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2003-12-24 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, December 15

9:18 a.m.: Reference to eviction notice served, Sixth Street.

9:24: Reference to breaking and entering last date, Skate Road.

9:28: Caller requested officer to make contact with subjects regarding son skipping school, message delivered.

10:34: Reference to illegal dumping, Boyd Branch.

11:57: Check pool rooms for juvenile skipping school.

12:04 p.m.: Unit requests assistance at parking lot beside of The Dungeon, reference to drug activity.

12:20: En route to vehicle accident just past Highlands Elementary School.

2:24: Caller advised front door of residence has been kicked in, Van Lear.

3:15: Three coal trucks driving reckless and at high rates of speed, U.S. 23 South.

5:42: Black S-10 following female home from Salyersville, causing problems, Rt. 201.

5:44: Caller requested a unit in reference to having her husband removed from the residence, verbal only, caller afraid for her safety, West Van Lear.

6:53: Caller advised of possible structure fire, Cherry Hill Lane.

8:35: Complaint in reference to juvenile daughter intoxicated and subject running from the residence when caller got home, Rt. 302.

Tuesday, December 16

8:29 a.m.: Check on 6-7-year-old female standing beside road, nobody else around, Rt. 1559.

8:46: Caller requested officer regarding barking dogs have kept him up all night, Robin Hill Road.

10:20: Caller requested officer to Airport Road regarding female subject at residence refusing to leave, verbal only, DVO in effect.

1:42 p.m.: Caller requested officer, reference to theft call received through S.O., Oil Springs.

2:36: Caller advised he had Morphine and Oxycodone stolen, Highrise.

3:07: Caller advised a reckless driver in a small Toyota passenger car has almost hit two coal trucks, North on U.S. 23, coming up on Johnson/Floyd line.

4:51: Caller requested a unit regarding finding a wallet.

5:05: Caller advised van parked in front of residence has been running since 12:00, Sixth Street.

5:24: Retrieved wallet, tried to contact owner, line has been disconnected.

5:52: Caller requested unit check out vehicle parking in handicap parking, no stickers or markings on vehicle, K-mart.

6:13: Caller advised someone did damage to vehicle, Rt. 308.

6:14: Caller advised several cars in fire lane at Wal-Mart.

6:40: Gas drive-off, Appco, Staffordsville, newer green truck going toward Magoffin, $41.50 fuel.

10:43: Attempting traffic stop on vehicle at Southside Church, vehicle kept going, didn't stop until Pineview.

10:52: Caller advised someone attempted to break into garage, Rt. 302.

Wednesday, December 17

2:10 a.m.: Unit advised road getting slick, Turner Branch Hill.

7:13: Check on male subject standing beside guardrail, not dressed for cold weather, Bear Hollow.

7:22: Reckless driver, silver Olds, Rt. 460.

7:41: Relayed information regarding wanted person, KSP advised they were aware of traffic, Magoffin County.

11:25: Male subject taking license plates, Wal-Mart.

11:30: Observe for green Chevy pickup, subject was observed stealing license plates at Wal-Mart.

12:50 p.m.: Unit advised dispatch of light blue Volvo heading Rt. 40 East into town, has wrong plates on vehicle.

1:27: Caller advised her husband took out an EPO on her, his girlfriend called and stated they were en route to her apartment from Offutt, blue Ford Astro van, male possibly armed with .22 Derringer.

1:52: Verbal domestic, male subject refusing to leave residence, Perry Vanhoose Housing.

3:33: Unit advised he was out at residence, attempted to contact dog warden for vicious Rottweiler, no contact, N. Buckingham.

6:26: Caller advised red Chevy pickup almost ran her off the road when it passed her, Flat Gap.

7:47: Observe for white Chevy, possibly wrong tags, no license, Mayo Plaza.

9:00: Possible fight, caller advised her nephew called her and advised his neighbor is trying to fight with him, possibly has pocketknife, Hidden Valley.

11:09: Caller advised water running across road in straight stretch before railroad crossing, turning into ice, Greentown.

11:11: Attempt to locate 1989 blue Pontiac Firebird with damage to front end, subject waving weapon, also has juvenile in vehicle, Baker Branch.

11:46: Subject advised another subject possibly had gun stuck down beside seat and console, caller wanted to caution responding officer, Baker Branch.

Thursday, December 18

6:37 a.m.: Caller advised deep mud on both sides of road, getting worse with snow, mud coming from gas well location, Mill Creek to Asa Creek.

7:31: Vehicle versus deer, Rt. 23.

7:50: Caller advised somebody stole her four-wheeler.

8:31: Male subject making threats to family at home, workers and residents at Venture Home.

5:03 p.m.: Rock slide, one lane blocked, Christian Appalachian Project.

5:17: Caller advised her husband was at residence trying to cause problems, injured her arm, left in red Grand Am, Middle Fork.

6:45: Caller needs someone to check an outlet in her residence, she advised it had been on fire and melted everything around it, no fire visible now, Wittensville.

8:03: Caller advised male and female subjects calling her residence from The Dungeon, making threats, possibly on drugs.

9:23: Prowler complaint, Rt. 825.

Friday, December 19

2:36 a.m.: Extra patrol, suspicious vehicle, King Drive.

4:15: Caller advised of vehicle stop in front of his house, and a person runs through his yard, possibly to do a breaking and entering, Pickle Fork.

8:18: En route to Ramada Inn, reference to power line down across roadway next to Health Dept., contacted AEP.

8:24: Blocking traffic, power line down, James S. Trimble.

12:18 p.m.: Caller advised there were several juvenile males throwing ice balls at vehicles, Rt. 23/321.

1:55: Small child locked in running vehicle, Broadway Clinic.

