter came over to them, then the male started threatening them.

7:50: Caller advised he sold truck to another subject and subject has not paid for it, subject was at their house and female was threatening to burn truck, Rt. 581.

10:16: Reference to possible drug activity, Hidden Valley.

10:52: Unit advised of white vehicle, possibly a Cadillac, traveling at high rate of speed on Rt. 993 toward Rt. 23.

Thursday, Dec. 4

1:43 a.m.: Caller requested deputy in reference to male subject threatening to kill him, Baker Branch.

2:45: Approx. five minutes female subject with toboggan on jumped fence behind rehab to a trailer by tennis court. Advised small, dark, possibly two-door car parked nearby, Martin Childers Drive.

3:06: Possible intoxicated driver in newer model black S-10 heading toward Paintsville from Thelma area. Caller advised she passed vehicle by vet’s clinic and they about ran her off the road.

8:10: Caller advised subject in a red Olds two-door all over the road, North on Rt. 23.

8:29: Black Jeep Cherokee, subject driving on suspended license, Broadway.

9:38: Non-licensed driver, black Jeep Cherokee.

9:49: Possible intoxicated driver in older model blue passenger car, possibly Crown Victoria, traveling toward Salyersville.

10:39: Caller advised maroon, two-door Mercury almost hit him, West Van Lear.

11:00: Male subject in maroon Mercury, possibly intoxicated, advised subject didn’t need to be on road, Speedway, Rt. 40.

12:17 p.m.: Caller advised she smells gas in the residence, Rush Fork Lane.

12:25 p.m.: Maroon Mercury Cougar, subject extremely intoxicated, leaving BP, Rt. 40 toward Meally.

12:54: White Camaro, black top, all over the road, Rt. 321 toward Paintsville.

1:04: Male subject out of control, destroying property, wants subject removed, Carl Perkins Rehab Center.

1:20: Maroon Mercury or Cougar ran caller into ditch, older male and blonde female in vehicle, Meally toward Boones Camp.

1:46: Reference to traffic stop on 14-year-old driver, cite 14-year-old into court.

4:03: Caller advised vehicle in handicap parking with no stickers, Sav-A-Lot.

6:10: Caller advised tractor-trailer hauling over-sized load.

6:51: Reference to stolen cell phone, Bowling Alley.

7:50: Caller advised two subjects outside residence causing problems, Airport Road.

8:13: Caller advised his daughter called him from Butcher’s Citgo advising she was robbed at gunpoint by a male subject. Dispatch called female and she advised male subject with blue coat, ski mask and large gun robbed her and left on foot.

8:20: Reference to breaking and entering not in progress.

9:40: Caller requested officer in reference to theft of Christmas items, Euclid.

9:46: En route from Citgo with one male to residence where subject was at, reference to search.

11:07: Security guard advised he heard a gunshot fired close to the plant. Requests officer check the area.

Friday, Dec. 5

3:54 a.m.: Unit advised of a vehicle sitting in the middle of the tracks, Thelma Pay Lake crossing.

4:41: Advised subject approaching on railroad tracks, Thelma Pay Lake crossing.

5:28: Advised suspicious male subject crossing down from where vehicle was stationary, Thelma.

8:33: Caller advised male subject driving a burgundy and gray Ford Ranger, tinted windows, is on drugs, Red Bush toward Paintsville.

1:10 p.m.: Observe for hunter green Camaro or blue Plymouth Neon, reference to indictment warrant.

3:39: Caller advised someone stole his gun, requests officer, Colby Drive.

3:40: Vehicle accident, tractor-trailer involved, subject that caused accident left scene, Rt. 321/23.

5:01: Burglary alarm, advised they talked to a female subject and she didn’t know the password, Rt. 460.

5:24: Caller advised vehicle side swiped her car then left scene, Puncheon Creek.

6:18: Caller advised a female was in neighbor’s house, not supposed to be there, Rt. 2039.

