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Mischief & Mayhem
The Christmas 'Cattle' Corral
Mylinda Johnson
Here it is, the Christmas shopping season! It is, in fact, one of my least favorite times of the year not the Christmas holiday but the shopping aspects of it. I love Christmas! I love the decorations, the ambiance, and the way people attempt to be better to one another at this time of year. We are so often caught up in the shopping stress that we forget the reason for the season. We forget that Christmas is based on the birth of Christ and instead we focus on Santa Claus and shopping. A perfect example is the Christmas 'Cattle' Corral that I witnessed recently. Let me share:

It was 5:45 a.m. on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and my husband and I had decided to go watch the shopping activities on the biggest day of the shopping season! I have gone shopping on this day before, but I have never gotten up early enough to be one of the first ones in the store. Quite frankly, I am not in that big of a hurry to spend my money!

This year was different, though, and we did not go to spend money, oh no. We went to observe other people spending money. Boy, did we observe! We pulled in the parking lot of one of the two local super centers, and behold, a line of people stretched across the parking lot waiting to get inside. Might I add that it was raining horribly and very cold out at that. To say the least, we waited in the vehicle and watched the excitement.

Six a.m. came, yet the store was not opened immediately. Rather all those bargain hungry shoppers were left to wait a few more minutes in the cold rain. Once the doors were opened, the shoppers actually ran and pushed to get inside. I could not believe that they were running to get inside and shop, to spend their hard-earned money! Oh, but they were!

After all the people were inside the store, my husband and I ventured out of the vehicle and followed in. By that time, we were already passing people in the store that had buggies piled high as they rushed around to try to beat the other customers to the next item on their list! It was now only 6:10 a.m.! Sales were not THAT good this year! To quote Seinfeld, "What's up with THAT?"

As you can tell, I am not a shopper by nature, but by necessity. My sister on the other hand is a die-hard shopper who was in fact at the other super center and admittedly, amongst the running shoppers being corralled into the bull-pin! (And to think that I actually claim her! She said she found some good deals.)

My thoughts on the whole shopping season are quite simple I do not want to buy anything! I will and have, but I feel that we get lost in this shopping frenzy and lose track of the importance of the reason for the season. We need to show each other love in every day life. A helping hand and a kind smile or word will quickly put the holiday spirit both in the person being assisted and the one doing the helping.

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