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2004-01-14 for the record
Johnson County 911 report
Monday, Jan. 5

8:42 a.m.: Smoke coming from Dr. Lyons office.

10:39: Hit and Run, 1991 Ford Explorer left scene, Poor Boys.

11:14: Possible intoxicated subject, white Chevy Blazer, tire rack on back, no spare, Rt. 172.

1:06 p.m.: Caller advised of possible stolen vehicle, River Road.

1:24: Reference to wallet being stolen, J.S.T.B.

2:09: Animal complaint.

2:49: Reference to problem with ex-renter, Sky Harbor Rd.

3:50: Caller requested police, reference to theft of purse.

4:28: Caller advised of mattress laying in road, Rt. 321.

5:08: Attempt to locate late model green Camaro with damage to front end, #8 in the back window, advised subjects stole a bookbag from a child in the Flat Gap area.

5:12: Caller requested a unit, reference to problems with her landlord.

5:45: Caller advised of subjects from Michigan with possible warrants on them.

6:02: Caller requested officer advising somebody stole her dog, Ramey Branch.

6:27: Gas drive-off, Appco, U.S. 23 South.

10:15: Vehicle versus deer.

10:27: Caller advised of possible breaking and entering in progress, advised he could hear subject in the residence, advised the resident has passed away about a week ago, Rt. 2039.

Tuesday, Jan. 6

12:26 a.m.: Caller advised somebody has slashed tires on vehicle, Irvin Lane.

3:40: Caller advised male subject kicked in their door, Greentown Loop.

5:43: Reference to traffic at Greentown Loop, PBH advised female cut male with knife, male refused to press charges.

8:45: Cattle in roadway, Rt. 1145.

10:55: Caller requested officer at Lowe's, reference to problem with employee.

12:07 p.m.: Received call from Martin Co., male subject possibly en route to Johnson, black medium size pickup, tinted windows, cinder blocks in back, cobra on back window, subject involved in domestic, beat wife and burned her face, Rt. 40 W.

12:22: Male subject lying in roadway, Rt. 40 E.

3:46: Caller requested to speak with officer, reference to damage done to her well, Rt. 80.

3:57: Possible intoxicated driver in white Silverado pickup, Rt. 460.

4:34: Caller advised somebody stole plate off car.

4:48: Reference to search warrant, Dixon Branch.

5:08: Caller advised of somebody dumping trash illegally.

5:23: Caller advised a female in a First Response ambulance and a female in a maroon Mustang are fighting, caller advised both parties left, Mustang went toward City Hall the wrong way, Brown St.

5:50: First Response advised in reference to complaint on Brown St., it was one of the workers on the ambulance, not the driver of the ambulance they have stopped. Advised party involved left in the maroon Mustang and the other subject went to file a complaint.

6:12: Caller requested a unit regarding some mail that has possibly been stolen.

6:44: Subject from First Response advised a male subject has threatened a female subject, behind Wildcat Tire.

6:51: Wal-Mart advised adult female in custody.

7:00: Caller advised of reckless driver in new green Ford Explorer, toward Flat Gap.

9:10: Caller from PBH requested a unit regarding an assault victim.

10:32: Caller requested a unit in reference to three male subjects outside trying to fight, Sixth St.

10:54: Caller advised breaking and entering in progress, several subjects forced entry into barn, Mill Branch Rd.

11:15: Caller advised of an older model pickup spotlighting, advised vehicle dark in color with tool box in back.

Wednesday, Jan. 7

12:10 a.m.: Caller advised vehicle broken into, also tried to break into residence but was scared off, request extra patrol, Little Mud Lick Road.

10:19: Caller advised vehicle broken into, Rt. 581.

11:35: En route to Johnson Co. Alternative School, reference to traffic that came through S.O., took two Lorcet tabs juvenile had in his possession, turned juvenile over to his parents.

11:59: Check on subjects in alley between The Dungeon and funeral home, private property, wants them removed.

2:18 p.m.: Caller advised red Monte Carlo, two male subjects, possibly have drugs in trunk of vehicle, Thealka.

2:24: Caller requested officer in reference to landlord has deadbolt on door of residence and somebody else lives there, Hager Hill.

2:31: Caller from Castle's Jewelry requested officer, reference to two subjects wrote a check and account is closed, also wrote one to C&H Rauch store, and left drivers license at store.

3:43: Lawrence Co. S.O. advised of gas drive-off, vehicle is a newer blue Ford truck.

3:57: Caller requested a unit regarding stolen check.

4:55: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding stolen gun.

4:56: Vehicle versus farm tractor, nobody around vehicle, Rt. 1098.

6:04: Caller requested a unit regarding stolen four-wheeler, Narrows Fork.

6:19: Caller requested a unit contact in reference to someone came in and hit her husband in the head what time he was asleep.

7:40: Caller advised there is a deer in the middle of the road still alive, above Rocky Knob.

7:43: Reference to chimney fire, Burnt Cabin Br.

7:59: Advised suspicious male sitting in white car, been there since 2:00 p.m., Long John Silvers.

8:12: Observe for gray Cavalier coming from Flat Gap area, driver possibly has warrants.

8:49: Caller requested officer regarding stolen medication.

9:33: Caller advised strange vehicle running up and down Witten Lane, advised vehicle is parked with its lights on.

