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Holbrook is guest speaker at Kiwanis meeting
Lilly Adkins

HEALTH EDUCATOR Carol Holbrook was the guest speaker of the Martin County Kiwanis Club on Thursday. BSN photo/Bobbi Delong
INEZ The Martin County Kiwanis Club had an interesting visitor during its regular Thursday afternoon meeting, with health educator Carol Holbrook as guest speaker.

Holbrook is employed in the Martin County Health Department, where she looks for ways to educate the public on a wide variety of health concerns.

At the meeting, Holbrook talked in great length about obesity in young people. She also discussed teen pregnancy and touched on the subject of terrorism preparedness.

Holbrook told the members that there was an incident in which some of the students from one of the schools in Martin County who were on a field trip, were unable to walk the short distance required to reach the destination because they needed to rest. Since that time Holbrook said she has tried to contact the schools to work with them on the problem.

Only one of the schools (Sheldon Clark High School) responded, Holbrook said.

Officials at the school informed Holbrook that they offer a program in which the students have the opportunity to walk the track and to use some of the gym equipment to exercise.

"I would like to work with all of the schools and have each of them participate in a program to promote exercise," Holbrook said.

It is recommended that children five to 12 years of age have between 60 minutes and several hours of physical activity per day, according to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education guidelines.

A press release from the organization attributes inactivity has having contributed to the recent obesity epidemic and says sedentary living is a known threat to health.

Other recommendations are that children should participate in several bouts of physical activity lasting 15 minutes or more each day and they should participate each day in a variety of age-appropriate physical activities designed to achieve optimal health, wellness, fitness and performance benefits.

The group advises that parents and schools need to set specific times each day for physical activity and agree that youngsters need to be exposed to a wide variety of physical activities.

Another subject addressed by Holbrook was teen pregnancy.

Holbrook said that she works with a lot of children who have become pregnant or have children and tried to help them to learn how to be a good parent by pointing out the things they are doing well and offering advice when she thinks they might need a little help.

"It can be a very rewarding experience to work with them," Holbrook said.

Holbrook said she is very involved with law enforcement in that she continually updates information regarding the possibility of terrorist attacks. She maintains a file of information that is readily available should the need arise and she said it's beginning to get a little thick.

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