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2003-12-31 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Dec. 22

12:47 p.m.: Reference to truck leaving mud on highway, Mill Branch.

1:45: Reckless driver complaint, white Lincoln Towncar, Rt. 3.

3:38: Received a couple of calls regarding a vehicle in the intersection, Rts. 321/460.

3:51: Unit advised he has a possible domestic in progress.

4:14: Caller advised of vehicle in creek, Caudill Fork.

4:17: Caller advised possible intoxicated driver in a newer red Monte Carlo with a male and female in vehicle, C&M Tobacco.

4:25: Caller requested a unit in reference to male subject violated DVO and left in a black Saturn, caller advised she has been assaulted, road behind MTS.

4:31: Caller advised of shoplifter, subject left in a dark-colored passenger car, Read A Lot Bookstore.

4:55: Caller requested a unit in reference to domestic earlier at Citizens Bank, needing an EPO.

6:12: L.C.S.O. advised of a coal truck traveling South on U.S. 23, driving reckless, all over the road. Lawrence Co. advised vehicle has no lights except a headlight.

8:03: Caller requested a unit regarding a prowler, Baker Branch.

8:34: Wal-Mart advised one adult shoplifter in custody.

10:15: Male subjects in a silver four-door Sunfire, possibly on drugs, Wittensville area.

10:35: Caller advised male subject in a red S-10 at her residence making threats to pistol whip her ex-husband's 15-year-old son over his sister-in-law being pregnant by him, Lindy Branch.

10:49: Shots fired, caller advised after unit left apartments there was a child out in the parking lot and heard possible gunshot, thought they saw someone run up on the hill, Verne Horne Drive.

Tuesday, Dec. 23

12:01 a.m.: Caller advised male subject trespassed on his residence, pushed caller's mother in door, then left residence. Subject extremely impaired, unknown where he might be going, Greentown Loop.

12:50: Subject in a silver Camaro, temporary tags, playing loud music, disturbing the peace, Woodland Estates.

1:02: Two male subjects on a red Honda came to residence and asked if there was a party going on, Van Lear.

1:05: Two subjects on a four-wheeler came to caller's residence, cursed the caller and took off, Van Lear.

1:19: Pursuit of four-wheeler refusing to stop, Van Lear.

2:24: Advised steam or possible smoke coming from building, unit advised he couldn't tell if it was smoke or what it was, old Kmart, Rt. 40.

1:16 p.m.: Reckless driver, green Taurus, Rt. 172.

1:37: Caller advised when she came home, she found her back door broken in, nothing taken, Rt. 40.

2:19: Eleven-year-old caller advised her dad was at their residence causing trouble, trying to fight with her mom, verbal only at time of call, no assault taking place, unknown if weapons involved. At 2:29 child called back advising her dad started hitting her mom, while on phone with dispatch, the dad left walking, may have pocket knife in possession, Boons Camp.

3:10: Subject advised possibly intoxicated driver in a small gold passenger car, Ohio tags, Lomansville.

4:26: Caller advised a white truck has a ladder hanging out of the back and it almost caused an accident, Broadway.

5:30: Caller advised of structure fire, Rt. 1750.

5:44: Wal-Mart advised there is a male subject in front of the store that can't hardly stand up.

6:24: DSS advised they spoke to a subject who advised DSS that a female subject was intoxicated in an older blue two-door Cavalier with a red pin stripe. Caller advised she has her two children with her and isn't supposed to have them, Van Lear area.

6:27: Dawahares advised they need a unit regarding a shoplifter.

6:35: Unit advised an employee is chasing the shoplifter through the plaza, possibly went into Wal-Mart.

8:01: Wal-Mart advised of shoplifter in custody.

8:46: Caller advised his wife showed up at the residence and threw a rock through the window and left, Rt. 1596.

Wednesday, Dec. 24

12:33 a.m.: Be on lookout for 15-year-old juvenile, possibly intoxicated, driving a blue Ford Ranger Extra-Cab with one headlight, Rt. 201/Stambaugh area.

12:37: Caller advised male subject wearing Army jacket and Levi's is possibly intoxicated, is in store opening and eating items, BP, Rt. 40.

2:24: Breaking and entering in progress, caller advised there were two people trying to get into the house, Rt. 581.

2:45: Assisting looking for silver Thunderbird, reference to breaking and entering.

7:06: Check on residence that has window raised halfway on side, Greentown.

7:16: Reckless driver, red Toyota 4-Runner, Rt. 1428.

8:19: Reference to oil on roadway at Arby's, contact State Highway Dept.

10:30: Stolen vehicle, Toyota Corolla taken from Preston Funeral Home.

12:11 p.m.: Water leaking from a fire hydrant, contact Utilities.

12:53: Reference to someone trying to molest 16-year-old female.

1:56: Counterfeit $100.00 bill, Wal-Mart.

3:48: Caller advised there was a subject breaking into vehicles and stole a purse. Unit advised that he was in foot pursuit at 3:56.

3:56: Unit advised he had apprehended the subject from above traffic, Riverview Apts.

8:51: Caller requested a unit regarding possible EPO violation.

