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News from Asa and Norris

by Elaine Brown

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the families of Everett Williams, Terry Click, Ralph Phipps and Charles Williams.

A large crowd attended church at the new church house of the Old Friendship Church Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. George Pennington and sons, Brad and Chad, of Owensville were the Saturday dinner guests of Mrs. Pennington's mother, Betty Blair and Drew.

Jean Minix and George Wheeler of Nashville, Tenn., were the Wednesday nights guests of Jean's mother, Zuetta Scott of Nippa.

Barbara Goodson, Tessa Louis, and Kenny Nelson of Ashland, were the Wednesday dinner guests of Barbara's daughter, Mrs. Church Arms and family of Asa Creek.

Get well wishes go out to Gail Blair, Johnnie Vanhoose, and all the people who are sick.

Linda Hannah of Salyersville visited Elaine Brown and Darrell this past Wednesday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barrows of Zenia, Ohio; and Mr. and Mrs. Kirby Kestner and children, Cassidy and Tebryon of Lexington; were the Wednesday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gene May.

Martha Blair and daughters, Ashley and Cayce, were the Thursday night guests of Martha's dad, Drew Blair and Betty.

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchel Baldwin; Mrs. Tim Frazier and sons, Dwayne and Tyrell; Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Scott, Hannah and John; Amy Blevins and children, Bryson and Mackinna; Carole Caudill, and Courtney and Derek; Zuetta Scott; Elaine Brown; and Heather Wells, were the Saturday dinner guests of David, Pam, Jessica, and Brian Baldwin.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Colvin and daughter, Marsha; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Blair; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Colvin; and Jedford Colvin and the grandchildren; were the Sunday dinner guests of their parents Tom and Kathleen Colvin.

Rick Ratliff and children, Christena, Justin, and Becky and little son, Marcus; and Martin Auxier, were Christmas dinner guests of Georgia Ratliff and Danny.

Danny Pierson and son, Zachary; Dustin Moore and son, Auston, of Ohio; were the Saturday and Sunday night guests of Mema Elaine and son, Darrell.

Derek Caudill and Tiffney Peters were the Saturday evening guests of Elaine Brown and son, Darrell.


by Darlene Jude

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I want to wish all my readers and the staff at the newspaper a Happy New Year. It is hard to imagine that in a few days a new year will began and the old year will end. Makes one wonder where did this year go.

Jason Jude spent Monday night with Joey Clay, and family.

Loraine Edwards, and Bonnie, and Mr. and Mrs. Randall Jude, and son, Jason visited Mr. and Mrs. James (Daisy) Young, Sunday.

Happy birthday to Janet Jude, 22nd; Kay Pigmon, III, 23rd, 9 years old; Lois Jean Moore, 23rd; Maxine Childers, 25th; Jennifer (Swafford) Stacy, 25th; Hayden Stambaugh, 26th, 3 years old; Amber Swafford, 27th; Daniel Howard, 27th, 6 years old; James Arthur Hayes, 29th; Mark Moore, 30th; Zackery Blackburn, 30th, and Bob Cyrus. Hope you all have many more.

Happy 34th anniversary to Mr and Mrs. Delbert (Hazel) Burchett 24th; Happy 48th to Mr. and Mrs. Freddie (Frances) Castle, 24th; Happy 51st to Mr. and Mrs. Albert (Christene) Jude, 24th; Happy 6th to Mr. and Mrs. John (Jamie) Smith, 26th; Happy 26th to Mr. and Mrs. Willis (Eva) Newsome, 23rd; Happy 18th to Mr. and Mrs. James (Kembra) VanHoose. Hope you all have many more happy years together.

Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jobie (Donna) Young and children, Joseph, and Clorrisa, Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. James (Daisy) Young, and Mr. and Mrs. Randall (Darlene) Jude and son, Jason.

Jimmie McKenzie of Sitka Freewill Baptist Church will be preaching

at Spencer Freewill Baptist Church Saturday, Jan. 3. Pastor Roger Ross, and assistant pastor Ronald Childers invite everyone to attend.

Thought of the Week: A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

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