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Fallsburg posts districts highest scores
FALLSBURG Fallsburg Elementary School 8th grade students had the highest overall school scores in the Lawrence County School District on the KCCT Spring Assessment. Students were tested in math, social studies, arts and humanities, and practical living/vocational studies.

Looking at the Academic Index Comparisons, these students exceeded all state and district scores. In math, they were 22.6 points over the district average and 11.7 points over the state average; social studies, 40.1 points over the district average and 29.1 points over the state average; arts and humanities, 17.5 points over the district average and 7.5 points over the state average; and in practical living/vocational studies, 17.8 points over the district average, and 11.1 points over the state average.

Within the four subject areas tested, the Fallsburg 2003 eighth-grade students scored 15 distinguished and 39 proficients.

According to the CTBS results, these students on average scored 10.9 grade equivalent, which translates to 10th grade, ninth month.

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