6:51: Caller advised of fight between two male subjects, advised subjects were shooting at each other with BB guns, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

10:27: Caller advised their neighbors were driving through their yard and trying to fight them, Ramey Branch.

11:20: Fight in progress, called in by 11-year-old daughter, unknown on weapons, Court Street.

11:53: Caller advised vehicle on side in ditch, Rt. 302.

Saturday, Dec. 6

1:03 a.m.: Caller advised they heard four shots fired around a residence, Van Lear.

2:13: Stolen four-wheeler, caller advised subject parked four-wheeler on side of road and fled on foot, Rt. 2039.

8:20: Out at Stafford Avenue, reference to door on outbuilding open. Unit advised hasp off door, pulled door back together.

8:49: Unit advised tractor-trailer had a piece of equipment stuck under railroad trestle.

12:19 p.m.: Caller requested officer regarding his residence has been broken into, Whitehouse Road.

1:04: Gas drive-off, Appco Station, $16.00, old blue passenger car traveling toward town.

2:10: En route to Jenny’s Creek, reference to a goat chasing subject and kids.

3:02: Caller advised he called earlier regarding breaking and entering, advised approx. $500.00 stolen, Whitehouse Road.

3:04: Caller requested a unit regarding subjects trying to fight, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

3:45: Caller requested a unit contact, advised every time she leaves, someone goes into her apartment.

4:18: Gas drive-off, two-tone brown pickup, Appco, Lawrence County.

5:20: Caller advised one female, two males, in newer model Toyota Camry possibly on drugs, Rt. 40 toward Paintsville.

7:19: Caller advised possibly intoxicated subject in store, has child with her, Dollar Discount.

8:21: Older model vehicle driving with no headlights on, possibly intoxicated, Lowmansville toward Paints-ville. Second call, subject sitting stationary, Chestnut Grove Church.

10:42: Caller advised a male subject almost hit her driving reckless, red Chevy Lumina, back window broken out, no license plate, Thelma.

10:52: Caller advised male subject driving a newer white Camaro threatened to do bodily harm to his sister, Rt. 825.

11:35: Caller requested officer regarding neighbor threatening him, Millers Creek.

11:40: Caller advised subject causing trouble at Lively Lane.

Sunday, Dec. 7

1:21 a.m.: Caller advised U-Haul over hill, Turner Branch.

2:27: Unit advised somebody vandalized the Christmas tree, broke lights and turned it over, Court Street/Second.

3:34: Request to contact Poison Control Center in reference to two pills found on subjects from traffic stop.

8:29: Caller advised male subject was in Paintsville, and is wanted in Portsmouth, Ohio for violation of probation.

1:04 p.m.: Caller requested officer regarding possibly stolen four-wheeler, yellow Honda 400 EX, Van Lear.

2:04: Caller advised of truck on it’s top in front of Blanton’s Truck Parts, Wittensville.

3:09: Caller advised two juveniles hitchhiking, advised they didn’t look 10 years old, Vanhoose Lumber.

4:05: Caller advised her apartment was on fire, Depot Road.

4:30: Caller advised of verbal domestic, unknown on weapons, behind airport.

5:50: Called in by Post, advised of trash fire, advised it wasn’t a big fire at this time, Spring Knob Road.

7:21: Caller advised there was a male subject in the cable box on the building, advised he was possibly trying to steal cable access, El Rancho Apts.

8:52: Caller advised subject going through people’s yards and acting like he’s looking for a dog, possibly up to no good, requested extra patrol, S. Clay.

11:00: Caller advised a horse is loose above V.L. Enterprise Church. Owner is attempting to locate, Van Lear.

11:26: Male subject has gun, pouring kerosene around house and beating on female, Boones Camp.

11:54: Unauthorized use of vehicle, taken from Inez last Thursday, has ladders on top of truck, male subject left mad, en route to Tennessee.

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