11:22: Caller advised subject was around her back porch, wants it checked out, Meally.

Thursday, Jan. 8

7:17 a.m.: Ten-wheeler box truck, no lights on back, Rt. 460 W.

7:32: CD's stolen from vehicle, Euclid.

11:16: Storage rentals broken into, unknown what was taken, Brooks Conley Rd.

11:48: Caller advised vehicle slid over hill, silver Lumina, Cannel Coal Camp.

4:35 p.m.: Red passenger car, Tenn. tags, northbound from Floyd Co., possibly intoxicated driver.

4:48: Reference to above vehicle, at Post Office, Wittensville, still Northbound.

6:18: Older model gold Tempo, left Exxon, possibly intoxicated driver, Rt. 40.

6:25: Possible breaking and entering, caller advised subject was out of town and it appeared that someone was in residence, Airport Rd.

7:10: Reference to somebody throwing fireworks next to neighbor's doors, Perry Vanhoose.

7:16: Caller advised his vehicle was dead but didn't know where he was, thought he was in Pike Co.

8:00: Reference to above subject, is in Johnson Co.

8:42: Caller advised somebody broke into vehicle and stole stereo, Court St.

8:53: Caller needs to speak with officer, reference to her daughter not coming home after school, Rt. 40 W.

11:58: Black S-10 driving up and down road at high rate of speed, DeBoard Hollow.

Friday, Jan. 9

2:36 a.m.: Vehicle in ditch, no injuries, burgundy Ford Ranger with camper top.

6:27: Vehicle over hill, unknown on injuries, Middle Fork.

7:33: Single vehicle accident, off roadway, Rt. 321.

3:53 p.m.: Caller advised red coal truck driving at high rate of speed, running cars off road, U.S. 23.

6:36: Possible intoxicated driver, white pickup, U.S. 23 N.

6:40: Caller advised two brothers fighting, Bear Hollow.

7:20: One male to PBH, chemical test.

8:20: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding threatening phone calls.

9:12: Caller requested officer, reference to bad check, Chevron, Rt. 460.

10:25: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding male subject she has an EPO on calling her.

10:32: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding her missing juvenile from last date.

Saturday, Jan. 10

2:17 a.m.: Gold passenger car, possible intoxicated driver, from Prestonsburg P.D., attempt to locate.

6:24: Caller advised of back door alarm at business, advised somebody punched in correct cancel code into keypad, haven't made contact with anybody at residence.

8:08: Caller advised a newer black two-door Lincoln with tinted windows ran her off the road, traveling at high rate of speed.

1:12 p.m.: Structure fire, Van Lear.

2:29: Desk clerk requested officer to Ramada Inn, reference to vehicle blocking their canopy. Couldn't run license due to files being down.

3:33: Caller requested unit regarding his wife is in his van that has no tags or insurance.

4:12: Attempt to locate a 1986 gray Plymouth Voyager van, unauthorized use, no tags or insurance on vehicle.

5:02: Subject dressed in Halloween costume, possibly causing disturbance, Second/Court.

6:00: Caller advised that his wife/girlfriend was causing problems and fighting with him, also advised his mother was trying to keep her at the residence, then advised she was leaving in a red 2000 Mazda, Thelma.

7:00: Caller advised her son and the 15 or 16-year-old female juvenile just showed up at the residence.

7:28: One female juvenile en route to Magoffin Co. line.

7:45: Caller advised the gray Plymouth van is in the area, Greentown.

8:40: Caller requested a unit regarding possible stolen checks.

9:21: Caller advised fight in progress, Bowling Alley.

9:28: One male fitting description of the male that ran on foot from the fight en route from Speedway.

11:51: Extra patrol in reference to somebody possibly around residence and knocking on window, Lee's Trailer Court.

Sunday, Jan. 11

12:03 a.m.: Be on lookout for 2001 black Chevy extended cab, occupied by one male, has on Dale Earnhardt jacket, en route possibly to Johnson Co. from Hazard, reference to attempted robbery at Wal-Mart in Hazard. Called in by Post 9, notified Floyd Co. S.O.

12:40: Received 911 call from residence at Baker Branch, heard male subject advise he had been shot, then heard some type of metal hitting, male subject advised he was being hit, then the phone went dead. Every time dispatch signaled back, the line was busy.

12:46 p.m.: Two-vehicle accident, Rt. 40.

1:48: Caller advised someone came to her house and advised of two-vehicle wreck and needed an ambulance, Rt. 201.

2:15: Four-wheeler complaint, Butcher Hollow.

3:44: Caller requested to speak with officer regarding harassing phone calls.

4:42: Caller advised he was a resident of Venture Home Again and advised that the nurses were trying to hurt him.

5:51: Caller needed to speak with officer in reference to her neighbors.

7:26: Caller at highrise advised there has been a couple of vehicles parked in the handicap area all day and vehicles have no handicap markings on them.

9:16: Received a couple of calls regarding a vehicle blocking the road and it has been for about six hours, Leander.

9:40: Subject harassing residents, Main St.

10:52: Caller advised domestic in progress between neighbors and there is a small child in residence, West Van Lear.

11:48: Domestic in progress, possibly weapons involved, Puncheon Creek.

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