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2004-01-07 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Dec. 29

9:58 a.m.: 911 hang-up, could hear subject screaming, line was disconnected. Made contact at 10:01, and female advised her daughter was out of control and she was trying to discipline her.

11:57: Subject not taking medication, out of control, Mill Branch.

12:37 p.m.: Male subject causing problems, PBH Hospital.

1:11: Unit requesting assistance with subject causing problems, trying to fight, PBH E.R.

2:30: Animal abuse complaint, dog locked in vehicle, possibly dead, Rt. 2039.

2:40: Four-wheeler complaint, Butcher Hollow.

4:09: Trying to stop vehicle, subject not stopping, subject hit guardrail, Rt. 40.

4:34: Caller advised older blue truck is all over the road and driving reckless, U.S. 23 from Prestonsburg.

5:17: Caller advised subject in a black Jeep Cherokee is en route toward Preston St. and has no license.

7:08: Reference to assault, received another call that subjects were fighting again.

7:56: State Dept. advised a blue truck is parked out front with the motor running and lights on.

8:02: State Dept. advised vehicle left, possibly intoxicated subject traveling toward Flat Gap area.

8:15: Caller advised a subject advised there are some four-wheelers in the area, not sure what they're up to, forks of Asa Creek.

9:18: Caller requested unit contact in reference to window broken out, Rec. Center.

9:23: Caller advised someone was throwing rocks at her sisters trailer, Ramey Branch.

Tuesday, Dec. 30

9:50 a.m.: Advised by radio that manager flagged unit down, advised that there was a domestic that occurred and perp was in a blue car, Riverview Apt.

10:54: Oven fire, West Street.

11:23: Check on panic alarm, Bell South bucket truck, Rt. 40 East.

12:01 p.m.: Ecology complaint, Rt. 40 West.

12:56: S.O. signaled and advised of stolen washer and dryer, Sixth Street.

3:48: Female shoplifter, Wal-Mart.

3:48: Reference to counterfeit case, C&M Tobacco.

5:00: Caller advised a subject in a green Dodge Dakota, wearing black dress pants and a tan jacket is trying to get into peoples vehicles, lake area.

6:13: Caller advised a red Mazda car hit another vehicle and left. Caller advised subject got out and looked at the vehicle two times and left PBH going toward the Ramada.

6:17: Reckless driver, white Crown Victoria, U.S. 23.

6:38: Caller advised his mother had assaulted him.

7:37: Caller requested a unit contact, reference to breaking and entering not in progress, caller advised she knew who did it.

7:40: Caller advised of stray dog inside her fence, gave call to dog warden.

7:43: Caller requested to speak with officer, reference to trespassers on Teay's Branch.

8:45: Caller advised of verbal domestic, Euclid Ave.

8:58: Caller advised of possible overdose, Rt. 581.

10:50: Caller advised of gas drive-off, $13.75 fuel, newer gold car with out-of-state tags, left Paintsville Chevron going toward town on Rt. 40.

Wednesday, Dec. 31

12:53 a.m.: Caller advised a lot of smoke coming from area, wanted it checked out, unit advised it was Mayo's furnace, and maintenance will check it.

1:56: Caller advised keys and food stamp card was stolen, Stafford Springs.

3:36: Caller advised of two subjects in black with ski masks, a gun and crowbar, possibly shots fired, subjects went into building leading into another back yard, Fourth and Fifth Streets.

5:55: Caller advised vehicle on fire, unit advised fully engulfed and near a residence, Southside.

7:22: Reckless driver, black four-door car, Rt. 460 West, Magoffin Co.

10:40: Non-licensed driver, black Jeep Cherokee, Jefferson Ave.

11:34: Two-vehicle accident below Hager Hill Post Office.

12:07 p.m.: Vehicle versus pedestrian, Food City.

12:54: White pickup, has MRG on the side of it, traveling at high rate of speed, all over the road.

2:10: Caller advised she had to fire a male subject and now he is calling her and making threats, Dollar Store, Apple Tree Plaza.

2:18: Reference to search warrants, crystal meth and marijuana.

3:10: Reference to theft from Days Inn.

