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2003-12-17 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Dec. 8

9:38 a.m.: Transformer blew in front of JCHS, smoking.

10:39: Need subject removed from residence, violent with staff, aggressive, Whippoorwill.

11:10: En route to Detention Center with male subject from Whippoorwill, upon arrival subject became abusive and combative.

12:39 p.m.: Male shoplifter in custody, Wal-Mart.

5:09: Caller advised a live deer being attacked by dog, Millers Creek.

5:24: Received several calls in reference to coal truck vs. passenger car, Rts. 1428/23.

5:43: Request AEP be en route regarding live wires are down, Rts. 1428/23.

5:43: Request KSP regarding reconstruction and KVE regarding coal truck, Rts. 1428/23.

5:44: Request radio station in reference to road blocked, north and south, Rts. 1428/23.

6:13: Caller requested police in reference to stolen tractor.

6:29: Caller requested unit regarding stolen truck, 1994 S-10, Asa Creek.

6:46: Caller advised subject is intoxicated and walking around with a screwdriver threatening to do harm to other subjects.

6:57: Received several calls in reference to coal blocking the road, where train crosses at Rt. 40.

7:08: Caller advised there is a coal truck stopped in the middle of the road, Prestonsburg side of Starfire Hill.

7:28: Unit advised coal came from truck, not train, Rt. 40 underpass.

8:58: Caller requested to speak with police regarding theft.

9:53: Caller requested to speak with officer in reference to threats.

10:49: Caller advised of gas drive-off, Chevron on Rt. 460, newer silver Chrysler, $18.09 fuel, blonde female driving.

Tuesday, Dec. 9

12:08 a.m.: Reference to truck stolen in Martin Co., caller advised he knew where truck was.

12:36: Found truck, owner has it in his custody, Greasy/Leander.

1:41: Caller advised he has custody of his brother, who is 16-years-old, trying to leave, needs officer to contact him, Broadway.

2:05: Warrant check on subject, unit advised subject had not served all of his time, but J.C.D.C. advised he served 50 days, so unit let subject go. Unit advised he knew where subject's home was, also made contact with Floyd Co. Detention Center to confirm if warrant was served, they advised it had not been served there, so unit contacted J.C.D.C. and advised OCA didn't match any for this subject, also subject wanted NCIC this date.

10:01: Caller advised of possible vehicle accident with injuries in front of AMG Dialysis, vehicle on its top with entrapment.

10:08: En route to Rt. 1428, reference to follow-up investigation of burglary from last date.

12:12 p.m.: Subject drove vehicle into Staffordsville Post Office.

2:16: S.O. received call that female student from JCHS was intoxicated, walking toward plaza with two males.

2:29: Observe for white 1998-2000 Blazer, driver possibly intoxicated, female driver.

2:50: Meet with female subject who advised husband is making threats to kill her because E.R. will not admit her to hospital.

3:17: Check for warrant on male subject, reference to him being at Detention Center wanting to turn himself in.

3:38: Reference to earlier traffic on white Blazer, vehicle pulled into apts. behind Nordin Eye Center.

4:12: Reference to white Blazer, vehicle pulling out of Broadway at this time.

6:35: Caller advised deer hit in Magoffin County.

7:12: Caller advised male subject in Grand Am sitting in middle of road acting suspicious.

8:31: Caller advised of verbal domestic between male and female, Silk Stocking.

10:24: Caller advised someone broke into residence, stole safe and other items, Rt. 302.

Wednesday, Dec. 10

12:10 a.m.: Caller advised he and his girlfriend were having a domestic, verbal only, also stated that female broke out a window, Wildcat Tire.

2:37: Caller advised male subject throwing rocks at his residence, broke out windows, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

3:20: Caller advised there was a male subject running up and down Rt. 1750 screaming, request officer to patrol area.

9:26: Be on lookout for gas drive-off, subject driving maroon Chevy S-10 with white streak down side, $10.00 gas, Appco, heading toward Rt. 460.