9:20: Caller advised a vehicle hit a rock cliff, Thealka. Unit advised that road was solid sheet of ice, contact State Highway Garage.

10:28: Reference to EPO violation, male subject is in an early '90's gold Mazda passenger car.

11:36: First Response requested Sheriff Office unit regarding subjects getting combative. Unit spoke with subjects at residence and subjects advised Martin County constable "allegedly" provoked subject and pepper sprayed male subject. Female also advised property is in Martin County.

Thursday, Dec. 25

1:18 a.m.: First Response contacted and advised male subject called them and advised he needed ambulance in reference to 3-4 subjects jumping him and injuring his head, nose, etc. Advised subjects that assaulted other subject lives a couple of houses down, Wolfpen.

10:44: Caller advised two male subjects en route to his residence to cause him harm, Hidden Valley.

12:11 p.m.: Gas drive-off, Happy Mart, Lawrence Co., older model Thunderbird, driver's side tail light broken, Rt. 23.

4:00: Caller advised he walked into McDonald's and there was nobody in the building, needed somebody to check it out.

8:00: Caller advised his wife was violating an EPO order by being at his residence, and she was ordered to leave the residence, Airport Road.

8:11: Caller advised male subject threatening to do harm to himself, Hager Hill.

8:11: Caller advised subject came to front door, then ran hill, kicked dog across yard. Caller also advised subject tried to climb in 13-year-old daughter's window four nights ago, Stafford Springs Road.

Friday, Dec. 26

12:07 a.m.: Caller requested a unit in reference to his glass storm door being shot out with a BB gun or pellet gun.

3:36: Verbal domestic in progress, caller advised she went to pick up 15-year-old niece from residence, advised parents verbally fighting, male subject is on pills, 15-year-old daughter advised she is afraid her father would hurt her mother after she left, East Point.

1:20 p.m.: Reference to stolen truck, South Side Apts.

5:47: Prestonsburg 911 advised possible intoxicated subject in a gold CJ-5 Jeep.

6:15: Caller advised he just got in from work and was carpooling with another male, and when they arrived his truck was gone, Caudill Fork.

6:42: Caller advised her mother, who she has an EPO against, is at The Dungeon, 500 ft. violation, requests officer.

8:12: Received 911 hang-up call, dispatch called number back and asked if everything was alright, and female advised no, and hung up. Tried to call back, no answer, Hager Hill Loop.

8:29: Fight in progress around The Movies.

8:37: En route to Detention Center with male subject, also assaulted his mother and did damage to residence.

8:56: Caller requested officer to Mayfair Apts., reference to unknown traffic.

11:32: Advised vehicle at traffic stop attempted to elude officer, approx. 80 mph. Anonymous caller advised may want to search vehicle for drugs, Wittensville.

11:54: Caller advised of party with juveniles, advised of driving with open containers, Vanhoose Road.

Saturday, Dec. 27

1:11 a.m.: Subject came to E.R., advised he was in an altercation on Main Street.

3:35: Neighbor's dogs are barking, disturbing the peace, Robin Hill Road.

3:35: Caller advised they hear people downstairs thumping the walls and someone screaming, Sixth Street.

8:03: Advised somebody snuck brass knuckles into the jail, Detention Center.

9:58: Caller requested a unit regarding her son trying to start trouble.

10:07: Caller requested a unit in reference to stolen dog. Caller advised the party that has the dog is there and let them have the dog back, was trying to sell it.

12:10 p.m.: Caller requested a unit regarding a breaking and entering not in progress.

1:04: Caller advised of possible domestic in progress, advised she could hear subjects screaming and yelling at each other, Sixth Street.

3:39: Caller advised someone stole tools out of his truck, needs to speak with officer, Food City.

4:27: Shoplifter at Wal-Mart.

4:35: Caller advised subjects acting suspicious, can smell something outside like glue and asphalt.

6:21: Shoplifter, Peebles, blonde hair in ponytail, left in a red Chrysler Sebring black top convertible.

7:14: Shoplifter at Peebles, Mayo Plaza.

9:05: Caller advised that the W.R. Castle Elementary school was on fire.

Sunday, Dec. 28

1:42 a.m.: Request for extra patrol in reference to hearing noises outside residence the last couple of nights, Boyd Branch.

2:03: Gas drive-off, two-door black Ford passenger car, 90's model, drove off from Louisa Happy Mart toward Paintsville, $5.00.

2:47: Caller advised of strong smell of kerosene in the smoke room and it is burning his eyes, advised kerosene is prohibited in the highrise.

5:18: Caller wants male subject removed, advised he is intoxicated and there is a .38 pistol in residence.

8:42: Caller advised a horse that belongs to her neighbor is in her yard.

2:05 p.m.: Lawrence Co. Sheriff Office advised of gas drive-off, blue mini van drove off from Citgo with $3.00 fuel, female driver.

2:28: Caller advised her neighbor asked her to call regarding someone shooting at them on the hill, Rt. 172.

3:19: Reference to horses in road, Rt. 993.

5:36: Brush fire, caller advised hillside on fire, Fitch Branch.

7:07: Caller advised vehicle over hill, no injuries, Rt. 40.

11:41: Reference to stolen vehicle, Rt. 581.

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