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AEP supports math, science

KCTCS PRESIDENT Michael B. McCall, left, accepts a ceremonial check from AEP Kentucky President Tim Mosher. Between them are KCTCS Vice President Timothy R. Burcham and Ronn Robinson of corporate communications for AEP Kentucky.
LEXINGTON American Electric Power (AEP) is donating $150,000 to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS) and three of its colleges to support math and science education in Eastern Kentucky.

The financial commitment, spread over three years, will establish the AEP Endowment for Math & Science Excellence. The donation will benefit middle school and high school students in the areas served by Ashland Community and Technical College, Big Sandy Community and Technical College, and Hazard Community and Technical College.

"This investment in the lives of students in the AEP service region will help to increase math and science literacy, aid in the achievement of math and science goals at the national and state levels, enhance the success of students entering postsecondary education, and prepare the workforce to support economic development," said Michael B. McCall, KCTCS president.

The KCTCS Foundation Inc. received the AEP gift as part of the KCTCS Fulfilling the Promise Campaign, a multimillion-dollar private fund-raising effort. The major-gifts campaign will expand access to postsecondary education and workforce training across the Commonwealth by funding strategically targeted initiatives that address community and economic development needs.

The AEP Endowment for Math & Science Excellence will be created in the KCTCS Foundation as a permanently restricted endowment fund. Income from the endowment will be distributed equally among the three Eastern Kentucky colleges to support math and science initiatives that focus on middle and high school students, that meet the needs and opportunities in their geographic areas, and that build on partnerships with local school districts and universities.

In presenting the donation, Tim Mosher, state president of AEP for Kentucky, said: "The business community needs entry-level workers with the ability to learn, reason, think creatively, make decisions, and solve problems. It is critically important that all students develop math and science skills and that they start doing it at an early age."

The AEP Endowment for Math & Science Excellence will support the following initiatives:

Ashland Community and Technical College workshops and tools for students interested in participating in a regional Science and Technology Fair open to students in K-12. Such fairs have proven to be catalysts to encourage students to learn more about science, math and related disciplines.

Big Sandy Community and Technical College dual credit scholarships to help high school students earn college credit by taking courses in science, mathematics and technology. The extra emphasis on science, mathematics and technology will prepare students for the workforce and improve economic development in the region.

Hazard Community and Technical College curriculum development, training of public school teachers, and additional equipment purchases at the Challenger Learning Center. The center offers programs developed around the NASA space program, which places a heavy emphasis on math and science, for fifth- and sixth-graders.

"Private support is key to the continued success of KCTCS in serving communities and employers and changing the lives of students," McCall said. "We thank AEP for partnering with us to support education and community development."

"The Science and Technology Fair initiative is a very important project for ACTC. Investing in the minds and innovation of our children through the science and technology fair will reap rewards for the area for generations to come," said Greg Adkins, ACTC President.

For more information on the Fulfilling the Promise Campaign, contact KCTCS Vice President Timothy R. Burcham, CFRE, at 859-246-3227, or

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