10:02: Caller requested officer in reference to her apartment has been broken into, West Street.

10:13: Two females fighting in yard, Ross Branch.

10:42: Caller requested officer in reference to her apartment door has been messed with, West Street.

12:34 p.m.: Observe for possibly intoxicated subject from Magoffin Co., 1986 blue Cadillac, four-door, Rt. 460.

4:45: Caller advised an orange Camaro with a black stripe pulled into the parking lot driving reckless and left driving reckless, Sitka toward Lawrence Co.

5:25: Attempt to locate juvenile.

5:51: Caller requested a unit regarding verbal domestic, male subject left in gray van toward Salyersville, caller advised subject did damage to residence.

6:24: Caller requested a unit regarding stolen camera, A-Plus.

6:46: Post 9 advised reckless driver in a tractor-trailer behind damaged vehicle, driving at high rates of speed, very reckless, US 23 south from Lawrence Co. toward Johnson Co.

6:46: Caller advised male subject smelled like marijuana, possibly intoxicated, in purple Ford Escort, left Rehab Center.

8:27: Caller advised of strong odor of marijuana coming from apartment, Broadway.

9:14: Reckless driver, silver Malibu, Rt. 172.

10:16: Caller advised two subjects stole his wallet and left in a blue Volvo, unknown direction of travel.

10:58: Caller advised of possible breaking and entering in progress.

Thursday, Dec. 11

12:05 a.m.: Caller advised there was a male subject banging on an apartment door yelling and screaming, needs officer to calm him and ask him to leave, Main Street.

10:15: Stolen vehicle report, 1993 Chevy Silverado, teal green, S.O. advised vehicle in Martin Co. at 10:32.

12:51 p.m.: Vehicle fire, Castle Fork.

2:27: Male subject asking for money, Hallmark.

5:04: Attempting to locate subjects, reference to warrants, The Dungeon.

5:34: Caller requested police, reference to someone stealing money from her mom, Paul B. Hall.

5:51: Venture Home advised male subject at residence, wants him returned.

8:15: Caller advised of a party in apartment, advised of smelling marijuana, Broadway.

9:55: Unit advised getting ready to stop shoplifter, may have problems with subject, Wal-Mart/Hardee's. Subject went toward Hardee's with knife. Subject in custody, checking for warrants in Floyd.

10:10: Noise complaint, Maple Street.

Friday, Dec. 12

1:28 a.m.: Caller advised subject flagged him down, unit advised subject mentally unstable, threatening to do harm to himself, Wolfpen.

9:07: Possible intoxicated subject, older model gray Thunderbird, tinted windows, Speedway parking lot.

10:20: Flat-bed hauling dozer, dragging on road, tearing up roadway, Rt. 172, Redbush.

11:45: Reckless driver, red Toyota pickup, caller advised he was ran off road, Rt. 23 North.

12:40 p.m.: Subject in four-door silver Lincoln Towncar all over the road, almost hit the guardrail, Rt. 460.

4:34: Caller requested unit contact, reference to having problems with dogs.

4:15: Magoffin Co. 911 advised white Ford pickup, yellow light on top, traveling Rt. 40 toward Paintsville area.

4:57: Caller at Van Lear advised a male subject called and made threats to kill him and said he was on his way, possibly has a 9mm in his possession, driving a 1986 Honda Accord, four-door, gray.

5:03: Attempted break-in, Davis and Main.

6:17: Verbal argument, all caller would advise is his wife has went off, Bee Branch.

8:24: Caller advised her boyfriend is threatening her because she let her son go with his father for visitation and now she is afraid to go home, Rt. 40.

9:40: Observe for possible intoxicated driver, maroon and gray Astro van, may have drugs in vehicle, Oil Springs area.

10:26: Male and female subjects digging in dumpster, Rt. 321, behind Rite-Aid.

11:19: Caller advised several subjects on front porch banging on door, possibly fighting, Upper Cut Beauty Salon.

Saturday, Dec. 13

3:36 a.m.: Traffic stop, advised driver came out with knife, bottom of Starfire Hill.

