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Extension News
by Pam Hay

Lawrence County Extension Agent for 4-H/Youth


If you want a rewarding summer job and enjoy being outdoors, consider applying for a staff position at a summer camp operated by the 4-H Youth Development program. With frost on the ground, summer seems far away. However, we've already begun to recruit staff for these camps. You can obtain an application from the Lawrence County Cooperative Extension Service, or by visiting February 20 is the application deadline.

4-H camps and their locations are Feltner 4-H Camp, London; Lake Cumberland 4-H Camp, Nancy; North Central 4-H Camp, Carlisle, and West Kentucky 4-H Camp, Dawson Springs. Camping dates are May 31 through July 30, 2004 except North Central, which will end Aug. 6.

Positions available are manager, emergency medical technician, instructors for recreation, crafts, swimming, canoeing, nature, low-ropes and high-ropes challenge courses, head cooks and cooks. Certification is required for swimming, canoeing, ropes, archery/rifle instructors and EMTs. Managers must be at least 21 years old, all other staff, 18 years of age.

Compensation includes salary plus food and lodging.

Workdays are Monday through Friday.

As a camp staff member, you will serve as role model and mentors for positive youth development. You also develop or improve skills useful for other summer jobs or in a career. These capabilities include leadership, teamwork, communication, problem solving, teaching, and knowledge of youth development. Experiences serving on 4-H camp staff often lead to interest in a career.

All camp staff members are required to attend a pre-camp training program. The manager training will be April 30 through May 2; instructors, May 23-26, and head cooks, April 9. Applicants unable to attend these trainings will not be hired.

For more information on projects, activities and other educational opportunities available through the 4-H Youth Development program, contact the Lawrence County Cooperative Extension Service.

Educational programs of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability or national origin.

Source:Donna Fox

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