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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue
TCA names honor students

The Trinity Christian Academy has announced its honor roll for the second six weeks.

K-5: *Tanner Black, *Colton Horn, *Taylor Kelly, *Jerry Moore, Chelsey Belcher, Jason Fitch, Shelby Taylor, *Brian Campbell, *Triston Johnson, *Kelcie McPeek, *Mary Spears, Moriah Corns-Stanley, and McKenzie Giompalo.

First Grade: *Bethany Barlett, Tori Dillon, *Laikin Daniels, *Kelli Lemaster, *John Newman, *Braxton Sartin, Caroline Clevenger, *Joshua Cantrell, Casey Keesee, Evan Ratcliff, and Jacob West.

Second Grade: Savanah Cyrus, Kenneth Piper, Dalton Smith, Courtney Gilliam, Madison Preston, and James Tackett.

Third Grade: *Carly Dillow, *Elise Kinser, *Brooke Tucker, Joshua Robinett, Morgan Stacey, *Katie Frasher, *Kaitlin Lemaster, a. J. cyrus, Brett Shannon, and Jessie West.

Fourth Grade: *Alison Bartlett, *Chad Higgins, *Brandon Holley, Brooke Issac, *Brittany Lyons, *Hannah Slone, Ashley Thompson, Cody Frazier, Alex Hogan, *Zachary Humphrey, Daniel Leibee, Cody Marcum and *Kelly Sparks.

Fifth Grade: Jon Robinson, Hunter Schafer, Max Tackett and *Scott Ellis.

* denotes all As

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