3:26: Caller advised of metal laying in the road, top of Starfire Hill.

4:04: Caller advised employee from the Dollar Store is en route to get a warrant on subject causing trouble.

5:51: Doctor requested officer to PBH Hospital, reference to patient causing problems.

7:26: Caller advised suspicious vehicle driving around, subject knocking on doors, Airport.

7:44: Wal-Mart advised male subject came into store, had gun under jacket, subject got into a red Olds and is sitting in front of Peebles.

7:51: Observe for older model black Camaro, no tags, Rt. 172.

8:30: Caller advised she and her husband were looking at vehicles at John Gray's and noticed a male subject in one of the vehicles. Caller advised there was a red GMC truck parked in the area.

8:39: Caller advised subject causing the Dollar Store problems is there, caller advised they had taken a warrant for him.

10:49: Caller advised there has been about six vehicles go around the cemetery, requested unit check it out, Highland Memorial.

Thursday, Jan. 1

1:46 a.m.: Caller advised male subject broke window out of her truck, Horse Picture.

2:49: Reference to earlier complaint, caller wanted to speak with responding officer, Sixth St.

2:51: Caller advised female subject had been to a party across the road, and she came to caller's porch saying she had to fight for her car keys, and when she left, she had the wrong keys, and was now afraid to go back to the residence. At 3:15, unit advised it's a domestic, and was inside residence. Female AI, also Assault 4th, hit boyfriend over the head with telephone, Sixth St.

3:25: Unit advised roads getting slick, patches of ice.

10:35: Vehicle blocking funeral procession, owner refusing to move, Paintsville Funeral Home.

12:52 p.m.: Twelve-13-year-old driving white car, Rt. 321.

1:22: Gas drive-off, Lawrence Co. Happy Mart, $10.00 gas, older model gray Crown Victoria.

1:55: Caller advised he heard gun shots around house past Oil Springs Superette, noticed male subject in white uniform running behind store up onto hill.

4:06: Blue truck stuck in ditch and blocking roadway, Castle Fork.

4:49: Christmas tree in road, Starfire Hill.

5:06: Reference to possible rabid dog, Rockhouse Rd.

6:06: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding subject shooting gun at another subject earlier.

6:15: Brushfire, Rt. 581.

11:17: Caller advised he and two friends were in alley between Third and Fourth Street and somebody shot a gun at them. Advised a person took off running up alley toward Mayo, caller advised subject possibly had on dark ski mask.

11:53: Check on subjects riding dirt bike or motorcycle with no headlights, Cave Fork.

Friday, Jan. 2

12:43 a.m.: Eight or nine juveniles, possibly intoxicated, running out in front of vehicles, one male subject was on a blue dirt bike, Van Lear.

12:56: Female extremely intoxicated in Waiting Room at PBH E.R.

1:35: Caller advised subject had been shooting fireworks at his residence, he asked them to stop, and now they are throwing rocks at his trailer, Ramey Branch.

1:50: Caller advised there is a party going on and he has been hearing a woman screaming all night, Long Br., Floyd Co.

2:38: Tree completely across eastbound lane before sharp curve on top of Two-Mile Hill.

4:06: Juvenile caller advised his friend told him that "some guy" held him at gunpoint and advised him to get out of car, then took off running around house, Fourth St.

6:22: Caller advised of possible intoxicated driver, older model blue and silver Ford F-150 pickup, Rt. 40.

10:27: Salvation Army, rocks thrown through windows, Main St.

11:15: Reckless driver, white car, Rt. 23 North.

11:39: Caller advised two male subjects in a white Toyota pickup in the ditch, extremely intoxicated, Magoffin Co.

11:45: Caller advised there was an elderly female walking in the middle of the road, caller advised she almost hit her, Rt. 321.

12:18 p.m.: Family members fighting, third floor, PBH Hospital.

2:04: Vehicle over hill, black Geo Prism, Floyd Co.

2:16: Subject hauling off hill, dirt all over roadway, mouth of Asa Creek.

2:17: Magoffin Co. 911 advised male subject driving a silver Toyota Camry, no license, possibly has three bottles of narcotics in his possession, Rt. 460 toward Johnson Co., leaving Burning Fork area.