2:51: Rock in road below Porter Elementary.

6:21: Caller advised her brother is trying to cause trouble, wants him removed, Horse Picture.

6:49: Caller advised male subject at residence causing problems, female advised she had been assaulted, S. Burglar.

7:55: Magoffin County advised of slick roads.

8:25: Female advised male subject back at residence causing problems, unit in foot pursuit, S. Burglar.

11:10: Caller advised multi-colored S-10 driving reckless in Bay area, Sixth Street.

11:44: Caller requested officer in reference to male subject broke into her vehicle, stole several items, Rt. 40.

11:46: Several subjects doing donuts, Mayo Plaza.

11:52: Fight in progress, caller advised his father was beating him, Verne Horn Apts.

11:46: Several subjects doing donuts, Mayo Plaza.

Saturday, December 20

1:36 a.m.: Caller advised male subject came into residence with 7mm rifle and assaulted 17-year-old juvenile female and took three-year-old juvenile. Subjects left scene in black four-door GMC Jimmy headed out of Pigeon Roost.

1:45: Traffic stop on GMC Jimmy, occupied four to six subjects, weapon check, Winchester model 7mm rifle, BP, Rt. 40.

1:50: Caller advised his residence has been broken into, stove and end tables stolen, forced entry, glass broken out of back door. Caller got irate when advised all S.O. units out on call on a kidnapping, advised he would call KSP.

3:35: Caller advised he had been receiving harassing phone calls earlier this date and now subject is knocking on his door, Broadway.

6:05: Caller advised his 1982 cream-colored Chevrolet had been stolen.

6:40: Advised located stolen vehicle, Rt. 23/825.

6:54: Caller advised of vehicle in ditch just before concrete bridge, Rt. 1559.

7:08: Employee at Appco station, Salyersville, advised male subject came off of Fairchild Hill with a crowbar to get in truck, advised when he saw the keys were gone he ran back up the hill. Employees have keys to vehicle.

7:25: Advised in foot pursuit at Fairchild Hill.

7:28: Caught subject, Rt. 40, B&W TV.

8:31: Vehicle doing donuts in parking lot behind Citizens National Bank.

8:36: Out at Little Mud Lick Road residence behind Appco where vehicle was taken from, also garage has been burglarized, taking statements.

9:05: Caller advised her white Mustang has been broken into, needs report, Little Mud Lick.

9:14: Caller requested officer to Little Mud Lick in reference to someone has tried to break into her vehicle but didn't succeed, footprints around vehicle, unit advised footprints match with suspect unit took to Detention Center.

10:39: Stolen gun in reference to same traffic, Little Mud Lick.

11:11: Hit and run, small passenger car, needs report, Rt. 1559.

11:54: Caller from Wal-Mart requested officer, reference to possible counterfeit $20.00 bill.

12:00 p.m.: Unit advised subject came to his residence advising of a two-vehicle head-on collision, Rt. 1559.

1:08: Caller advised she has stolen shoes and gun at her location. Advised male subject went looking for stolen items and found them over Fairchild Hill.

3:11: Caller advised his neighbor forced entry into his residence and threatened him, unknown on weapons, Sixth Street.

3:44: Black Grand Am coming to town, no insurance.

4:33: Be on lookout for white SUV in parking lot, reckless driver, Wal-Mart.

4:44: Received call from Bell South who advised they were getting distress signals at that residence, Rt. 321.

4:49: Five four-wheelers, driving reckless, Rt. 825/2039.

6:21: Caller advised he had his wallet stolen from his van at Melody Music, subject didn't want officer, just wanted it logged.

7:20: Caller requested to speak to officer in reference to breaking and entering on residence at Airport Trailer Park, calling from Ohio.

9:02: Gas drive-off, U.S. 23, Citgo.

9:09: Caller advised that her neighbors house was on fire, also advised that her husband was inside trying to put fire out, Left Fork Dogwood.

9:38: Caller advised she received a phone call from a residence that wasn't supposed to have anybody home.

10:07: Welfare check, caller advised child's mother stays gone for days at a time.

11:00: Caller advised subject(s) got out of a small Dodge and attempted to break into a blue GMC pickup sitting next to it, Wal-Mart parking lot.

Sunday, December 21

1:02 a.m.: Reference to breaking and entering, male subject in white t-shirt.

9:32: Caller advised of small juvenile walking in middle of street with just his underwear on in front of City Hall.

1:25 p.m.: Caller advised male subject on four-wheeler on Daniels Branch, subject supposed to be wanted, has spent time in prison, also carrying weapon on him, Sitka.

1:32: Be on lookout for white Ford Contour, gas drive-off, Appco, $15.00 fuel, headed toward stockyard.

1:36: En route to Detention Center with male subject from above traffic.

4:02: Caller advised a black male subject in a red Grand Am gave one of the Mexican subjects at the restaurant some drugs. Caller advised the black male had a gun of some kind under his jacket and is still around the area.

4:08: Caller advised that someone robbed him, requested to speak with officer, Seventh Street.

4:15: Caller advised as soon as units left Mexican restaurant the black male carried in a box of some kind, subject in maroon Grand Am wearing blue pullover and gray jogging pants.

5:17: Caller advised of breaking and entering not in progress, Vanhoose Drive.

8:05: Caller advised there is a party and subjects using drugs with kids in residence, behind old Kmart.

9:13: Caller advised someone stole her daughter's TV, College Street.

10:27: Report of structure fire, possibly barn, head of Pickle Fork.

11:20: Caller advised newer model silver Sunfire, three to four passengers, subjects possibly intoxicated, headed toward plaza, dropping one subject off at red Toyota Extra cab parked behind Burger King.

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