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Wednesday, March 8, 2017 issue

Note: All inspections are regular unless otherwise noted. Restaurant, school and mobile home park inspections are performed by Floyd County Health Department environmentalists Russell Wallace and Scott Young.

Dec. 9

Wayland Quick Mart — 90 (food) 90 (retail)

Unable to find all thermometers, some products found stored on floor, hair restraints not in use, ice scoop should be in bucket or some type of holding containers, microwave found with food residue, floor of walk-in found with product spill, soap and towels missing from hand sink in food prep area.

Dec. 11

Tackett’s Grocery — 98 (food) 97 (retail)

Display refrigeration unit has no conspicuous thermometer, dog food stored on the floor, pizza boxes stored on the floor, walls in food prep area in slight disrepair.

Dec. 12

Hi-Lite Pizza — 94

Food item observed stored on the floor in food prep area, employee restroom door not self-closing, light in food prep area not properly shielded, and proper hair restraint not in use.

Dec. 15

Daniels Trailer Park — 98

Parking areas not properly defined with gravel or pavement.

George’s Trailer Park — 98

All built structures (patios, porches, etc.) must maintain a 15 foot set back from other lots (homes).

Wal-Mart, Prestonsburg — 94 (food) 94 (retail)

Critical violation: distilled water stored under and around bleach containers. Violation must be corrected immediately.

Other violations include: tray of cookies need to be covered while cooling, countertops in some disrepair, microwave found with food residue on upper surface, standing water on floor in back storage under distilled water.

Rite-Aid, Glynview Plaza, Prestonsburg — 100

Slone’s Grocery — 92

Critical violation: over the counter drug found out-of-date. Violation must be corrected immediately.

Other violations include: thermometer not conspicuous, shelves in disrepair, and floors in some disrepair and not easily cleanable.

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