2:39: Attempt to locate 40-year-old male subject, special needs, mother dropped off at Barber School to get hair cut, Barber School closed, went to pick up, mother unable to locate, Broadway.

2:53: Reference to terroristic threatening, back smoking area, PBH Hospital.

5:47: Reckless driver, gray Toyota car, no tags or license, Little Mud Lick.

7:05: Caller advised male subjects dragging tires on road with vehicle and setting them on fire, Staves Branch.

11:34: Caller advised of fight in progress, possibly 20+ subjects, Mayo Plaza.

Saturday, Jan. 3

2:32 a.m.: Breaking and entering in progress, one male wearing black shirt and pants, has flashlight, advised subject possibly picking lock on door, Pineview Lane.

3:24: Attempt to locate subject who walked of from Venture Home Again, unknown how long subject has been gone.

4:53: Extra patrol for white Ford Ranger plus two-three male subjects acting suspicious walking in road, Puncheon.

9:18: Caller requested officer in reference to stolen weapon, unsure when it was stolen, Staffordsville.

10:59: Caller requested officer to mouth of Boyd Branch, reference to tractor-trailer coal truck blocking mail boxes, postal service won't deliver mail until its moved, Thealka.

12:38 p.m.: Caller requested officer in reference to subject shooting his dog with a BB gun.

12:56: Caller advised subject in a 1978 model Chevy, white, long wheel base, driving at high rate of speed, just ran over caller's dog, advised children playing, afraid they will get hit, Burglar Hollow. Caller requested extra patrol throughout the area.

1:05: Domestic in progress, couple outside having argument, cursing, throwing things, Thelma.

1:24: Caller advised dispatch of gravel truck over hill, Rt. 469.

1:44: Reference to above domestic, female subject advised male keeps calling her and harassing her.

1:51: Caller from PBH Hospital requested officer to E.R., reference to inmate from jail out of control.

2:03: Caller requested officer, reference to subjects destroying property, Boons Camp.

3:44: Caller requested unit for child locked in vehicle, green Ford Ranger, Staffordsville Car Wash.

5:29: Caller advised possible intoxicated subject in a newer black or dark blue vehicle.

7:16: Caller requested officer in reference to subject shooting a BB gun at them, Stafford St.

9:00: Reference to fans getting out of hand, Paintsville High School.

9:22: Caller advised possible domestic, male subject is trying to get a female into a vehicle, Tobacco Max.

9:59: Caller advised subject in a newer blue Cavalier tried to stop his wife and tried to run her off the road, Van Lear.

Sunday, Jan. 4

12:38 a.m.: Caller advised male subject walking up and down road looking in people's houses and vehicles, Northgate.

12:34 p.m.: Four-wheeler complaint, Thelma.

1:45: Morgan County 911 requesting Red Bush Fire Dept. be on stand-by, reference to structure fire.

1:54: Main water line leak, Red Bush.

4:12: Caller requested unit make contact in reference to her daughter being assaulted by her boyfriend.

6:49: Caller advised of possible intoxicated driver in green Ford Escort, throwing out beer cans, Johnson/Lawrence line.

7:28: Caller requested unit attempt to locate two female subjects in reference to subjects stole some CD's and a case out of his vehicle last night in Huntington, advised one subject works at a cafe in town.

7:44: Caller advised neighbor shooting at her car, needs officer to contact, Colby Drive.

8:13: Caller advised intoxicated male subject was standing at register and wouldn't sit down, and had small hand gun in his pants, Ponderosa Restaurant.

8:53: Caller advised older white Olds driving reckless, Rt. 172.

9:50: Possible overdose, Rt. 40.

11:40: Caller advised subject was at another subject's residence, subject has caller's mothers car, car has been listed as unauthorized use earlier this date, going to attempt to serve warrant, Main St.

Due to a dispatcher's error, there was an incorrect entry on the 911 logs for Dec. 28. The correct entry should have read: Sunday, Dec. 28, 3:30 p.m.: First Response advised subject from Venture Home had been violated, needs officer to contact at PBH Hospital.

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