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It's time for America's cookies
Girl Scout cookies are an American tradition one that has been continued since the 1920s. With funds generated by the sale of Girl Scout cookies, girls in Central and Eastern Kentucky benefit by participating in a wide range of Girl Scout activities.

By supporting the Girl Scout Cookie sale you are doing much more than simply buying a box of cookies. "The Girl Scout cookies sale means much more to the girls than just selling cookies..." says Wendy Henry, Communications Manager, WRC; "The girls are involved in every aspect of the sale from planning, to selling, to deciding how the money raised is spent. In the process, the girls learn some very valuable life skills." Girl Scouting has always encouraged goal setting, and career exploration through its many events and initiatives. In fact, many of todays businesswomen say that selling Girl Scout cookies was an important first step toward successful careers. Today, as competition in the workforce increases the Girl Scouts underscore the need for girls to have business and financial skills. After nine decades, selling Girl Scout cookies still proves to be an excellent primer.

Over two-thirds of the selling price of every box of Girl Scout cookies goes directly to support Girl Scouting in the local area. The volunteer board of directors of Wilderness Road Council budgets the remaining proceeds for expenses related to providing Girl Scout services to 25,000 girls and 5,500 volunteers in 57 Central and Eastern Kentucky counties.

If you need an excuse to satisfy your Girl Scout cookie craving, just remind yourself that you are doing a good deed by supporting the Girl Scouts and all of the good things they do for the community. When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you really are helping fund the future.

The cookie sale began Jan. 9. Cookies can be purchased for $3.50 a package directly from an area Girl Scout or by calling the Wilderness Road Council at 800-475-2621. The council will give your order to a local Girl Scout to deliver.

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