8:27: Missing person, male subject, 48-years-old, 5'5", 180 lbs., gray hair, Levi's, Levi jacket, has been gone 30-45 minutes, appeared agitated when he left, subject on medication, hasn't taken them this date, Venture Home.

8:35: Subject hit in drive-through at Hardee's, complaining of back pain.

9:36: Caller advised she has custody of children of female subject, and subject is not supposed to have contact with children, and now she keeps driving by the residence in a brown Corsica, four-door, Millers Creek.

10:10: Caller from Venture Home requested officer, reference to resident walk-off since 8:00 a.m. this date, hasn't had medications.

10:10: Water running across road, ice on road, top of Frank Street.

10:37: Lawrence County 911 received cell phone call in reference to road seeping water and forming ice, Wittensville.

1:36 p.m.: Caller advised dispatch of possible vehicle accident just past Highland Elementary in median.

2:42: Two-vehicle accident, red Pontiac and a van, just past Rt. 201 turnoff.

3:05: Caller requested DPP worker in reference to subject violating EPO.

3:13: Caller advised silver Pontiac half in ditch, half out on roadway, two and a half miles up Rt. 201.

3:15: Caller requested salt truck regarding slick road, Carter Lane.

3:37: Caller advised of vehicle accident a half mile before old Oil Springs school.

4:09: Unit advised of vehicle accident over hill, gray Blazer, Rt. 40 in spillway.

5:14: Caller advised of single vehicle sitting sideways in road, Rt. 40, Northgate.

5:13: Received a couple of calls regarding single vehicle in ditch, Rt. 201.

5:30: Need Road Dept. to contact, reference to ice.

6:22: Caller advised of vehicle accident in curve above Rt. 1559.

6:56: EMS advised vehicle driving with no headlights, almost caused accident.

7:44: Caller advised subjects in yard doing doughnuts, Ramey Branch Trailer Court.

7:57: Caller advised of single vehicle on its side, two people walking away from vehicle, Rt. 825.

8:52: Caller advised vehicle in driveway running for about 15 minutes, nobody around vehicle, Burten Lane.

9:17: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject in a red Geo Prism and drugs in vehicle, Louisa en route to Johnson County.

10:01: En route to Detention Center, subject became combative and pepper spray had to be used.

10:37: Caller requested unit in reference to breaking and entering not in progress, Hidden Valley.

Sunday, Dec. 14

6:22 a.m.: Vehicle versus guardrail, Jenny Wiley bridge.

7:02: Caller requested officer to State Street in reference to her 15-year-old son stole her vehicle last date.

8:37: Caller requested officer back to residence regarding 15-year-old male juvenile has returned with vehicle, State Street.

9:00: Out at Pineview Trailer Court in reference to serving warrant on subject who is AWOL from National Guard in Prestonsburg.

9:36: Caller requested officer to Jehovah Witness Church, reference to vehicle has done property damage to their lawn.

10:43: Caller advised dispatch of water break in front of Paintsville Floral.

11:03: Two-vehicle accident on Rt. 321 off bridge on James S. Trimble blvd.

1:49 p.m.: Caller requested officer to B-Mart, reference to ex-husband won't bring kids back to her.

2:02: Caller advised vehicle on its top just past the stockyard.

5:57: Received several calls in reference to fight in progress, one female down needing ambulance, unknown if perp is there or if any weapons are involved, Paintsville Herald.

6:04: Caller advised she needs a unit in reference to her son's ex-wife is there causing problems, Hilltop Market.

8:39: Caller at Dollar Store, Broadway, advised there was three males and a female that came in the store, caller advised they noticed two males and a female leave, and advised the door to the stockroom was locked and now it's unlocked.

10:01: Caller advised four-wheelers driving reckless, Flat Gap P.O. area.

10:37: Caller advised a newer white Trans Am driving reckless.

10:39: Caller requested unit regarding missing juvenile, Mill Branch Rd.

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